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Although this is a bit sophistry, Wang Haidong is also so confident. China is vast in territory and God knows where there will be amazing archaeological discoveries.

Yamajiro didn’t seem to hear the meaning in Wang Haidong’s words, but he was still immersed in memories. "Hehe, the people’s craze is indeed very prosperous in your country’s shareholder market. When I was in college, there was no such market. In those days, we were able to gain something every weekend, and my Yunnan classmate also got a piece of inkstone. At that time, I was more interested in the inkstone. We studied it for two days and decided that it was a inkstone in the Song Dynasty, but it was finally pointed out that it was fake."
This kind of thing is still a great blow to us. "
Chapter three hundred and one College students who don’t know the goods
Guangdong inkstone in Song Dynasty is not a Chinese cabbage. You can get it casually. When Wang Haidong said this, he didn’t say anything.
But in this case, Su Bancheng said, "Guangdong province, even when the antique market was just emerging, it was not easy to find a fight."
What’s more, it’s quite good that you can get a piece of Guangdong ink stone in Song Dynasty. It’s even more miraculous to say it’s Guangdong ink stone in Song Dynasty, and it’s normal to say it’s fake. "
This is not to say that Su Bancheng intends to attack Yamajiro, but the actual thing is that at this time, not all people can know what the value of Duanyan is, especially in the Song Dynasty. That is a national treasure. You know what a national treasure is called, that is, it is rare and has research value. Otherwise, it is called a national treasure.
Yamajiro nodded and said, "Actually, it was my classmate who bought it, not me. I just studied it with him. At that time, when we saw this inkstone, we really felt that it was an inkstone in the past, and my classmate thought it was an ancient Duan inkstone, so it was teased by some antique dealers."
When it comes to inkstone, Yamajiro simply talks about the past when he was young. At that time, Yamajiro met a guy named Zhao Zhenhai in Yunnan. This guy liked inkstone as much, so he was closer to Yamajiro.
The two men also went to find antiques together. Anyway, the antique markets in Beijing, large and small, especially the ghost market, made them linger. Of course, there were also holes, but many gadgets collected at that time were good things
Especially this guy Zhao Zhenhai. He is the kind of guy who would rather be hungry than collect. He is very obsessed.
Of course, Shanjia doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have money, but he can’t show a lot of money. The time to spend money is similar to that of ordinary international students
Once the mountain guy had a stomachache, so he didn’t go to a ghost market, but he didn’t expect that teilen kelp would come back with an inkstone at six o’clock in the morning.
Moreover, the dormitory threatened to say, "Did you see the elder brothers in the mountain? This is a piece of Guangdong ink stone, and it’s the kind of Guangdong ink stone that has a long history, but it’s a generation or a Song dynasty. Anyway, this thing should be quite valuable. It has been to the antique market so many times, and this time it is the biggest harvest."
Zhao Zhenhai is still excited with that worn inkstone. After all, he thinks he is a treasure. This is the first time that he has missed Yamajiro. This guy is lying in bed and playing dead, but he just doesn’t want to get up. Anyway, the university is not so strict. It seems that truancy is a common occurrence, so he plans not to go to class today.
But when I heard this guy Zhao Zhenhai’s words, Kojiro Yamamoto got up with a carp. This is a good thing. Even if I haven’t studied the inkstone, it is now a small and medium-sized white mountain in inkstone. He also knows the preciousness of the inkstone.
Yamajiro took the inkstone, but it looked like a Duan inkstone, but this inkstone was not a kind of carving dragons and painting phoenixes, but a rectangular inkstone with a poem engraved on it: Life is like seeing the first thing, autumn wind and sadness, painting a fan.
Yamajiro is also a scholar of China culture, and immediately saw the origin of this poem: "In the Qing Dynasty, Nalanxingde Mulan Ci Nalanxingde was compared with an influential poet in our country. The artistic conception of his poem has reached a quite high level, but you said that it was a generation. What evidence did you have at that time in the Song Dynasty? How much did you pay for it?"
Yamajiro himself is not sure what this thing is all about, so it is not easy for him to make decisions at this time. In this case, he is a little more, that is to say, he can judge what this inkstone is all about from the price at this time.
It is the most unreliable appraisal method to judge whether an antique is true or false by price. It is the antique market that makes a small white, but at this time, this guy Yamajiro is a small white, and at this time, it is only natural that Yamamoto can think of such a method. If it is said that the price is called, the fake is a price. The imitation of the real thing in the Qing Dynasty is a price, and this is another price from generation to generation
Therefore, if you are an experienced person, you may be able to tell a thing or two from the price, but it is definitely not an antique like Yamajiro. Xiaobai can tell that Zhao Zhenhai walked over and said,’ If it weren’t for me, how should I get rich?
At this time, not all people can have such a thing, nor does it mean that all people have such luck as me. It’s my turn to make a fortune. The second thing I got when I got to Guishi was this inkstone.
The stall owner said that this was Duanyan in Song Dynasty, trying to blackmail the elder brothers without looking at who I am. Haven’t I been to the antique market in Beijing? This guy’s price was 10 thousand. Why don’t he rob a bank? "
From this price, I can’t tell whether the inkstone is true or false, but at least a message has been handed out, that is to say, at this time, the stall owner can’t make it clear to himself what the inkstone is and whether it is the inkstone or not, so at this time, he is just fooling people, and the price of 10 thousand is this evidence.
If it’s really Guangdong ink stone in Song Dynasty, it’s not necessary to calculate the price. Although Zhao Zhenhai is an antique white, it has gone through a lot of storms.
What kind of bargaining has been done quite well? Ten thousand jokes. How can this inkstone be worth ten thousand dollars? So Zhao Zhenhai said rudely, "Ten thousand dollars can buy a car for this inkstone. Even if we don’t have one thousand dollars and one hundred dollars, there are always ten such inkstones at home. How dare you ask me for ten thousand dollars?"
I am a college student at Peking University. Don’t. I am just one of those old people who walk birds and beat Tai Ji Chuan. Nothing is an antique market wandering around.
Moreover, it is quite true to carry out the golden signboard of Peking University. At that time, there were quite a few college students, but the gold content was much higher than it is now. If there is a college student, it will be a matter of glory.
If Peking University dialect is spoken, it will be equivalent to Tianmen being born. Therefore, at this time, the stall owner is also very polite. Even in Beijing, it is also a trump card. Therefore, the stall owner is very polite to let Zhao Zhenhai bid. Anyway, this is a bargaining process.
However, the vendor didn’t expect Zhao Zhenhai to give a price of 50 yuan. There is nothing wrong with it. Is this a price or Zhao Zhenhai gritting his teeth to make a decision? At this time, it seems that he doesn’t even want to give 50 yuan. This really is wild speculations and paying back the money on the spot. This is not paying back the money on the spot, but giving it back to the knife and going to ten levels of hell.
The stall owner is a little unhappy. "College students can’t bully people like this. If fifty dollars is enough to buy this thing, I’ll take as much as you have."
This stall owner can’t tell exactly when this inkstone is, but at this time he also knows that calligraphy and painting is an ancient inkstone, and it is definitely not a copy now. When he received it, it was also 300 yuan. This guy is 50 yuan, and his family is drinking northwest wind.