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"I will destroy myself for a hundred years and you will all die!" The shrill female stereo has two red shadows as if it had flashed at the same time.

Two shrill screams sounded, and the high-order blue poisonous spider died. The semi-demon blue poisonous spider was seriously injured and had no strength to escape again!
It was in a second that the three cobras ended the battle. At this time, there was a head more than one meter long. She wrapped up the half-demon blue poisonous spider.
Cobra’s body strength is getting tighter and tighter, and it keeps breaking, and the blue poisonous spider’s body is broken …
"ah! Give me a break! I’ll never mess with you again. I’m willing to be your slave. Give me a break this time! " The semi-demon blue spider screamed for mercy.
"Damn you!" The three-headed cobra sounded cold and without any pity.
After that, a deep red pill suddenly shot from Shekou with three glasses directly penetrated the skull shell of the blue poisonous spider and made a muffled sound.
"well! You are jealous! " Leave a word. The blue poisonous spider was smashed and killed by the other side. Even the head was big and the body collapsed.
"It’s too dangerous to stay here for a long time." The three cobras walked like a sharp arrow to the big stone
She spit out a stream of red yuan, which can wrap three three-headed cobra babies without stopping and walk in one direction, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye.
"Persistence is victory! Then I will feel that his vitality has suddenly weakened by half. This half demon must have used the secret of overdraft life. I have to act quickly or I will be finished when his beast comes. "
Zhang suddenly realized that even if the half demon was still uneasy from himself, he stretched out his right hand and stuck to the high-order blue poisonous spider.
Zhang Yangti’s soul-eating meridians emit black light in vain, and his eyebrows also emerge that strange symbol shaped like a big mouth, which slowly changes from latosolic red to dark black …
Devouring this high-order blue poisonous spider, the body melts and the heavens and the earth can gather around the body.
The body part of this poison is much simpler than that of human beings, and it is a fleshy toxin without bones. Zhang Yang’s hand melts quickly.
It takes about ten minutes for the blue spider to turn into a ball with a human head as big as milky white.
With the first experience of swallowing, Zhang Yang’s swallowing speed is several times faster than before, and the body of the blue poisonous spider is very small
However, in ten minutes, Zhang swallowed this high-order poison, and his injury was half recovered, and his life was not in danger.
It is also difficult to hide the joy by getting up quickly and Zhang’s eyes are excited all around.
He said to himself, "Nine poison bodies have been sent this time! I have to take it away quickly or the smell will attract him, but I have to die. "
Immediately after Zhang Yang’s operation, nine bodies of blue poisonous spider were collected by his ring department.
Zhang Yang’s ring can collect dead things, and the bodies are also dead things. These blue poisonous spiders are not as big as an adult’s body, which is three meters square.
After collecting the body, Zhang did not dare to stop and leave him for the training ground quickly …
At this time, the surrounding forest is still filled with strange odor, and the smell of bloody and poisonous corrosion forest wood here has not been scattered for a while.
The three-headed cobra, the blue poisonous spider, fought a dangerous battle, but the scene was not grand, and it took more than ten minutes from the end
It took more than ten minutes for Zhang Yang to devour the body of the blue poisonous spider. It all happened so fast, but in half an hour, Zhang Yang had left the lair of the three cobras.
At this time, the sun has just risen!
It was only half an hour in the morning when Zhang almost lost his life and experienced many hardships of life and death.
Zhang Yang found that what happened just now seemed to be an episode in his life, because he always believed that opportunities and crises were common. Since he wanted to become stronger, he should not be afraid of danger, even if his life was in danger. Chapter 49 Understand the artistic conception of tigers.
Chapter 49 Understanding Tiger Artistic Conception