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"If you want to pass the trial trip, you will pass the test of Creator. When Creator died, he predicted that if someone could come to this abandoned world and pass his test, he could fight the world again, so that the collapsed world would expand and grow full of vitality and re-run until it became a real world." Rabbit’s face was full of excitement and longing. "By that time, several races would revive, several plants would germinate, and several creatures would grow until they were complicated and poor. It would be a real world ten million times richer than it is now!"

"I fart matter" little pie mouth.
"Of course you are!" The rabbit roared, "You must kill me for this great and lofty ideal!"
"Do you want to commit suicide so badly?" Trail "if both sides are willing to compete, it should not violate the examination rules."
"That won’t do." Rabbit immediately calmed down. "In order to maintain the glory of my rogue rabbit family, I have to be worthy of the creator’s trust that I must fulfill my duties."
"Then show us one" novel "Do you have any weaknesses?"
"Well, that’s true, but my way of fighting is to guide lightning and lightning, and I can set fire, let go, let off hail and deflate arrows, and so on. I can simulate everything in nature, and at the same time I can absorb all kinds of energy and transform it into the form I need." The rabbit thought it over for a long time and added, "Oh, I really can’t figure out what weaknesses I have, as if I had never lost in the previous battle."
"Not so exaggerated!" A little dumbfounded. "Everyone has weaknesses."
"Theoretically speaking, I have a nemesis," mused the rogue rabbit. "When my world was booming, there was a creature called Microbug. This creature is the lowest, weakest and most biological in the whole world, but everything is in harmony with each other. They are bullied by all creatures, but I can bully all creatures. However, Microbugs can restrain me. I will feel itchy at the sight of it, and then I will sneeze. Our biggest fear in this life is sneezing. If we sneeze, we will die suddenly."
"Didn’t you say it like you didn’t say it?" Trail "You said I haven’t even seen that thing. Where do you want me to get bugs?"
"There is another way," said the rogue rabbit. "When I release the thunder, there will be a gap. This gap is the weakest time for me. If you can take this opportunity to accurately attack my mouth, you will also have a chance to kill me. According to my previous strength, this gap is very small. No one can catch it, but my speed is one in the first ten million. This gap is very long. You may benefit from it."
"How long?" Small full of expectation to ask
"Quite a long time," said the rogue rabbit. "According to your concept of time, it should be a full hundredth of a second."
"I depend!" I rolled my eyes a little. "Is this still quite long?"
"Don’t you benefit?" The rogue rabbit looked disappointed.
"No doubt," Xiao also looked disappointed. "Why don’t you think about it again?"
The rogue rabbit sighed and thought for a long time and finally shook his head. "Forget it, I can’t think of it. Let’s fight."
As soon as he said this, he immediately jumped far back and pulled a distance of seven meters with the young people. Then the claw tip suddenly shot a white light, which looked like a laser. The light hit the ground in front of him and suddenly the smoke rolled out. The sound of "chug chug chug chug" was like a red-hot steel knife crossing the snow. "I won’t cross this line for an hour. You can attack me if you want to leave this line. I won’t attack again, but if you don’t kill me after an hour, I will cross the line and take the initiative to attack."
Small people see it secretly. You should know that each of these dark green stones contains more energy than agarwood and orb according to the demon. If you put the fix-up world, how can it be a top fairy identity? But when you meet a rogue rabbit, it emits light casually and is as resistant as tofu. This rogue rabbit is really incredible.
"What shall we do?" Small turned to ask two little beauties
"There is no way to fight!" Ningqing gritted his teeth. "Little brother, there’s nothing magic here. We can also have hand-to-hand combat with him."
Ning Qing is right. I really can’t do anything about it except hand-to-hand combat, but fortunately, the rogue rabbits don’t want to kill them for the time being. They still have a chance to test it first
"Well, I’ll go ahead, you go behind, and I’ll confront him head-on. You can hold his ears from the left and right sides." Little bold said, "You can lift him up with his ears when he is less than one meter tall."
He gritted his teeth and woke up again. "You should pay attention to life and death now, but don’t beat him to death with mercy!"
"Don’t worry," said Xiao Hong combatively. "Little brother, I have killed more monsters than you have ever seen."
Although Ning Qing didn’t have such a "brilliant" past as Xiao Hong, she patted her waist sword with a heroic spirit. "It’s time for my sword to strike!"
Chapter 14 rogue rabbit
Chapter 14 rogue rabbit
Three people to discuss good tactics will no longer hesitate to take the lead, with his head down, he rushed over to the boundary and stepped across the boundary without extra trouble. He put his arm around the rogue rabbit’s big head and tried to pull it into his arms. He felt that the other party had not resisted and was suddenly overjoyed.
The two little beauties seized the rogue rabbit’s long ears and felt that a light body had been easily pulled up.
"Ha ha so easily done" three people flush the idea at the same time in the brain.