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ChuTianJi nai said, "The problem is that this bronze ware disappeared just like this. God knows how it was lost, but the police there also have their own eyeliner. They didn’t know that this bronze tripod should have flowed to our river antique market. Therefore, at this time, the brother unit asked us to assist in the investigation.

However, although they came, maybe the crime points had doubts about them, so they came forward to talk, so this matter may not be easy to handle, so let our people do it at this time
By the way, I’d like to introduce you to this is the high flyers Liu Qingqing Sanda champion who was recently assigned to our bureau. This time, let Qingqing solve this case with you. She is also a new face to the antique dealer, so it is most appropriate for her to speak with you. I hope you two will cooperate well. "
Chapter seventy-four Moving bricks in antique shops
Wang Haidong didn’t have a horse to answer this question at this time. Isn’t there a general problem? An important cultural relic excavated from the ancient tomb has disappeared, and it seems that the grave robbers are not generally familiar with the police on both sides.
Otherwise, according to ChuTianJi this guy’s personality, he will directly take people to take those antique dealers, and he still needs such a wave of strength to find himself in the past. Ya ChuTianJi has always been a face-to-face person and won’t give up easily.
Thought of here, Wang Haidong said, "It’s good to say that Tian Jihe and Comrade Liu Qingqing are really suitable, but I have a question, that is to say, how did this case appear? If I say the former, it will be more difficult to prove that planning this matter is not the average person."
It is certainly not impossible for a few farmers to find out this case, but after all, farmers are only benefiting, and it is impossible to think that stealing and selling stolen goods in such a week is also easy to expose the clues.
But if professionals work from the inside, they will have few clues.
Moreover, at this time, the police there are so careful that they even have to ask people from their brother units to help them. Obviously, the robbers who fled there are not ordinary people.
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Chutianji shook his head and said, "It’s hard to say that there are twenty small farmers who help over there, and it’s not a short time to find out."
And, oh, the investigation of archaeological teams is also in progress gradually. It’s only three days. It’s not bad to be able to do this step, so at this time, I think it’s still difficult to find out this matter for a while
But according to our tip, the bronze tripod is likely to be sold in the river market, and the buyer may also be a businessman in Guangzhou. We are afraid that once the bronze tripod falls into the hands of businessmen in Guangzhou at this time, it will probably be lost, and it will be difficult to get it back then. "
Speaking of antique smuggling, it is a felony, but the benefits are also amazing, so there are still many people who take risks in doing such things.
Especially in southern cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it will be easier if they want to smuggle out. After all, they have geographical advantages.
And when I heard that, Wang Haidong also knew that since this matter was at this point, it was somewhat complete at this time.
Wang Haidong pondered and said, "If I guess there is nothing wrong with moving bricks in three days, it should be that there is ginseng in the brick line, and this is an order to move bricks without ginseng in the line."
Lu Qingqing couldn’t help wondering, "What is moving bricks?"
Wang Haidong stare blankly for a thought that at present these two people can estimate that they are both wooden sticks, and they don’t know what the Lord is.
When he explained, "This is something related to the elderly. There are brick kilns in the old age, and everything is moved by someone. It is said that brick kilns in some marginal areas are also manually moving bricks, and those who move bricks don’t even have a car. Those who do business get paid from the boss, and then this thing is said to be in the antique business.
There is a kind of people in antique shops who specialize in selling other people’s goods to earn the difference. It is also a business, which is very similar to moving bricks for the elderly, so this kind of business is called moving bricks. "
I don’t know if moving bricks is here in Wang Haidong myself, but it should be a bit.
Lu Qingqing said without thinking, "This is not to be an intermediary."
Wang Haidong shook his head and said,’ To be an intermediary is to be an intermediary and move bricks. It’s called fiber pulling, media protection and fiber pulling, which is such a kind of thing.
Pulling a fiber root doesn’t even take things. Just show people around to see the goods. Tell them where the goods are available. After the transaction, others will naturally have a heart for you.
This is different from moving bricks. Moving bricks is that you take the goods and sell them elsewhere. If you don’t say that you have a certain network, you can’t do it, and it will be much easier to pull the fiber. "
Liu Qingqing wanted to mean to say, "What is an order to move bricks? Is this thing also ordered?"
Wang Haidong gave a wry smile. "You really look down on this line of people. You really have an order to move bricks. It’s not the same. They moved bricks from the archaeological team. If I guess there is nothing wrong, someone must have decided and paid a deposit.
When the people in the archaeological team got the news, they immediately sent the bronze tripod to the river city. I think there should be people in our river city. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to live in our river city in three days.
And I’m sure there must be a problem when moving bricks. "Lu Qingqing was quite determined to ask what comes next, and then asked," We police don’t know if there is a problem over there. How do you know? "
At this time ChuTianJi afraid Liu Qingqing asked out what shouldn’t ask things Wang Haidong is not the average person angry, he has no good fruit to eat when ChuTianJi said "Qingqing some things are somebody else’s guild regulations not you can ask".
Liu Qingqing seems to be a pair of wanting more, but he shut up in the end, but his expression is a little unwilling. His eyes are very cute. What a rookie! He is not stupid and cute at all.
Wang Haidong waved and said, "It’s no big deal. You can ponder over the white like this. Get the bronze tripod out of the archaeological team and send it to the river city. This is not something that ordinary farmers can do. It must have formed a one-stop production and marketing chain. This is a fairly close industrial chain.
Generally speaking, it is absolutely impossible for the police to find out that the bronze tripod will be in the river city so soon. Even if they finally find out that the bronze tripod has been sold, it is obvious that they got the news so quickly that there is a problem in which link of production and sales. I think it is more likely that there will be a problem in this aspect of production.