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"Ha ha ha Du Yun welcome back again, but we have been waiting for a long time." The shadow man looked at Du Yun and Mu Kexin carefully entering the yard and said with a smirk.

Look at yourself surrounded by a lot, even Du Yun feels a sense of force overflowing from his heart, not to mention so many people, even the three brothers of the magic ape and the shadow man. Both he and Mu Kexin are far from rivals, and now there are so many men in black around him. This form is very bad.
But although Du Yun knew that he was in crisis this time, he didn’t lose the courage to fight. He casually glanced at the shadow man, Du Yun, and snorted a shadow. You were lucky enough to wake up from my four elephants, but now you dare to appear in front of me. Are you really afraid that I will trap you in the array? "
When he heard the four elephants’ final battle, the shadow man shivered. Although he had escaped from it for several days, the tragic killing had left a shadow in his heart, making it difficult for him to fight again.
People who see the shadow are indeed more awed than their own words. Du Yun quickly said to Mukexin next to him, "I’m trying to be happy. They pay attention to your chance to escape outside the city regardless of me."
Just when Mu Kexin just wanted to oppose it, he saw that Du Yun had made a move to draw a halberd in his hand. At the same time, he cut out the purple rock shenhuo in his left hand and quickly spread out several flame balls and shot at the three brothers of the magic ape.
Although the flame ball belongs to the lowest level * *, Du Yun’s display is purple rock and shenhuo’s attack power. Nature is not a general fire. * * It is comparable to seeing that a few purple flame balls shoot at the three brothers of the magic ape and feel the horror and high temperature. Three people dare not hold their heads up and then the black fog pervades them. Then a few flame balls are wrapped in the bag, and then a squeaky purple flame ball slowly corrodes and disappears in the black fog.
At this time, Du Yun’s hand painted a halberd in the middle of the day, rolled up a flower and flashed at the shadow. The person who was ready to cut away was ready. When the shadow turned and easily hid the attack, when Du Yun attacked, he felt a strong breeze coming from three directions around him at the same time.
Feeling attacked on three sides, Du Yun immediately twisted his hand and waved his halberd in one direction, not because Du Yun recognized the two attacks and hurt him, but because he knew that Mukexin was by his side at this time. If he was in danger, Mukexin would never stand by.
Sure enough, he expected the same thing as Du Yun, and at the same time, Mu Kexin flashed a burst of purple light, and then there were two more slender willow swords in his hand, and then a shake of the sword was to roll up two swords and sweep them away toward two attacks next to him.
"Bang bang!"
After several consecutive heavy metal impacts, Du Yun and Mu Kexin both retreated almost at the same time. Du Yun’s sole kicked the ground and then the hard floor listed a gap of ten centimeters wide, and as Du Yun retreated, the gap became longer and wider until Du Yuncai quit for a dozen steps.
Look at Mu Kexin again. After taking a step back, the slate left a deep trace. However, from the second step, her body suddenly showed a burst of purple light, and then the violent anti-seismic force dissipated, and her body became as light as a swallow again. Although she still took a few steps back, there was no trace on the ground.
See two people foot marks different Du Yun immediately realized that the gap between the two people in the heart secretly sigh "Mukexin repair really unfathomable! Definitely not comparable to yourself now. "
The two men repelled the men in black from attacking on three sides, and came to Du Yun to prepare themselves to attract the attention of men in black, so that Mukexin could take the opportunity to escape. But now, looking at being surrounded by three layers and three layers outside, I want to find another opportunity to break out. It is simply more difficult than going to heaven.
Cast a glance behind MuKeXin Du Yun some bitter said; "Ke Xin’s younger sister is all my fault for putting you in danger. If I didn’t want to come back, you can rest outside the town and won’t be surrounded by men in black." Just now, although the two sides played only one, Du Yun already felt that there was a disparity between the two sides.
Looking at Du Yun’s bitter expression, Mu Kexin smiled slightly. "Du Yun, don’t say that. You are a friend who is willing to take risks. I like it very much. I feel sorry that you didn’t have to do it. Even if I die today, I will never regret it!"
At this time, listening to Mukexin’s sweet nothings, Du Yun was very moved and took one look at Mukexin’s Du Yun’s heart. Even today, she was determined to protect her. Du Yunyuan’s anxious look slowly turned to calm down, and Fang Tianhua Ji also held a closer look at the two people preparing to fight hard and touch the magic ape with a cold hum; "I don’t want to know who you are or what you two are, but since you hear what you shouldn’t listen to, you can’t stay." Cold waved his hand forward immediately after saying these words, and the men in black behind him rushed forward crazily.
Du Yun and Mukexin kept dancing with their swords in their hands back to back, but they were close to each other. The three-meter black dress department was blown out. When the magic ape saw that his hands were not Du Yun opponents, he immediately stopped the black dress person from dying and made a wink to the two brothers next to him. The two brothers immediately understood and then pulled out the long knife behind them almost at the same time to cut Du Yun and Mukexin into the encirclement.
One of the three people’s strength is in the middle of the King of God, especially the third brother, Morph, who is a top player in the middle of the King of God. Even if Du Yun deals with one at ordinary times, it is more difficult. Now, although Du Yun is very clear about Mu Kexin’s strength, there should be a big gap between the three brothers and the first class of the King of God. Therefore, if you want to rely on Du Yun’s strength to compete with the three brothers, the odds are almost limited to
Although the odds are not high, Du Yun has been desperate to protect her from the idea of just seeing three people make moves. Du Yun immediately roared, "Sister Mu tried to get away and I’ll stop these three people." He and Mu Kexin formed a thick shining wall to stop the three people from attacking the road.
To three people is to prepare a blow directly hit Du Yun and Mukexin together, but now Du Yunjing wants to catch their attack alone. Three people laughed coldly, and the momentum of the long knife suddenly strengthened three times. Du Yun tried to decorate the sword wall as easily as paper, and the long knife spread the power and smashed the Du Yunjian wall, and then continued to bombard Du Yun’s chest.
Du Yun immediately one mouthful deep red blood gushed out of the body and directly fell down with Du Yun’s strength, but it didn’t stop three people from hitting, so it was horrible to see the converging force of three people.
Seeing that Du Yun was hit hard, Mu Kexin’s original four-point calm look was suddenly replaced by anger, and even the original black with some purple eyes had turned into red blood at this time. If you look carefully, you will definitely find the burning anger.
As Mukexin’s anger rose, the original stable momentum immediately became violent, and as the energy became more and more violent, her body raced to emit dazzling purple light. At this time, if it was not blind, it could be found that Mukexin’s breath had completely changed. The gentle and quiet girl had disappeared, and Mukexin was full of cold killing breath.
"You three dare to hurt him, and I will never let you go." Mu Kexin danced two slender willow swords in his hand, combined them into twenty-one percent, and then held the sword at the magic ape with one hand. Chapter four hundred and ninety Escape.
At this time, Mukexin’s speed has definitely reached an incomprehensible level. A purple flash across the root of the magic ape will not respond, and he will feel a sharp pain in his chest. Looking down at a horrible wound, a dark blood wound in his chest will overflow and slowly fall on the ground.
Hearing the screams, Morph and Mo Yue quickly grabbed the big brother who was about to fall. When they saw the long wound on the chest of the magic ape, they were shocked. They had never seen their big brother injured in the past hundred years. I didn’t expect that this trip to the mainland would hurt a little girl’s hand.
It is shocking to see their eldest brother being hurt by a little girl in mainland China, but they are more worried that if Mu Kexin avenges Du Yun at this time, their eldest brother will be really dangerous.
Thinking of these two brothers, Morph and Mo Yue, quickly stepped back with the help of the eldest brother, the magic ape, while Mu Kexin walked step by step towards the three brothers, holding the purple magic body and dazzling purple light.
"snapped …"
Mukexin’s steady steps keep moving forward, but every step is like stepping on the heart of the monkey brothers. Every time the footsteps ring, their hearts are as painful as being stabbed with a sword, and they almost drop blood.
Shadow people have been afraid to make moves when they see the magic apes. If that’s the case, Du Yun and his two people really may be able to leave their secrets so that things will be exposed. If it is really developing in this direction, then the heads of the fathers will definitely put it to pieces. The shadow people think of such horrible consequences. The bottom of their hearts anxiously murmured, "I must think of a way to get Morph and the magic apes to make moves."
Shadow people are treacherous and their eyes turn a few times, which is to find a way to meet and listen to the shadow people walk beside Morph and say softly; "This girl is the secret method of mainland China No.1 Middle School, but she can temporarily improve her strength, but she can cast an attack and the secret method lasts for a long time. Now this girl has been weak in the outside world. At this time, he is only doing this to scare you away, and then she can take the teenager away from you. Don’t be a"
"What you said is true?" Morph three brothers, although the strongest but the most irritable temper, now hear Mukexin is a spent force ranging from consulting with his second brother, and then he suddenly jumped out and waved the black magic knife in his hand to Mukexin and cut the long knife quickly to produce a harsh sonic boom.
Face suddenly attack MuKeXin without a trace of anxiety and calm raised his head and glanced at the magic in the hands of the dark long Dao, and a black half blade fell to the ground after a broken sound.
Blade, of course, is the old Morph black magic knife. It is harder than the original one. The black magic knife has been cut off directly. This is more shocking than the injury of his eldest brother just now. At this time, he has lost his sight and looked straight at his hand and kept mumbling "This is not true …"
Magic Yue saw that Morph was ready to start work and was just about to intercept, but Morph Xiu was much taller than him, and Morph started to intercept him first. Before that, he saw that the tragedy had happened and was cut in two by Magic Flying Vision’s life black magic knife.
Seeing that Mukexin is still coming towards this side, the more quickly Mokexin pulls his third brother, Morph, to his side, while he is holding two people and slowly retreating. At the same time, he commands people around him to rush forward and take two brothers with him when he delays. The more he understands, the more anger he has been following his shadow. If it weren’t for this old man, he wouldn’t be bravado, and his precious black magic knife wouldn’t be broken.
All this is caused by this old man. At this time, Mo Yue has an impulse to strangle the shadow man directly. It is that the shadow man is not bad, and at this time, the two people are fighting so much. It is still not the time for Du Yun and Mu Kexin to start work, but Mo Yue doesn’t want the shadow man to be so relaxed. Then he whispered to his ear, "Now my two brothers are injured. You stay and cover them. I will take them away first."
People who have seen the shadow of Mukexin’s terrorist attack power are thinking about Du Yunru’s escape. When he hears the words of Mo Yue, there is bitterness behind him. Just now, Mukexin’s attack power is high, which is by no means that he can resist the bottom. If he is really right with Mukexin, there are two kinds of results, one is serious injury and the other is death.
After a moment’s hesitation, the shadow man finally filled his footsteps. If he goes against the wishes of the three brothers of the magic ape at this time, then he will definitely have no good results when he goes back.
People who think of these shadows immediately gather fairy power in their claws and then bend their arms slightly. When the whole arm turns golden yellow, they immediately grasp it at Mu Kexin’s handsome neck. This is an attack initiated by the fairy power of the people who gather shadows all their lives. The speed is fast and they have stopped going. Just now Mu Kexin made moves.
Three brothers Mu Kexin, who were tracking the magic ape, suddenly felt a strong breeze coming from the throat without looking at what the attack was, and then raised his hand to raise the magic weapon to a crosscutting.
"Poof …"
A pool of blood spilled out of her ears, and at this time, Mu Kexin stepped back several steps to stabilize her figure, but as soon as she was stable, it was a mouthful of blood. Looking closely, she found that there was a scratch on her chest. The magic in the original handshake also fell to the ground at this time.
Seeing Mu Kexin’s injury, Mo Yue just wanted to join hands with the shadow man. As a result, the girl saw a bloody hand landing from the middle and hit two people right now. At this time, the shadow man seemed to feel the pain, screaming and crumbling, and forcibly stood snapping. The bloody palm just fell next to him, and the shadow man struggled to pick it up. At this time, he was seriously injured and just squatted down and fainted directly. Although the shadow man had been comatose, Mo Yue still refused to miss this opportunity, and then he shouted at Mu Kexin with a black magic knife in his hand to cut off his strength and poverty.
At this time, Mukexin has been injured and picked up Mukexin’s attack. The black dress person is slamming at her, and everyone Mukexin will die. When he is suspicious, he has been lying still. Du Yun suddenly jumped up and made a fierce noise. They waved the past and just merged into ice and fire magic lotus, and smashed it at those people. Then they held the injured Mukexin and ran directly to the outside of town. Now there is no pursuer. According to the speed of the two people, they can be out of danger in a few minutes.
After escaping from the town, Du Yun carefully inspected the surrounding environment and found that there was no danger. Du Yun then secretly relieved himself.