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Mo Lin recognized that the first refueling was Mo Ran’s shouting. Some of the sounds were familiar from his good friends Lin Bo and the coolie, while others were unfamiliar.

He didn’t dare to look back for fear of being moved to tears. From the moment he was driven out of Mohism, he looked forward to such a moment, a moment recognized by Mohists.
Just because of this simple addition of ink, I feel that all the hardships he suffered before are called his efforts to be seen by people. This is the highest praise that an ink writer and an ink man can get.
He doesn’t want Wen Da or wealth, and he wants to feel guilty.
The sound behind me is like adding a poor force to Molin, moving slowly forward with the suction. Molin gritted his teeth and held on again.
"You go!" Molin appreciates the support behind him, but she also knows that if they don’t leave him as soon as possible, they will try their best.
When I heard that, I made up my mind. Even if one person agrees with him, he is willing to pay the price of his life to fight Helmus to the death.
Even if people applaud, they should dance alone and do what they should do. This is the spirit of a chivalrous man. At this moment, Mo Lin deeply realized it.
The Mohist and the villagers behind them knew that they would be distracted by Mo Lin if they stayed longer. Everyone shouted with great rhythm and quickly evacuated.
People’s footsteps sounded behind them, and Mo Lin tried to straighten himself and support the huge shield. He had to bear more suction than the nearest Zhu Pingman, and almost collapsed several times, but he insisted on thinking about those compatriots behind him regardless of his physical limit.
"Wow, hahahaha!" Helmus suddenly burst into laughter, and his attraction was getting closer to the past and he lost his resistance.
Xiaobai, Snake Jiuyou and Mo Ren are also shocked that they can’t retreat if they want to. The scope of black light control is surprisingly wide, and they are involved when they don’t know. There seems to be no other choice but to be attracted by black light and smash it in the past.
"You humans are so desperate to fight me. You won’t know how terrible the divine world is unless I use powerful tricks, but you don’t worry that being one with me is the happiest thing in your life. I will let you know how proud and proud you are to be part of the power of becoming a divine world!" Helms felt that the situation was completely under control and continued to expand the scope of black light while laughing wildly.
Zhu Pingman has fallen into a quagmire, Xiaobai, and they obviously have their own food left. Mo Lin is stuck in the huge shield. His seven chakras have oozed blood, and his muscles and bones are almost cracked. It seems that the whole person is like being torn back and forth by great strength at the center of a storm.
Even so, Molin still held on to his position and refused to let go.
People behind him will be far away from him. It is clear that a little longer will ensure the villagers’ safety, but he doesn’t know whether he can defeat Helmus. This guy is too tough and tough to belong in this world.
Molin’s legs have gone soft, and people should have all retreated from the safety zone. When Molin’s hand was released, the huge shield finally collapsed and formed a huge shield psionic power, which crashed into the black light together with several houses behind the huge shield.
Helmus took a long breath and burst out laughing. This black light is his ultimate trick and the ultimate form that devours the soul. It is called "power black hole". Just now, Zhu Pingman and Mo Lin Lingneng were absorbed by him to incarnate power, which made his strength increase by 10%.
"Rivers won’t be my opponent when I swallow all of you." Helmus proudly accelerated the expansion of black light.
Mo Lin lost the huge shield, but his body was thin, but then the huge suction came over and almost took off his strength. His body shook and fell forward, and if his legs were not already in the ground, he might have fallen out.
"What should I do?" Molin’s heart was full of anxiety. He tried to keep his body down, but he was still pulled closer by suction.
Chapter 49 God’s realm (finale)
Chapter 49 God’s realm (finale)
Compared with Zhu Pingman, Molin lost more energy, almost Hwa-Sung Do’s huge shield, but now it has been swallowed by Hermes, and unless there is a miracle, it can slide to the bottom step by step.
"Grandpa, how are you?" Although in danger, Mo Lin still thinks about the safety of others first.
"Don’t worry, I can’t die." Zhu’s commentary is a little hard, but it still sounds very energetic. It should be carried to death with Helms.
Xiaobai also squeaked. "Boss, don’t worry, we’re fine. How are you?"
Xiaobai said there was no truth, but he was still holding on. It’s estimated that his voice has changed.
Molin knew that everyone was in a desperate situation. Helmus was superior in strength to absorb everyone.
Once he succeeds, it will not be as simple as losing his life, but it will also encourage Holmes’ arrogance and strength to suppress Rivers. At that time, I am afraid that the whole world will be controlled by him
My blood boils at the thought of these ink forests, and he has an impulsive force to support his efforts.
"Boss!" Xiaobai saw that Chu Molin’s body suction was wobbly and seemed to be unstable at any time, and was sucked away by the black light like those houses.
Ink Lin stood with a sigh of relief in his chest and stretched out his hand to pick the jade jade knife back.
The cold mountain of the jade jade knife flashed, but it was also taken away by the black suction, leaving a dark blade.
Mo Lin didn’t care at all. He closed his eyes slightly, and his heart echoed with Zhu Pingman. He once taught him that there was no other way to be desperate. generate gave the strongest voice to let Helmus know that people in the human world were not, but he kneaded the soft persimmon and died even if he died, leaving a unique sound to the world with great vigour.
"Boss, what are you going to do?" Xiaobai was taken aback.
Ink Lin didn’t answer or prepare.
Zhu Pingman turned around and saw Molin’s appearance and knew that he was busy with something to do and shouted, "You are dying!"
Mo Lin smiled slightly. "Grandpa, let me do the same thing as an idol once …"
He wants to fight back in desperation like his idol, who once slew a dragon hero, showing the poor potential of human beings, although I don’t know if dragon slaying can deal with Helms Molin, I have to take a chance.
Of course, he knows the consequences of dragon slaying, and even if he succeeds, he may be swallowed up. In the dark, the possibility of success is almost slim
However, Molin will not back down or give up, whether he has become an idol or an ideal, or he can give up his life and burn himself to illuminate others for all those who love him and his lover.
This is the spirit of the Mohist, and this moment almost illuminates the stars shining in the dark night.
Holmes also noticed Molin’s move and couldn’t help laughing. "Do you still want to struggle? Just be good and integrate with me."
The black light once again adds ink to the forest, like a candle in the wind, and the body almost falls when it flashes.