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Deah118 Slap the curtain and slap it.

"Mu glass better what do you mean? What should I take medicine for? " Xia Yi sunseeker stopped and then pushed the longed for glass jia always she roared.
"Second sister, what did you say? Why can’t I understand at all? " Mu Lijia pretended to be delicate and touching.
"Don’t give me a pretense over there and I told you not to call me second sister. I didn’t know my mommy had you?" Xia Yixi debunks the way
Mu Lijia called her second sister, and she felt a little sick after listening to it. She was so shameless and did not dare to admit that she had called her elder sister and second sister before.
"That good second sister that day you also comfortable? How does it feel? " Mu Lijia stopped pretending to be pathetic and turned back to her original vicious appearance, just like those living second mothers.
"You finally admit it? Mu Lijia finally stopped pretending? " Xia yi sunseeker narrowed his eyes and despised the way
"Ha ha, yes, I admit that you two sisters were mean when they came. That day was a warning to you."
Xia Yixian was ready to slap her as soon as she heard it, but she heard a crisp sound before she had a hand.
"’pa …’ I respected you before I longed for the beauty of glass, but you kept pushing us to go. That’s to blame. Are we two sisters right? You’re welcome?" Xia Yibing slapped and looked at the beauty of glass and said bitterly.
Xia Yixi watched and called it cool. This bitch should fight.
"Xia Yibing, did you hit me?" Desire for glass jia wu wear was beaten face gas asked.
"This slap is when you hit me, and now I call you back and ask you to double back’ pa …’" Xia Yibing said another slap in the past.
Deah119 double return slap
It’s not enough to return these two slaps twice. At the beginning, Mu Lijia slapped their two sisters, and Xia Yibing slapped her back at the moment she left home. Now, adding these two slaps is still a slap.
Besides, there is also Mu Lijia, and the Ministry will double the return next week.
"Xia Yibing, you … you hit me again." Mu Lijia was slapped on the other side again. She is very angry now.
I was beaten by her mother once since I was a child, and I haven’t beaten her since then.
"Xia Yibing, I will let you die a natural death. If you hit me again, just try. I will kill your grandmother first." Mu Lijia said with great anger.
"It’s enough for you to slap you twice. It’s not enough to hit you’ pa …’ and kill you." Xia Yi Sunseeker also went to raise a slap and fell on Mu Li’s face.
When I was a child, two slaps were paid back twice, and now I have to calculate the remaining accounts.
"Xia Yibing Xia Yixi, you two sisters … slapped me three times."
"I said that when you slapped our sisters twice, I would pay you back twice for last week, and I would let you taste the happy feeling." Xia Yi said coldly that they would treat her as she had treated them.
"I’ll kill you in the end."
"Xia Yibing, Xia Yixi, if you two dare to touch me again, you will wait to collect the body of your most beloved grandmother. I have just sent a message to my mother asking her not to see me after school, so your grandmother will die at home." Mu Lijia threatened.
Deah1 Mu Lijia, you are so mean.
At this time, she can’t fight them. She won’t do it herself. Even if she wants to fight them, she won’t let the two sisters know it’s her.
"You … threaten us" Xia Yixi said angrily, pointing to Mu Lijia.
"Threatening that didn’t happen, but if you don’t believe my words, try if I’m dead, but if your most beloved grandmother dies, then …" Mu Lijia said and looked at the expressions of the two sisters.
The two sisters stood in the same place.
Mu Lijia went on to say, "Besides, grandma’s family has long been unhappy with me and my mother. I think my mother would be happy to get rid of her this time."
"If you still don’t believe the information, I’ll show it to you." Mu Lijia looked at the expressions of the two sisters and smiled in her heart. A grandmother actually had one more prop after the death of the two sisters, so her grandmother.
"You … you’re so mean." Xia Yixi pointed to Mu Lijia again and said angrily.
She threatened her with their grandmother’s death.
"I wouldn’t have killed you if anything happened to Grandma." Xia Yibing also pointed to Mu Jiali’s tone, which was very cold. It was obvious that if something happened to their grandmother, she must be buried with her.
"Let’s go" Xia Yibing said and took Xia Yixiu away.
"Be careful for the glass," said Xia Yi Sunseeker, pointing back at the glass.
Their grandmother is the only relative they have in this world now, and no one can hurt her.
Deah11 Grandma is the death of two sisters.
Xia Yibing and Xia Yixi disappeared. Mu Lijia was left alone in the old classroom building.
"Xia Yibing Xia Yixi, it’s easy for your grandmother to hum and tear you down."
"You two sisters slapped me three times, and I will definitely get your grandmother back. You will wait and see."