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"Dongyang, think about it again. Don’t say that this child must be you, even when you are so young. Dongyang, does a Meng Yudong really make you abandon the Cheng family?" Cheng Zhen eyes radiant with tears almost cried out and said

Xu wen hua couldn’t help crying.
Cheng Dongyang came out of the room and saw his younger brother Cheng Xiyang by the door. He smiled to himself. "Brother, I am a traitor. I didn’t expect there to be another you."
Cheng Dongyang is not in the mood to joke with him now. "It’s rare that you will come back sometimes to join in the fun."
"Mom serial killing Call I don’t come back! Just saw my future sister-in-law elder brother you changed my taste, you prefer the strong woman type like Ke Xin elder sister, "Cheng Xiyang quipped.
Cheng Dongyang is not in the mood to joke. He goes directly to the building.
Meng Yudong and Song Yuanyuan sat on the sofa and saw him coming. Meng Yudong realized that some of them helped to watch him.
Cheng Dongyang took her hand and found that her hand was cold. He said, "Let’s go and fly to Beijing now."
Meng Yudong took some measures to follow Cheng Dongyang. Suddenly, she went back and saw the floor coming. Cheng Zhen and his wife Cheng Yuyang Song Yuanyuan all looked at themselves. A chill came out from the soles of their feet. She shivered and followed Cheng Dongyang away.
The car next to Dongyang is silent by car.
Meng Yudong was a little uneasy. She turned to look at him from time to time and then turned her head and felt that the direction was wrong. "Dongyang is in the wrong direction now. Aren’t we going to the airport?"
"We have to do one thing before going to the airport," Cheng Dongyang said with a firm expression and a cold voice.
"What is it?" Meng Yudong is a little uneasy to see him.
"Go to the hospital to take the child off" Cheng Dongyang said coldly without looking at her.
Meng Yudong was stupefied. She didn’t believe this was Dongyang saying that she turned to look at Cheng Dongyang. "What?"
Cheng Dongyang turned to look at her, her face was pale and her eyes were afraid of him. "My parents agreed to our marriage in Dongdong, but the child couldn’t have it before!"
Meng Yudong whole person is silly, she don’t understand him "what want to abort the child? Dongyang, this is what our children want to abort. I don’t want it. "
Cheng Dongyang parked his car to the side of the park, where there was a shade to hide his expression. He said faintly, "Dongdong, this child is not wanted. I know this is our child, but we can’t have it when he comes."
Meng Yudong is totally unacceptable. This is her baby. She has already lost a baby. She can’t lose this one again. "Dongyang, I beg you, don’t want our baby. This is my baby. I can already feel her. I can’t lose her."
"Dongdong, are you really so sure that the child is me?" Cheng Dongyang remembered his father’s words and couldn’t help asking.
Meng Yudong’s face was almost pale. She looked at Cheng Dongyang strangely. "Dongyang said that you still don’t believe me. Do you believe me at all?"
"I can’t really care about my family in winter and winter. My grandfather is an old revolutionary. Although he is retired now, he is open and honest. He attaches importance to his honor and integrity and our grandchildren. I believe this child is me, but when he comes, it is too inappropriate. After that, politics does not rule out that there will be people who care about it. We can’t leave this curse in winter and winter, which is not good for the child." Cheng Dongyang tried to persuade her.
Meng Yudong shook his head and Cheng Dongyang’s curse completely defeated her will. "Dongyang, this is our baby. You actually said that her curse is Dongyang, this is our child. We can’t do this to her."
"Dongdong, I didn’t mean that. Dongdong, listen to me, we are still young, and there will be more children." Cheng Dongyang put her arms around her. "Dongdong, now that you are married to me, we have to think about the situation. This child really can’t be had."
Meng Yudong still shook his head and she wouldn’t listen. He said, "I don’t want it. I can’t live without a baby. This is my baby Dongyang. I have already lost a child. I can’t lose this child again. Dongyang, please don’t do this to our children."
Meng Yudong said that he had lost a child, and he was angry from the heart. He looked at Meng Yudong, and her eyes were so vivid and tearful that it was not fake at all.
"Don’t be me again. You haven’t lost a child at all. You have to lie to me again." Cheng Dongyang let her glare at him coldly.
Meng Yudong silly gawk at him not white why he would be so Chapter 36.
"Dongyang Me" Meng Yudong suddenly remembered that she had never told Dongyang that she had miscarried, but just now she blurted out carelessly, but Dongyang, why did you say that and looked at her with such strange eyes?
"I have information here. Your so-called miscarriage was just that your sister Meng Xiaodong took off your name, but you lied to me to make me feel guilty. Meng Yudong, how many times have you lied to me?" Cheng Dongyang didn’t want to say that he couldn’t stand cheating once, and this time she lied to him again. He didn’t know whether to believe her or not.
Meng Yudong has lost her mind. She’s not white. Why would she suddenly talk about it? If he hadn’t talked about it, she had forgotten it. The most important thing is that she heard Dongyang say that every word pierced her heart so painfully.
"You don’t believe me, Dongyang." At this moment, her heart was cold. "I said I wasn’t raped. You said you believed me. You didn’t believe me. You had so many doubts. So why did you marry me?"
Cheng Dongyang’s face turned cold. He held the steering wheel and looked at the distance. Then he said slowly, "Maybe you lied to yourself. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to face that and hypnotize everything. Are you really so sure?"
Hearing this, Meng Yudong’s heart is cold! She promised Dongyang to propose marriage with anxiety and fear. She was afraid. She was really afraid, but she wanted Dongyang to be so good that she had a baby again. She couldn’t bear to disappoint him. She wanted to be his wife, take care of him and love him. She wanted to have this baby, so that the baby wouldn’t have a mother, but she could have a complete family.
But at this moment, everything was shattered. Dongyang didn’t believe her from beginning to end. At this moment, he asked to get rid of their children. It turned out that marriage destroyed all the things she cherished, cherished, wanted and cherished most. If this is the result, is it necessary for her to get married?
Thought of here, she smiled and turned to look at him. "Dongyang, I don’t think we need to go to Beijing! Don’t go. "
"What did you say?" Cheng Dongyang looked at her smiling face and felt particularly dazzling and inexplicable. Strong fear came to his fingertips and turned white. "What do you mean, Dongdong?"