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Su Ling was at a loss when she heard that Huang Lao was telling his heart in such a low and slightly humble tone!

Whether she should believe what she saw or what Huang Lao said!
But if he really doubted Gulan’s identity, why didn’t he tell her earlier? !
Do we have to wait until after the incident to explain the facts with such an attitude? !
"Burn old you said everything! It seems that all the grievances expressed in your words are my fault! But now let me ask you something. There was a time when Gu Lan could call you Brother Dust, but when you were with me, you let me call you Brother Dust. What? Is it to satisfy you to miss the old love memories or to satisfy you to achieve me? "
Su Ling’s speech has always been rough, but she is used to this tone!
Even though she said that she was a little uncomfortable, her black-and-white eyes could still see how many wings had been infected!
Again, a woman is a woman after all!
Smell burn old dim eyes hanging thin self-deprecating smile said "a name doesn’t mean anything!
And I don’t understand her sudden return! Because all the past was white before she came back! I don’t want her to be in danger. If she wants me, then I have to do it! "
"So you mean I have to watch my man show love with other women from now on? And I’ll watch? How can you be sure that she wants you? "
This is a more two more chapters 326 from Yushu mouth rhetoric!
"So you mean I have to watch my man show love with other women from now on? And I’ll watch? How can you be sure that she wants you? "
When Su Ling looked at burn old gloomy face couldn’t help but refute and ask!
It is true that she couldn’t help but reflect on what happened in the past two days in the words of Huang Lao!
It seems that Gulan’s appearance really reached the reason for her to have bad blood with Huang Lao!
But if this is Gulan’s conspiracy and Lao Huang suspects Gulan, has she also been blindsided? !
Once you think that Su Ling’s heart is as uncomfortable as long grass, think back to what happened just now. It happened that Gu Lan chose to faint when Lao San appeared. Anyone might think that Su Ling’s speech stimulated Gu Lan!
Step on the horse! It feels so special to be calculated!
"Do you know how a person who has disappeared for three years can suddenly come back and be exactly the same as three years ago! No matter what she went through three years, it changed a lot, but she ended up three years ago! It is impossible for Wang not to doubt this! "
Huang Lao’s sworn tone suddenly made Su Ling snigger and said, "That is to say, your sister Gulan often washed your clothes three years ago?"
Smell burn old complexion breath, then urge power to flicker to Su Ling again, but this time burn old chastened, although close to Su Ling, but not going to hug her, instead of refusing to gesture, she was pulled to the side with dark eyes and smiling thoughtfully, Su Ling gnashed her teeth and said, "That’s because she has always been a handmaid! It’s rude to do some maid work!
What’s more, did she fall into the well to wash her clothes last night? Can’t you guess why? "
Seeing this, Su Ling curled her lips with little strength, pushing a burning old tone and sneering, "Who knows if you really treat her as a handmaid?" ! You weren’t very nervous when you fainted just now! "
"that’s called nervousness?" Burn old eyes have narrowed into a line. Looking at Su Ling’s reason and tide wait for no man, I wish her a bite!
But then my thoughts turned cold, my eyes were completely off and I smiled briefly. "What’s the matter? Jealous? "
"Roll you two big ye! I have time to be jealous of you two. I might as well go out and have fun myself! " So although Su Ling still holds her tongue and tide wait for no man, at least she is no longer so resistant to burning old!
And as her heart also gradually to Gulan have strong doubts!
It turns out that it’s not just that I doubt Gulan. It seems that even Burn Lao has doubts about her. Then some things must be investigated!
What’s worse, not long ago, the self-proclaimed Yubo also warned her to be careful of Gulan!
If this girl is not a real Gulan, where is she from? !
But if she is really Gulan, then what? !
The appearance of a Gulan not only disrupted Su Ling’s rhythm, but also found that even the inarticulate Lao Huang could explain to her that Gulan was really special and not simple!
After a moment of silence, Su Ling slowly lifted her eyes and looked at a face of concentration. The old man also put two people’s bad feelings in his heart for a while and then asked in a low voice, "What do you think she is not Gulan? Is there any reason? "
"Feeling! Even though her performance is quite similar to Gu Lan’s, there are still some differences! After experiencing life and death, do you think that a person’s eyes can still be clear to the bottom? "
When Huang Lao said these words, Toshiko suddenly flashed sarcasm!
And he took Su Ling’s palm and moved it dishonestly until Su Ling noticed it. Only then did he realize that his paws had put on her shoulder when he didn’t know it!
This man is pushing his luck, isn’t he!
"three! Don’t doubt my heart for you! No matter what you see or hear when you pick it up, you must choose to trust me! "
Burn old solemnly looked at Su Ling and such a heavy tone made Su Ling have a bad feeling in an instant!