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"Ann doesn’t sell food there."

"That Jun Yao still tricked An An into coming here" is definitely a sign of dissatisfaction.
Jun Yao Gu didn’t say anything about eating, but he emphasized that he didn’t eat. ! Ann, you are a genius. You didn’t say yes.
"This hole is very scary. Be careful in peace." Jun Yao said, putting his hand on Ann’s head in some places to prevent one thousand from being afraid of Ann’s head touching a cave.
Good man representative
I’m still very happy to see Junyao in this cave, so it’s good to be with Ann.
….. Especially when Liu Ximo is no longer there.
Liu Ximo came to the place where Anan promised to stay and swing on the bench with food. No one knows where the movie is.
"Have you seen a little girl?" Liu Ximo pulled a passerby and asked directly.
Sir, how polite you are!
The girl blushes so handsome. "What does it look like?" The girl blushed and stammered that she was too shy to care about her boyfriend next to her.
"Have you seen a girl with medium chestnut hair? Just tell me."
Chapter 2 Handsome guy chasing (2)
I really think Liu Ximo is possessed.
"No, no," the girl stammered. This handsome guy is so scary.
Liu Ximo ignored the girl and let her go directly. By the way, it is good to push away from herself. Well, all girls hate it except Ann.
Look at the girl behind Liu Ximo’s departure. Look at the small mirror. It looks pretty.
"Mo Er Mo Er" is not far away. It’s good to see Liu Ximo pretending to be bored with the dead … Well, the whole Liu Ximo is the most fun.
Although Liu Ximo is an interesting person.
Liu Ximo really wants to see it, but the man is coming this way and sweating while walking. It’s a shame that he didn’t take it by surprise.
"What can I do for you?"
"Look at you in a hurry." Liu Ximo, a little astringent, noticed that there was a handsome guy with brown hair and green eyes around him.
"Well, it’s nothing. Don’t bother me." Liu Ximo left a message to leave.
Mo Xiaose grabbed Liu Ximo’s hand. "Don’t you want to know who this child is?"
"Speak" Liu Ximen nai
Don’t let Mo Xiaoxie say that she won’t let herself leave, right?
"I won’t tell you," said Mo Xiaoxie blushingly. She was so shy.
What are you talking about without telling others?
"I have matured a lot!" Foam small acerbity said excitedly
"I think you’re simple." Liu Ximo looked at a little astringent. Although she was very mature before wearing and acting, now … it’s really stupid.