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"Kill him for me over there" Fangshan growled angrily.

At this time, almost all the masters who took the shots have been killed by the wind. A martial artist in the left side is the strength of fighters and samurai.
The wind Yang fighting capacity at this time these people lack of fear.
Fangshan recovered, and the huge bow in the wind whisked again fired more than a dozen wind-chasing arrows at more than 30 people.
Suddenly, it was a series of pain, and more than a dozen people once again fell into the enclave with blood arrows.
When these people rushed to the side of Fengyang, there were about 20 people left. From Fangshan to Fengyang, they were all lying along the way, injured by arrows, crying and marveling, even more like a flood.
Bow is at a disadvantage in close combat, and the wind is rising rapidly, and the giant bow and sword are hidden in jade, staring and rushing to the side for more than 20 people, but there is no fear.
However, at this moment, another Qian Li figure floated down and the wind rose around him without hesitation. He took the wind up with him and jumped to the roof 10 feet high next to him to write novels.
Chapter 46 invite humiliation
Welcome you to come.
Caier took the wind to the roof, and the wind again took out the sunset bow in the jade, and the arrows quickly condensed and flew towards the ground, and the group of people fired in the past.
At first, some good people with awakening wind attributes and flying skills jumped onto the roof, but this group of people were first hit by the wind and chasing arrows, and fell off the roof one by one.
People who tried to fly on the roof immediately gave up the idea, but the ground could be used as a moving target and shot wildly by the wind.
The fifty people who swallowed the third mixed grass are now left with five people standing constantly dodging the wind and chasing the wind.
The wind raised the sunset bow back to the jade, and at the moment when the sunset bow disappeared, a simple and ancient giant sword appeared strangely, and the speed was so fast that people didn’t know where the giant sword came from.
The wind blows up the body force like the tide, and a fierce fighting spirit arises spontaneously, and the violent momentum itself bursts out and jumps from the roof with a forward momentum.
When your feet tread heavily on the ground, you will make a few shocking cracks in the hard ground.
Real wind Yang knows that although his strength has skyrocketed, if he confronts fifty people head-on, he will definitely not get any benefits. He can destroy most of the fighting capacity of the other side with the sunset bow first.
The remaining five people feel that the wind is rising, and the body exudes this fierce momentum. It is not a slight change in face, but now the situation is like an arrow, so I have to bite the bullet and jump towards the wind.
When the distance between the two sides was less than ten feet, the wind stood proudly and Yang suddenly swept out with a heavy wind to kill God.
Several people rushed ahead and felt the strength swept through, but they couldn’t hold back their bodies with horror. Several people were suddenly swept by the sword and their bodies flew out to kill God.
Later generations can feel the fierce impact when they are blown by the strong wind with the giant sword.
The highest strength among these people also reached a samurai, but even a samurai was forced to stumble and escape when the wind blew up and attacked fiercely.
Although the wielding speed of the giant sword is not fast, it contains heavy power. It seems that all of them are compressed, giving off gas explosion and the wide attack range of the giant sword, so that the five people can bully the wind and raise their bodies and watch their companions being swept away by the giant sword.
In a short time, these five people also lay on the ground one after another and were attacked by giant swords. Their injuries were not less than those of those who were shot by chasing arrows. The bones seemed to be shattered and the pain was even more miserable.
"This is the boy who was chased by Fang Jia. It’s amazing. I don’t know how he practiced. He was chased by Fang Jia a few months ago, but today he rolled this group of people all over the ground."
"You see that his weapon is a huge bow and a huge sword. It must be quite scary."
"Fang Jia is estimated to be planted this time."
"It’s hard to say, after all, there’s still a bully who hasn’t shown up."
When some passers-by burst into exclamations, the wind blew and the fighting there was close to the end.
At this time, there is still a mountain left intact. Looking at the wind, Yang’s eyes are shining with incredible light.
"It’s your turn to Fangshan." The wind is soaring and the sword in your hand is pointing at Sanzhang Waifang Mountain. When you speak, your mouth is covered with a biting sneer, which gives people a sense of unutterable oppression.
Feel the high-spirited eyes of the wind and the fierce fighting spirit. Fangshan couldn’t help but take a step back, and the momentum suddenly weakened
Since half a year ago, Fengyang Fangshan broke through the barrier of six fighters and reached a samurai, but at the moment, Fengyang Fangshan actually felt like a force to compete.
"A man who has no fighting spirit in his heart is like an enemy". Suddenly, he showed his figure and struck Fangshan with a fierce momentum. He laughed and laughed.
The huge sword in his hand was raised high, carrying heavy gas oppression and horse strength and chopping at Fangshan.
"Long-winded" Although the heart is horrified, so many people look at Fangshan and don’t want to be seen as a joke. Not to be outdone, they roar and enter the fighting state in an instant. Facing this pledge, Fangshan quickly flickers to one side to escape.