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This person doesn’t say that it is the ice spirit fruit crisis that Ye Rou experienced before Ye Han. She didn’t know it, so her worries in her heart were not aroused relative to everyone. Therefore, she not only didn’t have any worries, but felt very happy. She also thought that with the ice spirit fruit, she would be able to take it to the next level.

The leaves are soft and the ice spirit fruit is deeply worried this time. Lengling and others are suddenly more worried. Ye Hanbing spirit fruit will lead to physical exhaustion. What about her? Will she encounter the same situation?
Anticipating that something will happen soon, the women’s eyes inadvertently fell on Ye Han’s body, and when they saw Ye Han’s face smiling, they seemed to be white soon.
Don’t … This Ye Han is intentional? Want to make everyone ice fruit so that everyone can bear the bitter fruit he suffered at the beginning?
The plot is absolutely conspired to get the woman around you, even this kind of three-abuse means, and looking at that smile seems to have succeeded …
[67] 【 ice saliva magic pill 】
See daughters there have been soft leaves for their ice spirit fruit Ye Han when they got the ice spirit fruit but refused?
Want to want to go, he didn’t white reason nai good blunt aside LengLing asked "Linger, do you see this ice spirit fruit to eat? Don’t you want to eat such a good fruit? "
Ye Han smiled again and then took out an ice fruit from his own Yu Pei and put it in front of all the women. Then he smiled at them and smiled. "You see, I picked the whole tree of ice fruit at the beginning. If you are not enough, you can come to me again and ask for it. Will it be so stingy?"
Then he put the ice fruit in his hand in the Yu Pei, and then smiled at them. "Okay, eat it quickly. I’ll give you this ice fruit after that, but you can’t eat one more at a time!"
Lengling and others still refused to do anything when they heard the news. Naiye Han sighed bitterly and ignored them. Instead, Xiaoli smiled and laughed. "I’ll leave the matter to you. I have to hurry to refine the ice saliva Dan!"
Xiaoli smell speech busy nodded his head to show that Bai Ye Han looked at him and didn’t dare to neglect. He looked around at the daughters in the room and then jumped to the window on his own and turned to the whole body to briefly arrange an enchantment. This just sat up to prepare for refining ice saliva Dan [‘.
Although ice saliva Dan is troublesome to refine, after all, there is a kind of medicinal material that needs to be refined carefully and supplemented by some clever alchemy methods, and it is also a matter of time before it is refined.
Naturally, this basic vitality still needs to be consumed, which is also the main reason why Ye Han was bent on helping Xiaoli. After all, this ice saliva Dan is a kind of extreme Dan medicine, and the vitality loss in the refining process is definitely not comparable to that in refining ordinary Dan medicine.
It is precisely because of this that Ye Han made all the preparations before refining Bingxiandan. Besides, this Bingxiancao was hard to come by, and the Yanxiancao needed for refining Yanxiandan was a rare panacea. There can be no spot mistakes in this alchemy process.
Of course, where there are most mistakes, Ye Han has a law around him to protect others, which hinders Ye Han from refining Dan medicine because it is extremely troublesome to refine ice saliva Dan medicine. It is not difficult to destroy Dan medicine because of Ye Han himself.
In order not to let accidents happen, he must make all preparations to think of solutions to all possible crises, and what irreversible crises will occur then
Ye Han is trying his best to calm his mind, but others still refuse to ice the fruit. After all, this ice fruit crisis is obvious to all at the beginning. If the energy in this ice fruit eats itself, it is very likely that what happened to Ye Han will happen.
Although Ye Han seems to be malicious, no one can guarantee whether his alchemy is an interface. The purpose is to let everyone relax their vigilance, so that everyone can give the ice fruit first, and then he will wait for an opportunity to come naturally.
Naturally, they are worried that they will be like this one. Now they are most worried about Ye Han. If the ice spirit fruit is really going to bear that kind of crisis, then whether Ye Han will be able to relieve everyone of the crisis?
After looking at each other for a long time, the women finally failed to find the answer, and then a light hum instantly interrupted all their thoughts
This light hum sounded everyone’s eyes and immediately looked in the direction of the sound. At the same time, they were all shocked at once, and everyone had a certain idea in their hearts. This Ye Han was really malicious.
It’s okay to look amazing. When everyone turned their attention to the source of the sound, the scene immediately surprised everyone. The only ice spirit, fruit and soft leaves are blushing at the moment, and the situation is not optimistic.
At this moment, Xiaoli suddenly came over to see Ye Rou’s blushing face. He felt bad and said to her, "Sister Rou, why didn’t you eat ice fruit and refine it quickly? Do you still want to be eaten by this fruit energy?"
Hearing this, Xiaoli’s blushing face suddenly became even worse. Yes, when this ice spirit fruit just entered the mouth, she felt the strong energy. Now she has to be serious about refining words from time to time. That situation is definitely not optimistic.
After knowing the seriousness of the matter, Ye Rou didn’t dare to neglect her busy work and came to a place more suitable for cultivation. She immediately sat down to close her eyes and soon became immersed in cultivation.
Lengling and other daughters were even more hesitant when they saw it. Although no one in the field was willing to take Ye Rou as an experiment, now that Ye Rou has taken the lead in the ice spirit fruit, she can be wronged for a while. No one dares to ice the spirit fruit before everyone tests her back to normal.
And this time Xiaoli seems to see through everyone’s worries and see that they are all hesitant. Looking at the soft leaves, I suddenly had an idea, but even so, she didn’t directly express the idea, but smiled gently and slowly came to LengLing’s side to hold the light snow in her arms.
Will light snow robbed Xiaoli still didn’t pay attention to everyone is quietly looking at the arms of the child and then blunt she wry smile way "alas, now your mother they don’t believe your father, it seems that the world also has you I can really believe your father!"
With that, she went straight to the bedside with light snow in her arms, hoping to guard Ye Han’s side at all times so that he could help him when he was in trouble, which led to the failure of his alchemy.
You know, ice saliva grass is hard to find. If this alchemy fails, it will be difficult to find this kind of Lingcao again. This alchemy is the most important one, whether it is Xiaoli’s psychology or Ye Han’s own psychology, and it is also the last one that can’t go wrong.
However, she turned to the edge of the bed with light snow and listened to the cold sound behind her. "Xiaoli, do you have something to tell us? If you have something to say, please tell everyone quickly! "
Xiaoli smell speech immediately a wry smile way "I don’t think I have something to say to you but you have questions to ask me? Come on, are you worried that cold children will harm you by giving you ice fruit? "
Said Xiaoli and couldn’t help but shook his head and turned to looked at is refining ice saliva Dan Ye Han then wry smile way "it seems that you don’t want to believe in cold brother? Since you don’t believe it, come to me for an answer after you believe it! "
Listen to Xiaoli so frankly, not only cold and cheerless, but even Lengling and others feel embarrassed. I originally wanted to ask Xiaoli a question, but I was seen through by Xiaoli, but it was better or less so that I could know the truth without asking questions.
But they didn’t think that Xiaoli would have such a word. They naturally felt embarrassed about it, but after this embarrassment, they also seemed to realize their mistakes. Yeah, how can a woman with Ye Han doubt Ye Han about this kind of thing?
Xiaoli failed to tell the truth in a word, but it made everyone realize that Ye Han women can doubt Ye Han, but one thing is that no one can doubt that Ye Han will use means to frame himself.
Naturally, what they are worried about before is that being themselves will lead them to become the Ye Han who ate the Ice Fruit by mistake in the original Ice Yuan City. Once this happens, it is bound to require Ye Han to shoulder the responsibility of treating everyone, so that it is bound to deliver himself to Ye Han. After all, in that case, Ye Han can use the double cultivation of Yin and Yang to resolve the excess energy of their respective bodies.
In this way, everyone will definitely count as Ye Han’s real woman, not just accompany him, so there may be nothing for themselves and others. After all, they are already Ye Han’s real women at the moment, but then it will be unfair to Laner and others, and that is why they will be dissatisfied with Ye Han’s behavior.
"Alas, when you are really stupid or stupid? Don’t you know that Brother Han’s previous method of refining Binglingguo normally was due to lack of repair? You are all practitioners of Yuan Soul Realm. Are you still worried about refining this ice spirit fruit by yourself? " Seeing that everyone has a face of remorse, Xiaoli can’t bear it, but he has to make them feel more guilty, because only in that way can they really realize their mistakes
After listening to Xiaoli’s remarks, all of them were even more right. Yes, although the energy of ice spirit fruit is strong, there is still a degree after all. Ye Han had the method of Yuan Ying’s realm to withstand the energy of ice spirit fruit. That is normal, but he and others are all masters of Yuan Soul realm. How can he be afraid of this energy of ice spirit fruit?
I don’t know how to face all this, but I don’t know what to do. Naturally, they dare not face it the fastest, or Ye Han himself had misunderstood him as that. If it weren’t for Xiaoli’s remarks, I’m afraid he would still blame Ye Han.
Think about all this. All the women are unnatural and at the same time a sense of guilt looms, so they look at each other and finally turn their attention to Ye Han. It seems that this will sue Ye Han and expect him to forgive himself after the success of an alchemist …
[68] 【 Bingxian Dancheng 】
Ye Han didn’t know that his daughters would be completely calm at this time, and he had already forgotten everything in the room. He was bent on refining the ice saliva Dan to his success. He knew that he could not choose to follow nature reluctantly 【