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Nodded to look at the ground fox. "Go and see her. I can’t control my strength. I don’t know if she will die."

When I heard this, I followed Fox Two, Fox Three and Fox Four in a hurry to squat down and check it out.
"Fortunately, there is still a sigh of relief." Fox San looked up and said, "It needs immediate treatment."
He looked carefully at the small eyes again. "Dare to ask the fairy? Can we take her to treatment?"
"Er … of course." Little puzzling touched his head. "Hurry up and carry it. You can’t be saved."
Grateful to see his one eye, this just waved Sanhu to lift the fox.
This is absolute power. Five minutes ago, all foxes were yelling and killing at Xiao Xiao, but five minutes later, Xiao Xiao beat a fox to death and then allowed others to rescue him. In this way, the foxes were so grateful to Xiao Xiao that they felt that this fairy was a rare good man, although she was strong but did not bully others.
The next scene was a little strange. No fox dared to speak casually, making a small attempt to explain his purpose. All foxes, big and small, looked at him eagerly. They all thought that such a master was definitely not for no reason. They all thought that it was necessary for a master to act in a meaningful way, while the master did not take the initiative to express that the weak were not qualified to speak. Even if they were curious and uncomfortable, they could not show that they could do nothing but wait for the master to give them advice. If the master wanted to be silent until the sea dried up and the rocks crumbled, their only choice was to accompany the master.
After about five minutes of silence, I finally couldn’t help but ask, "Excuse me, what’s your name?"
"Little people’s name is Hu Yunyu" 100% recognizes that little is also a scattered fairy level. It is estimated that there are also a few chitose who are extremely polite when they talk. "Fairy can be called a little person if they don’t abandon it."
Small body goose bumps are up. What do you think of this one? It should also be aunt level. The sentence Rain is falling all really killed him and he couldn’t shout it. So he asked, "That … what on earth did you steal accident Dan today?"
As soon as this question was asked, all the beautiful women finally remembered today’s business, and suddenly they all showed their grief and indignation.
Hu Yunyu opened his mouth but sighed long and whispered, "There are some complicated reasons here. If the fairy is free, Rain is falling all, I hope the fairy will come carefully."
"Well, let’s talk about it." I finally found the topic and sat down on the stool. "Let’s sit and say that it’s not so polite. Now that we are friends, why are we still so polite?"
"friends?" Hu Yunyu’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Xian is willing to take us as friends?"
"Yes, what’s the problem?" Small woman.she said, "I never think monsters are bad. I think you are kind. What’s the big deal about being friends?"
Hu Yunyu was still a little incredulous and asked, "Isn’t Fairy afraid of his colleagues gossiping?"
"What’s there to be afraid of?" Xiao stretched out his middle finger. "Anyway, they look down on our chosen door."
"Choose the door? You are the chosen one? " The fox in the whole fox hole suddenly boiled up. "Oh, my God, you are the chosen one. Is it true that the ancestors stayed to predict?"
After reading it inexplicably, I found that the eyes of these foxes have changed again. If they were just looking forward in fear, they are now blindly believing with pure religious enthusiasm.
"Are you all right?" Little couldn’t help hand Hu Yunyu forehead touched a partial head way "don’t have a fever!"
He didn’t mean to take advantage of it casually. Although Hu Yunyu’s charm is still small, there is no evil thought for her, but it’s strange that he touched Hu Yunyu’s face and turned red like a fire. He was shy and bowed his head like a girl, and his voice was charming and tired. "It is predicted that our savior has a very strong need for a bed … Fairy has a demand for Rain is falling all … No matter how absurd it is … Rain is falling all can promise."
If there is any ethnic group in the world that is best at seducing men, there is no doubt that Hu Yunyu is a fox, and she is not young. However, this intentional performance has actually made her heart jump, but she is full of small bamboo and immediately shakes her head. "Don’t talk nonsense, let’s get down to business."
Having said that, it’s quite small. Nai found that all the foxes in the cave seemed to be angry about their size, and they all looked at themselves with burning eyes. Even Xiao Xin and two pairs of sisters who had just died didn’t want to follow him. At this time, they also seemed to be infatuated, and the young girl’s eyes in love were so calm that they couldn’t come.
Hu Yunyu took a little look at it with a little loss and bitterness, and corrected his expression. "Actually, we want to create Dan not for ourselves, but for the heavenly king."
Tianwang, this is another new name.
When this name comes out, many beautiful women show a look of grief and anger, and they feel that this name is really powerful enough. They can’t help but ask, "Who is the king of heaven?"
Hu Yunyu said, "Fairy, the reason for this is very complicated, which just happened to the great crisis that our fox family encountered this time. If you have time, Rain is falling all, I can give you a detailed explanation."
"Go ahead" Trail "I’m listening"
Many foxes are full of joy when they look at each other. Since this master has said this, he is obviously going to mind his own business, and once such a master with scattered fairy level intervenes in the fox clan, no matter how big the crisis is, it will disappear.
"We demon race have been in the right path for a long time, and the harsh blows of various factions seem to be getting weaker and weaker. Many small ethnic groups have become extinct. Fortunately, our ethnic group has formed a great alliance with 17 other ethnic groups because we are not just the fox family. The name of this alliance is called Ten Holes and Ten Holes. The demon race has always developed and thrived together to resist external humiliation. This is only now."
Hu Yunyu paused and added, "We have been very harmonious for ten years, but with the changes of the times, the gap between the strength of various ethnic groups has become wider and wider, and gradually we have divided into strong and weak camps, physically strong tigers, wolves and other ethnic groups to form the first camp to oppress other ethnic groups."
She looks a little nai and a little angry. "Although we foxes are naturally intelligent and intelligent superman, the more clever we are for practitioners, the more easily possessed we are. It is difficult for demons to practice successfully. Our foxes have always been weak in ten holes, and our foxes are all beautiful and flowery. For example, the tiger family has repeatedly asked us to pay tribute to foxes’ virgins … Over the years, our foxes have been oppressed … It is really miserable, but we have always endured the birth of the group."
She stole a glance at her eyes and asked, "What happened this time?"
Hu Yunyu sighed for a long time. "This time, our pulse is finally at the end of its rope, because we have been practicing the cold jade bed and it has been destroyed."
The story seems to be a bit complicated. "What is a cold jade bed? What cold jade bed is destroyed and you will be at the end of your tether? "
Chapter 71 Yukikaze a cow ()
Chapter 71 Yukikaze a cow ()
"Fairy’s adult, I’ll say it." Xiaoxin blushed and jumped to the small side. Those peach blossom eyes couldn’t help but turn around and bowed their heads respectfully. "Because the fairy aura in this world is getting less and less, whether it’s the person who fixes the truth or the person who refines the demon, the progress of cultivation is getting slower and slower. Before this world, there were many monsters, but now they are almost extinct. For example, our ten-hole fox family used to be a famous one in the demon world, but now there are less than 40 members, and what we can successfully cultivate from generation to generation is precisely because our
"The cold jade bed is made of cold jade in the Xuan Bing layer of the Arctic, which contains more fairy aura than the thick fairy aura. This fairy aura is feminine, which is just suitable for our fox family’s physique. One day of practice in the cold jade bed is comparable to one year of practice on weekdays. My two sisters and my sister xiao yue, who were taken away, all rely on such a treasure to cultivate human form. In recent decades, the fairy aura in the world has become even thinner. Without this treasure, almost no creatures have the opportunity to cultivate human form. The only way for our fox family to reproduce is to borrow the fairy aura in the cold jade bed."