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At this time, Song Jiangfeng’s whole person is decadent. It seems that the whole person jing Qi Shen has disappeared, and he is lying on the sofa like a beach of mud.

Pang Tong saw this situation in his heart, and he was also very nai. Song Jiangfeng is still quite valuable in training, and he is also holding him as his successor to cultivate knowledge. He still has leadership skills, and he is a very good one among many cultural relics bureaus.
So this time Song Jiangfeng once decadent Pang Tong heart is also very uncomfortable.
Therefore, at this time, Director Pang Tong sighed and said, "Forget it, Odbo, you should also watch some things. Since Wang Haidong said that it is necessary to rectify a cultural relics bureau, you must have escaped from disaster. No matter what, you can’t be a leader at this time. It is said that it is difficult for you to want to work in a cultural relics bureau at this time, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way out. If Wang Haidong doesn’t kill everyone, then you still have a certain chance. In this case, you can go to university to teach. Anyway, according to your level, there is nothing wrong with being
To say that Song jiangfeng is really the kind of person who can be qualified to be a professor and associate professor can be said to be an expert in antiques. This matter is his best retreat. If it is according to the jargon of Han Jian like him, then it is no problem for him to be directly double-rooted. If it is a painless killer, Wang Haidong, Director Pang Tong will transport it to teaching or there will be no problem.
When the key is like this, it depends on Wang Haidong’s attitude. At this time, Song Jiangfeng is very white. How does Wang Haidong hate himself? He just plays antiques and has studied antiques for half a generation. If he doesn’t say that he is bent on promotion, then how can Han Sihe stumble over such things? He knows what a person who likes antiques will do with his antiques.
Dare to sell such a treasure as tangdao and tangdao’s stranger knife to foreigners, especially to Japanese imps, which will be linked to the second ghost Han jian immediately. This is a national humiliation. Even if it is linked to an American, it is estimated that Wang Haidong will not be so angry.
But this time, judging from the imposing manner when I left Wang Haidong, I should have gone to settle accounts with this guy Yamajiro and gone to Wang Haidong, so I dared to go directly to en to settle accounts with imp foreign businessmen when I invested in the key. What a verve!
Of course, the Wangs also have such confidence and Wang Haidong also has such strength, but it is also possible to see to what extent Wang Haidong is angry. It can be said that at this time, Wang Haidong’s anger can no longer be tightly angry.
At this time, Song Jiangfeng, a party, was very clear about the extent to which Wang Haidong resented himself.
Therefore, at this time, Song Jiangfeng thought about it and said, "I don’t have any hope myself. Anyway, after I know Wang Haidong’s true identity, I will know that if I can leave this time, let alone go to teaching, I will be willing to let me retire directly."
Going to teaching also saved a little bit of Song Jiangfeng, but at this time Song Jiangfeng is very clear, that is, knowing that this kind of teaching is also a luxury.
Song Jiangfeng took one look at Zhou Xiaodong and said, "Chou, if you stopped me at that time, even if you beat me up, then we would have a relaxation. After all, we didn’t really promise Jiro Yamamoto to discuss it at this time, but after all, you didn’t catch the opportunity to stop you. Think about it. Will Wang Haidong let you go when I am cleaned up? Hehe, anyway, I will retire at most, but your official career is also finished like this. I don’t know how you feel at this time. "
Speaking of this matter, Zhou Xiaodong actually has a certain master. After all, he led nng to come out.
After investing 60 million yuan to sell tangdao directly to the Japanese, it is still Zhou Xiaodong’s instigation to speak from the root.
Zhou Xiaodong himself doesn’t know much about antiques, but he knows what will happen if he invests 60 million in nng at this time, so he desperately encourages Song Jiangfeng to do this.
Song Jiangfeng also took root in ihu because of being promoted, but he didn’t imagine how far the whole thing had reached at this time.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Hope
At this time, he himself is a Wang Haidong but an ordinary antique dealer. Even if he encounters something with Nangong Wang, the uncooked rice has been cooked by this time. In this case, Nangong Wang has nothing to do.
Besides, the data. Oh, that thing is really tangdao dialect. Do you have any proof? Anyway, when the time comes, tangdao has already been taken away by this guy Yamajiro, and it is impossible to go to Japan to check the little evidence.
Therefore, at that time, Song Jiangfeng was also the root, that is, he didn’t put such things at ease. At this time, it was a little more, that is to say, how to fool Wang Haidong antiques, even if he didn’t change the investment of 60 million dollars, it would be a good thing to leave an antique for the museum.
Zhou Xiaodong was also a little desperate at this time. What kind of thing happened in this situation? He himself is not very clear, but he knows what kind of result he will have after offending the Wangs. Is it so easy to offend the Wangs? The Wangs in the river city are dominant foothold, and they have sinned against the Wangs’ grandfather, which is nothing to eat.
So when Zhou Xiaodong spoke at this time, he didn’t have any scruples. "I really have two choices. Who isn’t thinking about promoting to a higher position and making a fortune? At this time, if I didn’t think so with you, I wouldn’t have the scene. At this time, I also blame me for being too rash. Zheng, if you handle this matter, even if there is an accident, I can easily keep you from going to other units, but I lead myself and don’t offend Wang Haidong. It is estimated that I will be regarded as a scapegoat. Although it is important to invest, I think it is more important for
No matter when the investment can be pulled back, and it is not a person’s responsibility to pull it back this year, but the municipal party Committee remembers the anger and the river city, which is the real leader, both in terms of position and influence.
In order to put out Wang Ji’s anger, Zhou Xiaodong’s leadership will definitely throw this guy out at this time. It is said that this situation will be Zheng Jing, but there is no danger. After all, Zheng Jing is just a small angle se, and he is also listening to the leadership to handle affairs at this time.
And more importantly, Zheng Jing is serious about knowing Wang Haidong and Wang Haidong. Although it is so, jia is not necessarily how severe it is, but at this time, no matter how it is, it is a little jia’s patriotic officialdom, and it is also about this.
Yu said that Xiao-dong Zhou would have such a tragic result, that is, he asked for his own promotion and wanted to do Han jian things. Both he and Song Jiangfeng were asking for their own lives and were simply dying. This thing is nothing like Pang Tong, but director Pang Tong is worthy of being an old fox. Such a thing is a stand-off. We have sinned against the municipal party Committee. Everyone knows that there is no good game.
Even is the main Song Jiangfeng and xiao-dong zhou these two guys are really decadent.
However, Director Pang Tong seemed to suddenly wake up at this time and generally said, "If I speak, things will not be all right."
Song Jiangfeng’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this, and it was a pool of stagnant water. At this time, there was a ray of hope. If we say who is the most admired and least admired person in the whole cultural relics bureau, this is the same person, their director Pang Tong.
Song Jiangfeng least admired Director Pang Tong because at this time, the most useless antique appraisal in the leadership of the Bureau of Cultural Relics was Director Pang Tong. This guy was a chef at one time, and now he is actually a higher professional than himself. How can this make Song Jiangfeng admire?
Pang Tong’s college diploma is still in the party school. hun came out, but let Song Jiangfeng be the most practical and also the director of Pang Tong. Although Director Pang Tong is not very knowledgeable, he still didn’t say that Pang Tong was the director of the former Cultural Relics Bureau. That’s Makiyomizu’s official en.
Even the Environmental Sanitation Bureau was richer than the Cultural Relics Bureau. At that time, the Cultural Relics Bureau was not poor at all, and there were no decent antiques in the museum. At that time, the income from the en ticket was not enough.
However, after Director Pang Tong became the top leader, the Cultural Relics Bureau immediately set up its own tertiary life. Although it is worse than the fei of the Finance Bureau and the Tax Bureau, no matter how the Cultural Relics Bureau is celebrating the New Year, it has its own confidence, and things are not soft, and the year-end awards are also given to other units.
It’s all because of the director’s personal knowledge that it’s not very good, except for his professional knowledge. At this time, more people have shown their respect for Pang Tong, and after this good death, Song Jiangfeng has also noticed a characteristic of Director Pang Tong, which means that the director is very lucky. Only by being an official and having a career can he really rise to the top. This is an official. Director Pang Tong must be an official. There is no rough place. Even if he is retired now, he will be lucky to avoid disasters.
It’s like saying that if such a situation is normal to speak, the main person in charge should be Director Pang Tong this time, but I don’t know what is going on at this time. At the crucial moment, Director Pang Tong actually opposed giving tangdao to the Japanese and was hospitalized.
Of course, Song Jiangfeng is also very white at this time. What on earth will this guy be hospitalized in Pang Tong? It’s not that he is out of sight, out of mind.
But this is the lucky place for Director Pang Tong. It can be said that Song Jiangfeng blocked this robbery for Director Pang Tong. This is the lucky place for Director Pang Tong. Therefore, at this time, Director Pang Tong actually said that there is hope for such a thing. Song Jiangfeng is of course a feeling of shining at the moment.
He immediately asked, "Director, please show me a way. I will never forget your kindness."
Song Jiangfeng is also a Pang Unification Team. There is professional knowledge in the bureau, and the leader is closer to Pang Tong. Otherwise, Pang Tong would not take Song Jiangfeng as the head successor to cultivate it. Therefore, seeing that Song Jiangfeng has something difficult at this time, he will not help at this time.
At this time, Xiao-dong Zhou is also very ji. He said, "Director Pang is saying that you are an evergreen tree in officialdom. If you have anything to do, you will give us a lot of advice on how this matter is going to be solved. If it weren’t for Wang Haidong’s trouble with Jiro Yamamoto, then I think that face-to-face people have already dealt with the two of us. This is no joke."
Once it is handled, it is a bit difficult for Han Sihe to get back a game. At this time, once the evergreen tree of officialdom in Pang Tong says that there is something to solve the problem, there will always be something to do at this time
Director Pang Tong pondered, "Actually, at this time, I was very clear about what happened to this matter. Wang Haidong didn’t directly bother you, but directly bothered Yamajiro. Anyway, Yamajiro came to us on behalf of Yamajiro’s family to bother him at this time, that is, he went with Yamajiro unless Wang Haidong had enough reason to bother Yamajiro, and at this time, he said that even if he ate Wang Haidong’s loss, he was suffering. Yamajiro’s roots just wouldn’t come forward to get back. Do you know what this is?"