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"ah! Ah … "

The flame rang, and Zhang Yang roared and shook the whole stone room, and the small sparks spread all over the stone room as if they had been summoned, and the general department gathered to Zhang Yang in a big flame.
"Idiot!" Wu Yu was frightened to disgrace and exhaled.
She shook her shoulders to shake the Nangong Qili pressure. She felt Zhang Yang’s breath department disappear! And he didn’t see the flame scene. He was really afraid that Zhang Yang was burned by the flame. Chapter 198 Wu Ti metamorphosis!
Chapter 198 Wu Ti metamorphosis!
"Ah …"
Zhang Yang growled, but his breath was gone. The crimson flame rushed up and burned the stone roof. Five meters were placed in the flame, and the temperature here could melt the metal []
Around the flame quickly gathered but more than ten seconds, the whole stone room was left with Zhang in that big fierce flame.
Wu Yu Nangong Stone Gate is more than ten meters away from Zhang Yang, and his look is dignified.
There is a sound in the flame. Wu Yu tried to rush forward when she couldn’t see Zhang’s real situation. She didn’t know what she could solve. What was an impulse that temporarily concealed her reason.
Listening to Zhang Yang’s painful roar, Wu Yuning hopes that it is her own pain, a little bit of colic, and her heart breeds.
"Can’t go!" Nangongqi Avenue, he pressed Wu Yu’s shoulder, and the golden sword rushed out and stopped Wu Yu’s road ahead.
"Idiot! You answer a sentence! " Wu Yu shouted and struggled, but he couldn’t earn anything from Nangong’s strange palm.
Responding to Wu Yu is the flame roaring and there is no language.
The nangongshan’s frown said, "It’s the best response to say that Zhang is fine and growling."
Wu Yu slowed down the struggle, but her eyes were still full of worries. Now she really wants to beat Nangong Qi and run over to Zhang Yang. Is there any danger, but the result is that she can’t beat Nangong Qi?
Ever since that red lotus was swallowed by Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang Ma felt that the lotus was decomposed and countless flame energies rushed to his meridians and bones everywhere.
The flame burst made Zhang Yang’s meridians ache faintly. He was exposed to the flame and his bones softened, and he felt a danger of being burned.
"This flame is really overbearing and must be swallowed quickly or it will really melt!" When Zhang Yangxin’s heart moves, he eats the spirit, and the meridians bloom with black light to capture the flame.
The spirit-eating tactic is really overbearing!
This flame is either a real flame or a flame from the fire king’s body source. It is restrained that the energy of this source flows to the limbs and bones, and the flame parts of the meridians flowing everywhere converge towards Zhang Yang’s eyebrows.
These flame energies, like spirituality, escape to the other meridians of Zhang Yang at the sight of a psychic force.
In this way, the two energy channels and bones of Zhang Yang chase and kill.
As a result, his meridians and body are in pain, as if several ants were eating every inch of their bones, and biting in two different ways increased Zhang Yang’s pain, and he couldn’t help roaring out to relieve the pain.
After the flame dispersed by the fire lotus, it was stuck in the depths of the meridians of Zhang Yang’s body as if he were born with a long body.
However, the spirit-eating power is abnormal, regardless of the flame, Zhang Yang’s flesh-and-blood fusion requires Zhang Yang to operate the spirit-eating tactic, so it is necessary to pull in this way to aggregate the eyebrows, otherwise the roots will be inexhaustible.
Pulling nature many times has moved Zhang Yang’s pain. His body is two forces. The leader of the battlefield is Zhang Yang, who suffers from the pain, and Zhang Yang.
"A small fire lotus still dare to fight with me! Fight! I swallowed you up and let you run around! " Zhang Yangxin makes a determined effort to increase the operation of the spirit-eating tactic
Physical pain, he is not very afraid, just yelling a few times at most. Compared with this kind of pain, his heart ached more than this.
Wu Yu’s eyes are full of anger and he wants to bite. "You are quick to let go of you. You are so cruel and stupid, but you are so painful. You are such an asshole! If the idiot has less arms and legs, I will break your arms and legs! "
"Idiot! Do you want to know that you are a fire of Yin, and the fire of Yin makes the imbalance of Yin and Yang cause him to die faster? Besides, maybe the fire will be absorbed by you, and you can’t solve anything by rushing over. "Nangong Qi is also a little angry."
He grasped Wu Yu’s shoulder and made a bone twist "Kaka". The little girl’s shoulder seemed to be falling apart, and Wu Yu frowned with pain.
Then Nangong Qi said again, "I didn’t rush over and Zhang swallowed it. I can’t cut him with a sword and take out a flame."
"I! What should I do? " Wu Yu some nasty is the ability to ask a way.
She slowly calmed down and suddenly sounded. The scene of red lotus rushing to her just now, which is more than ten meters away, will attract red lotus. If she rushes forward, it may really disrupt the flame flow, and the situation will be even more tidy.
The nangongshan strange insipid way "we just like this, I feel that Zhang can definitely break through the guru this time, and it is enough to keep the door for a while."
Zhang Yang’s body devours the spirit, and the meridians exude black awns, and the strength of devouring the spirit is strong, and the source flame energy is put into the sea of devouring the spirit between his eyebrows …
As time went by, he growled and weakened, and the linear flames were sucked up by his pores, and the flames wrapped outside his body gradually decreased …
As time went by, about ten minutes later, Zhang stopped roaring and calmed down.
Soon after, the flame outside his body slowly decreased and disappeared, and the surrounding temperature became lower and lower, and everything seemed to be calm.
Finally, the last few small sparks disappeared between Zhang Yang’s eyebrows, revealing his body. At this time, Zhang Yang stood upright on the ground with his eyes closed, and thick earth momentum naturally overflowed from his body.