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Su Qinian said, "I’ll make a message and ask this young man. It’s terrible to bully four special forces officers alone."

Su Qinian immediately took out his mobile phone and called Major General Zhu Liu.
"This guy is also called Zhouyi" Su Qinian said after the call.
"Grandpa, I know who this Zhouyi is. These two things are done by one person." Su Mengyao thought for a moment and then said firmly.
"Do you know this book of changes? Tell grandpa who this Zhouyi is? " Su Qinian immediately to the interest hurriedly asked
"He is my classmate I told you about before. He is the grandson of Zhou Shan’s master," Su Mengyao said.
"What Zhouyi is the old deathless Sun Zhoushan? How blessed is this old deathless Sun Zhoushan? No wonder Zhu Liu didn’t tell me the background of Zhouyi. He wanted to give me this difficult problem."
Su Qinian was very surprised. He was excited for a while before saying, "I haven’t seen Zhou Shan for a long time. He is an interesting person. This Zhouyi can make me happy and humiliate me. It’s so fierce at an early age. It’s very appetizing for me. It’s a good young man. I’ll go to Hangzhou in a few days to meet this Zhouyi myself."
Su Mengyao was worried that Zhouyi would get into trouble because of this incident, but after hearing her grandfather’s remarks, she knew that Zhouyi must be fine. Her grandfather is a political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region. If he appreciates Zhouyi, who dares to touch Zhouyi?
It was a great joy to learn that Zhouyi was the old general Zhou Shan Sun Suqi, the first master of the former army. He couldn’t wait to fly from Nanjing to Hangzhou now to see what it was like for this gangster madman to bully several special forces officers and teenagers by himself.
Professional soldiers generally like to be simple and rude. Su Qi, an old general, started as a soldier and climbed the position of general step by step. This style of soldier can better reflect his health. His method and handling of Zhouyi’s wounding of officers are somewhat different from that of political work.
Remember that the instructions on this matter are to find out and then deal with it. You must never move Zhouyi first. After finding out, he will give Hangzhou garrison headquarters an explanation. Chapter 11: Laugh at the city.
General Su Lao’s instructions are even more powerful. That is, four special brigade officers can’t beat one thing, so don’t show it off. Instead, we should reflect on the fact that a unit’s training and fighting is based on the skills of special forces. It is simply deserved that General Su Lao directly ordered Major General Zhu Liu to take off his military uniform and go back to sell sweet potatoes if he wants to make trouble again. Don’t embarrass the troops []
I got the instructions from General Su Lao, garrison headquarters, Hangzhou, Major General Zhu Liu, although justifying one’s faults, but I dare not rashly move Zhouyi. I have to temporarily press this matter to Liu Qin and others to eat a boring loss, but there is no way.
Liu Qin’s father was also a soldier, and before he retired, he was a senior colonel. Liu Qin also had a small background. He was very old and naturally wanted to start a family. Once in a while, he heard his department Wu Qing talking about Luo Qingxue, a kung fu beautiful girl. He immediately felt that this girl was very appetizing to himself. Of course, from a psychological point of view, this was just an expansion of him.
When Luo Qingxue was in school, she said that Kung Fu beautiful girls beat those boys like pig heads one by one. She even let it out. If a boy can beat her, she will probably be in love with Liu Qin because he likes to recruit. If he can recruit a girl that no other man can recruit, his vanity will be greatly satisfied.
So this happened after he met Luo Qingxue.
But Liu Qin didn’t expect Luo Qingxue to have a heart, and she liked the boy Zhouyi, which was even more difficult for him. When he learned that Zhouyi was Zhou Shansun’s knowledge and that General Su Lao had instructed him not to move Zhouyi, he completely collapsed. He knew that his generation might not be able to avenge this because Zhouyi was not his background.
People have to bow their heads before their absolute strength. Liu Qin can poke this out because his father and Major General Zhu Liu of Hangzhou garrison headquarters are comrades-in-arms for life and death.
Major General Zhu Liu is famous for justifying one’s faults in the army, while Liu Qin is in the army compound. When he grows up, he is considered to be his nephew or half a son. Zhu Liu knows whether Zhouyi is Zhou Shan’s master Sun or whether he stabbed this matter to the Nanjing Military Region just to maintain Liu Qin and get Liu Qin back.
Major-General Zhu Liu didn’t expect that Zhou Shan, such a strange figure who has left the public and has such a great influence, and the provincial party Committee (and commander of the military region) and the political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region gave him a death order, that is, he must never move Zhouyi.
Zhu Liu protects his faults, but at the same time, he is a professional soldier. He can work for Liu Qin and others after receiving instructions from the command. Liu Qin is arrogant, but he is not an intellectual. He knows that he can’t move the mountain of Zhouyi, so he can swallow it.
Liu Qin swallowed it, but it was not so simple for Yan Shaogu and Zhouyi. Zhouyi and the police teamed up to ambush Yan Shaogu and invited Liu Tong, a bronze corpse, and Xiao Tianyu, an iron corpse. This was a great blow to Yan Shaogu and the West Lake Gang. Now he doesn’t have much way to deal with Zhouyi, because he doesn’t have an excellent master, even with a gun, he can’t do martial arts. Even if Zhouyi doesn’t die, it will be difficult for him to concentrate on dealing with the three gold gangs to unify the Hangzhou underworld.
Japanese ninja Yang carefully treated her life, but she became a cripple, not to mention taking people to the front to help the West Lake gang seize the territory, and even her daily life could not be completed by herself.
Yan Shaogu’s repeated assassination of Zhouyi failed, but it cost many lives, which made Wei Zhang feel very dissatisfied. He and the West Lake gang hoped to get rid of Zhouyi with the help of the West Lake gang, but Yan Shaogu’s performance disappointed him again and again. Yan Shaogu felt the change of Wei Zhang’s attitude and was worried. After all, Wei Zhang gave him some convenience, but he didn’t do a good job in Wei Zhang. It would be a kind of trouble in case the official second generation tore his face.
After learning that Liu Tong, a "bronze corpse", and Xiao Guanyu, an "iron corpse", were shot, Yan Shaogu kept himself in the secret room for a whole day, but the West Lake gang knew that Wang was extremely depressed and no one dared to disturb him.
It was not until the evening that Yan Shaogu came out of the secret. He thought of a way to deal with Zhouyi with Rishankou and the Japanese.
That night Yan Shaogu drove straight to Faqushan Co., Ltd.
Shan Co., Ltd. is a new company. This company can be described as rocket speed from land grant to factory building to production. This land was granted by Yan Shaogu through Wei Zhang. This company ostensibly produces accessories, but it is actually a base of Yamaguchi Group in China.
Zhouyi, of course, doesn’t know what happened after he hit Liu Qin, and he doesn’t know that Yan Shaogu has colluded with the Japanese ghost. He is carefully preparing Cao Fang for dinner.
Zhouyi has taken a little interest in Cao Fang. Naturally, it is necessary to make good preparations. His grandfather, Master Zhou Shan, said that chasing women is a battle with marching. Only when you are fully prepared can you attack a strong castle. His good father also said that picking up girls is like a business negotiation. Only when you show enough strength and sincerity will you be willing to pay for the investment. Zhouyi should now make full preparations to win the hearts of beautiful women slowly.
As night falls, the stars in Hangzhou are beautiful. Although it is a little cold and bleak in winter, it is still a beautiful night. Because Zhouyi is in a happy mood at the moment, Liu Tong, a bronze corpse, and Xiao Guanyu, an iron corpse, are dead. Without these two potential dangers, the pressure is naturally much less. At this time, the beauty meets and eats together, and he feels relaxed after being nervous for a long time.
Two people meet at a restaurant near the West Lake.
Zhouyi was dressed in black and leisurely wearing a Ferrari, which looked spiritual and aristocratic.
It’s very important for both men and women to have dinner together or have a date when they arrive at the restaurant with a Qian Qian knot by the West Lake fifteen minutes before Zhouyi, which makes the woman feel that you attach great importance to this meeting or date and will leave a good first impression on her.
Cao Fang came on time, too. She wore a white casual dress and then jeans and casual shoes. Although she was not as dashing as a policeman, she had a feminine feeling. Although she didn’t wear make-up, she got up later than beautiful.
"Officer Cao is particularly beautiful tonight."
After the two sat down, Zhouyi smiled and said to Cao Fang, although Cao Fang usually has some Leng Yan, Zhouyi knows that the girl in Leng Yan also wants to hear compliments from others.
"Do you say that to every girl?"
Cao Fang smiled and said
Cao Fang smiled at this moment and Zhouyi was intoxicated.