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"…" The little girl kept quiet but was very calm because she felt that she had the Mu family. At least her parents loved her very much …

The man in black was startled by the little girl’s sudden calm, but it was then that a sound came up-
"What are you doing?" Yes, this person is Ting.
"Yo, kid, don’t make trouble here. Go quickly, or you won’t know how you died. Ahahahaha …" Black dress person laughed wildly.
There are three men in black here, just three, one person, one second, one nprble! (No problem with comments)
"Oh, it’s wrong to bully people." Cherish blinked her delicate and touching eyes.
"It’s good to say goodbye to their nonsense," said Tong, and he started to work. Of course, Cherish and Ting will not show weakness. Let’s start working together for a second, gaever! (Note game over)
"Thank you …" Ting looked at the little girl tenderly and thought that thanks to her passing by, the world would lose another lovely life, and … it’s good to see her as a killer! ! (Xiao Ting, so this is your wishful thinking.) (Ting Che, I really think Yue is cute ~ ~)
Memories end and return to reality.
"Then I took part in the training. If it weren’t for you and Tong, I’m afraid those men in black would kill me at that time. Maybe I would really die …" Yue Nai smiled and disappeared for a long time and didn’t know what happened to her parents.
Ting seems to see her mind. "If you don’t get hurt again, please come to our school and join us in Grade One (A) class. First of all, you have to meet your parents and then go in as a daughter of Mu family."
"D. …" Yue grateful to D. seems to want to say something but it was interrupted.
"Hehe, I’m finally going to learn with Yue ~ ~!" I don’t know when two and three gg have surrounded Ting’s car.
"Thank you, Ting … Tong … Cherish …" The four of them smiled at each other without saying a word. They knew that their deep thoughts didn’t need extra words to express Frever, 39 Cold Dream Gang Wang. It was them? !
"Don’t look at us …" Night felt very much when he saw this scene, but suddenly realized that he was ignored and pulled his face.
Oh, my God. Ah, ah, ah, ah! ! ! ! ! Come to lightning strike me to death! ! ! ! I am a super-enemy handsome guy who will be regarded by people! ! ! ! ! ! ! Am I so humble! ! ! ! (There is something wrong with Xiao Ting’s brain … Ignore it …)
"Who are you?" At this time, Ting and Yue have walked out of the car door and arrived outside the car at night. A word also made Yue notice that he was lovely, she instantly became cold, and she was alert …
Night was shocked by her reaction. Ting broke the atmosphere and said, "Yueer, are they the three Wang’s of the Bloodthirsty Gang?"
"Bloodthirsty help? ! I didn’t expect the bloodthirsty gang three Wang to be handsome guys … I’m still an old man over the age of 60 … "Yue relaxed and teased them when she heard Christine say" no "
"Yuer, stop that now." Christine stopped Yuer’s farce when she saw that three people were getting more and more dark.
"hmm!" Yuer returned a smiling face.
"Let’s go" aside has been silent. Tong finally spoke and walked side by side with the three GGs like inside … Yue told them to go back to the gang a little bit on the right, after all, but he couldn’t be in a line with Wang …
"See Big Wang, Second Wang, Third Wang" is a powerful sound, which makes the three GGs come out in cold sweat … These three girls … are really amazing … well disciplined … better than our gang …
"Well," D. coldly replied that she was like this in the gang.
"Oh, don’t do this … Come on, get up quickly ~ ~!" Cherish the fact that the gang will become cold only when it encounters serious things, and it will be cute when it’s free. The three Wang’s are very kind to their families, so a large group of people will follow them.
"Xie San Wang!" It’s another powerful sound. I’m sorry for that shame …
"It’s dark to call Yi, Chen, Lu and Bing." Ting changed her name as soon as she entered the gang door, because the gang called him (her) mafia code.
"Yes!" Yue oh, it’s not dark, kneeling down, then getting up and retreating.
"Dark … not the top 1 killer …" Xian looked at three beautiful girls.
"Yes, don’t be so surprised. Your bloodthirsty gang is not much worse than our cold dream gang." Cherish back, he said that the three people tacitly jumped into the seat, which is the exclusive seat of the big Wang, the exclusive seat of the second Wang on the left and the exclusive seat of the third Wang on the right!
"You just sit down." Ting said that night and went to the nearest place to Ting. Lai Yi went to the farthest place to Tong, and Lai Xian was the nearest place to Xi ~ ~
A minute later, five people gradually appeared at the door, and a girl walked at the front. Yes, she is-Yan (Yue)!
"See Wang!" Five people knelt down with their heads slightly lower.
"There is no stranger calling the code name here." Ting attaches great importance to his (her) five institutes to allow this code name. It can be that Wang values people and no one dares to call Wang’s name. What’s worse, he (she) doesn’t know Wang’s name …
"yes! Cold, poppy, moon "Iraq, Chen, dew, ice up in what dare … Just because you can shout code can get up! There are many special people who call the code name of Wang! ~~~
"Who are they Frever? 4 Brother and sister Joseph.
"Who are they?" Chen’s eyes fell on the cold, the opium poppy, and the three GGs sitting not far from the moon. After what he said, Iraq, dew and ice all looked at them.
"bloodthirsty gang Wang" said it before nightfall.
"What are your attempts to get close to the cold, the opium poppy and the moon?" Chen said coldly
"It won’t be to compete for the first gang to get close and steal secrets, will it?" Iraq is more vigilant. After all, the other side is the second gang leader in the world, and the strength of Lengmengbang is definitely not bad!
"No attempt" to escape answered Chen’s question. The cold tone and Chen don’t match.