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The man quickly raised his arms and force instantly poured into his arms.

The moment is a detonation of his arms to hold the wind and lift one leg. The young man immediately felt a force of the earth hitting his body and flying out like a broken kite, killing God and falling five or six meters away.
The young man’s body still drew about two meters, and it stopped. The crazy fierce strength entered the body through his arm, causing the man to open his mouth and spit out one mouthful blood, and his face was painful and ferocious.
When the wind blows the man away with one leg, the four of him attack him as scheduled, but they are also fighting the wind one after another.
Four light rings, four strong winds, and the surface force of the clothes, another force of protection, fluctuated violently, but the force of the clothes also quickly gushed out to supplement the consumption just now
Rao, the wind and yang are still inevitable, and the qi and blood are surging, and the meridians and the body are violently torn, and the body is swaying forward, and the throat is also a smell.
"Fuck," Feng Yang shouted, a body suddenly rose and raised its right leg high, chopping at the center of the remaining four people like a tomahawk.
This leg is fast, and the compressed air makes a heavy wind roar.
Four young people looked at the heart with all dare not hard got this violent and fierce attack have chosen to dodge.
When their bodies just moved, the wind blew a leg, which had already hit the central position of the four of them. A huge explosion suddenly spread out several cracks on the ground and immediately burst.
At the moment when Feng Yang’s right leg smashed the ground, his leg burst into a powerful gang gas, and suddenly he flew in all directions. He just tried to dodge. The four people were not backward by this fierce gang gas shock. The flying gravel kept hitting their bodies and they screamed.
While all four people were shaken off, the international wind was blowing. With this explosive force, the body slammed out and killed the gods and ran towards the export prescription mountain.
Like a crazy beast diving at an extremely fast speed, when there are still about three meters away from Fangshan, the wind suddenly leaps up. With the inertia of diving, the body suddenly spins around the waist, and the strong twisting force instantly reaches the legs and right legs, and the carrying strength suddenly increases sharply, carrying a crazy horse to smash the mountain.
Fangshan instantly put away his pondering look, his eyes contracted, and at the same time, Yuan Li also instantly rushed up. A powerful momentum was sent out and his right fist was instantly wrapped in a flame.
Flaming boxing
"You want to die" Fangshan drinks a suit of six fighters and will be afraid that a fighter’s strength has not reached waste. Although Fengyang relies on the high-order Wushu fighting capacity, Fangshan has an absolute advantage.
Moment momentum generate Fangshan readily fearless as if covered with fire right fist suddenly kicked at the wind to bombard the right leg in the past.
This punch also sends out a terrible potential. Before a heat wave, it has swept through the wind and seems to be burning at the moment.
One punch and one leg haven’t touched each other yet, and they bring up a strong breeze. In the stool, they violently collide with the strong breeze and faintly explode. The mutual air pressure makes the two people’s running shapes slightly hindered.
One punch, one leg, several stunned eyes, crashing into each other, two equally crazy and violent collisions, as if an explosion had occurred, echoing in the sound path.
Burst out the strength like ripples on the lake, shaking the dust and debris on the ground all over the sky.
The recoil generated by the collision of two strong gases also makes the two people split instantly.
Body Ling Fengyang body quickly flew backwards for five or six meters. There was room for Fangshan, but it was a hind leg. After four steps, it stabilized its shape, but the corners of the mouth also overflowed with a trace of blood injury, which could not escape.
Fangshan’s heart is dark and surprised. Mom, what is this little freak? Fighters can’t even seriously hurt me if they don’t have strength.
Although Fangshan has reached the level of six fighters, the level of his cultivation methods and techniques is not high, and the fighting capacity he can generate is naturally insufficient. On the other hand, although Fengyang’s life force is six-fold, it is not surprising that the cultivation of heaven and earth falls into the Xuanjie intermediate level and shoes are inlaid with beast Yuan Dan to enhance the attack power and shock Fangshan.
The huge disparity between the six forces of life force and the five fighters has reached the point where the Xuanjie intermediate technique and the inlaid beast Yuan Dan method make up for it.
The wind blows to the ground and spits out one mouthful blood again. The physical force is also exhausted due to the sudden fall of the sky. When I get up, my face looks more ferocious.
Fangshan was surprised that Fengyang could use such a powerful technique, but at the same time he was secretly pleased. So it seems that Fengyang really has high-order achievement methods.
Seeing that Feng Yang was not slightly injured, Fangshan shouted, "He won’t come out with that trick. Kill him."
As he spoke, four members of the mercenary group immediately rushed to the wind to kill the past, and the fierce strength was overwhelming.
"Want to kill me?" In the dark eyes of the wind, there was a sudden flash of black fog, which seemed to spurt Lengli’s murderous look, and the corners of his mouth with a hint of not joking and laughing, his arms suddenly flashed and waved and condensed into a handprint.