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Seeing that the surrounding villagers’ emotions were getting out of control, Yue Danxue’s eyes were full of anger. At this time, two men beside her suddenly came out, and the strength of the martial arts division broke out. "Dare you villagers resist the Xuanqi Valley?"

Such an angry drink immediately calmed the passionate villagers down a lot. "Hum, no one is disciplining wild children." After that, this male virtual slap in the face and a strong breeze, although not powerful, also made the child’s tender face look shocking with a bright red handprint.
A tooth mixed with blood flew out "Ah!" The child suddenly screams a tear like a needle and thread, and the little hand naturally covers her cheek.
"What are you doing?" Teana couldn’t help crying when she saw her brother being beaten.
"Teana girl, we are teaching this child a lesson to let him know when to speak and when not to speak." A man said lightly, which is to show the strength of Xuanqi Valley and not to disobey.
Aside, the old man was also surprised. He hurriedly knelt down and came to the child’s side to comfort and watch the 70-year-old man so sad. Zhang Tao’s heart # # # showed a trace of murder.
"It’s too much. Is the child or the child actually hitting people?"
"How can you do this? We’re going to Xuanqi Valley to report you bullying us. "
"Report? Haha, how did you report your rebellion against Xuanqi Valley after I punished you? And are you qualified to enter Xuanqi Valley? Joke! " This man has no intention at all.
Zhang Tao saw this scene in the distance, and his eyes were cold. On Sunday, nature’s true qi condensed his hands and pushed his breath at random, and suddenly rioted.
In the distance, the male had to say something triumphantly, and suddenly his face changed. He didn’t expect that there would be a master field in such an ordinary village.
Come or not, dodge the crisp box on the ear. Zhang Tao’s box on the ear is by no means his fan. The child’s strength is better than that of the people. He rotates several times and then flies out.
"What’s the matter?" Yue Danxue and another man were horrified.
The surrounding villagers were also shocked by the scene before them, and they didn’t know what had happened, but many people were vaguely happy. The children didn’t stop crying when they saw this scene.
"Who is it? Still not rolling out? " Asked the man who was beaten up with a ferocious face. Obviously, he felt humiliated
"Hum!" But suddenly a cold hum appeared in his ears like thunder.
Chapter 318 Moon Dream
Chapter 318 Moon Dream
Three xuan qi gu di is a facial expression, so cold hum can see that hidden people have profound skills, not that they can resist "I don’t know who is this elder?" We are the Xuan gas gudi. If you disturb your predecessors, please forgive me ["
Yue Danxue’s three people changed their arrogance and became respectful. Such a huge change made Xia Village’s name secretly frightened. Is it Fang Gaoren who can make the three immortals so respected?
This is unimaginable for ordinary people like them, just as it is difficult for ants to spy on human life span. For ants, human beings are enemies.
Zhang Tao laughed coldly when he heard them sign up. "I know you are brother Xuan Qi Gu. You don’t need to emphasize it."
The three men looked at each other and didn’t speak. "You are practitioners who bully a child and are not afraid of being laughed at by the sky?" I’m not afraid to keep an eye on the devil’s future skills. " Zhang Taoyin is colder than cold. If it weren’t for fear of the mysterious gas valley, Zhang Taozhen wanted to kill their three personalities.
"The lesson of the predecessors is that the younger generation and others are reckless." In the face of the mysterious person Yue Danxue, who has higher skill than them, there is no frame.
"Well, you go away. Teana is the driving force for our summer village’s hope and life. Go back and tell the truth to Xuan Qigu." Zhang Tao said.
YueDanXue heard Zhang Tao words gently bite bite lips and said, "I don’t know whether predecessors can appear to see? Maybe it’s our friend in Xuanqi Valley. "
"Don’t bother. I’m just an ordinary villager in Xiacun. I believe you heard me clearly just now. I don’t want me to say it for the second time." Zhang Tao spread the sound of the true qi out, and the three of them found the exact location of Zhang Tao by the method of skill.
Although "yes" is unwilling, it’s just a shame to stay here. The other party knows that Xuan Gas Valley still dares to step in. It looks a little rude, but what surprises them most is that such a wild mountain village actually hides such a master. It looks like a natural sound.
The three men hugged their fists to the virtual, and then carefully withdrew from the Xia Village. They ignored the joke. How could an ordinary animal hurt the village with such a master in the village?
A mysterious man who claimed to be a Xia village man surprised three immortals? How powerful is this mysterious man? You’re from Xiacun? This is unimaginable.
"Thank you, Fairy, Thank you" Yue Danxue, three people from Houxia Village, fell prostrate. Although they didn’t know who it was, they believed that Fairy would definitely see their every move.
Zhang Tao sighed, "It seems that I can’t leave for the time being." Zhang Tao turned away from Xiacun people but kept bowing down to them and thanked them from the bottom of his heart. If it weren’t for this mysterious fairy tale, I’m afraid Teana would have been forcibly taken away. Although I don’t know whether the villager is a master of hiding, they kept thanking them.
"What shall we do? Do you really go back to Xuanqi Valley to explain? " Being gnashed by Zhang Tao’s brother, he is extremely angry now, but the strength of the other party is so high that he dare not send it.
"Otherwise? The elder in this hidden summer village is obviously superior, and we are no match. If we provoke him, our lives will be lost, "Yue Danxue said coldly.
"Back to the Xuan Gas Valley, I will tell the story and let the valley owner decide for himself. It won’t be long before Morningstar Pavilion owner Chennan Dashou, the original valley owner, heard that Teana was singing like Yue Xian was a strange thing. I wanted to let Teana Morningstar Pavilion offer a birthday banquet and leave it for Morningstar Pavilion to entertain in the future. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen now," Yue Danxue said.
"But this beautiful female voice is really nice," said the man beside Yue Danxue sincerely.
"Hum" Yue Danxue snorted. The man immediately said, "Compared with Yue Shimei, of course." Yue Danxue was satisfied when he heard this man’s words. "Let’s go. Who is the hidden master in Xiacun? He actually openly confronted Xuan Qigu, which is considered to have offended Morningstar Pavilion. When the time comes, overseas land will even have no other place."
After thanking Zhang Tao, Xiacun people kept calling for hope to save them. Xianke came out for a long time but disappeared. "It seems that Xianke doesn’t want to appear. Let’s disperse. Don’t let Xianke be difficult." The village chief said that he didn’t expect such a master to be hidden in his village.
"By the way, where did Xiaopi go?" Although the child’s face is dull and painful, it is already a big problem.
I don’t know what’s going on when I hear the word Xiaopi, but Yue Danxue’s eyes are slightly flashing. After three people left Xiacun, it temporarily restored calm.
The night may be to celebrate today’s adventure. Every family is decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations to prepare a sumptuous dinner, and the old man’s family is no exception.
Zhang Tao still wraps himself up like a patron saint hiding in the dark without revealing any wind.
"Blame where did you go today? You didn’t see what those fairies were like. "The child didn’t care about the injury and encounter today, and Yue Danxue was scared away by Zhang Tao."
Zhang Tao secretly smiled bitterly. "Doesn’t it hurt?"