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"You ask me how do I know?" Gu Qian’s chest is holding his breath.

"Three elder brother which have you said so serious" Gu Jin sunseeker some reluctantly pulled pull corners of the mouth words is exhaled panting corners of the mouth still intermittent blood slide out; Pinellia ternata has long been a red-eyed handkerchief to wipe for her.
Gu Qian looked at such Gu Jin sunseeker Rao, but no matter how atmospheric he was, he could look down and ponder. Although that is a possibility, Geng Shi’s character may not be impossible; Although he doesn’t know how the Xie Family Ancestral Temple fire came about, there is always an intuition that he can’t get away from Geng Shi. He doesn’t want Gu Jinxi and Su Yi to get involved in other people’s family affairs. Don’t say that Su Yi hasn’t recognized her ancestors yet. Even if she has recognized her ancestors, she is already a married woman. She has nothing to do with it.
"Well, third brother, I promise you that I will try my best to ignore Xie Gu’s affairs, okay?" Gu Jin raised his hand and gently pulled Gu Qian’s sleeve, lowered his head and looked pathetic.
Gu Qian looked at him and immediately his heart softened. He raised his hand and severely poked Gu Jinxi’s forehead. "You just make it. Even if I die, it’s urgent for you."
"The somebody else which have" Gu Jin sunseeker bowed their heads and thin slightly du.
"Is there no third brother? Can I find my own gas?" Gu Qian didn’t good the spirit ground looking at her.
"…" Su Yi beside looking at brother and sister can Gu Qian words she is listening; In the past, she might not have thought about it, but now she looks at her still young daughter. Although she is sensible and capable, she still can’t understand the fact. If that happens, she has to do it well. Chapter 13 is not good. Mrs. Su fainted
"Haha, look at Susu’s baby daughter who is shy!" Mi Xueer Wu wear the lip light with a smile.
Mrs. Qi couldn’t look away and took Mi Xueer to the side to pat Gu Jinxi gently. "Well, don’t mind your aunt Mi, she has always been so used to it."
"Uh …" Gu Jin sunseeker mouth twitched violently.
Mrs. Su looked at three ladies dressed in brocade, gold silk and silver thread. Suddenly, three ladies especially looked at Su Yi and were still very good. They could not help but feel comforted.
But Qian is already jealous. Look at Gu Jin’s jade hairpin. It’s several hundred taels of gold and tens of thousands of taels of silver. Thinking about looking at Mrs. Qi’s eyes, I couldn’t help glowing. And just now, what official lady sent out? It is absolutely extraordinary for Yu Pei to look at Su Yi’s appearance. Thinking of her, I couldn’t help pushing Su Cen. "Today is your aunt and cousin’s big day. Don’t go over and pay your aunt a visit. By the way, let’s be happy."
The words sound just fell and I immediately noticed that more than a dozen pairs of eyes swept across the lobby; Feel those who have similar eyes hanging in the corner of their eyes, whispering and covering their lips with a light smile. Su Cen suddenly has a round eye, his hands clenched into fists in his sleeves, and his face is slightly pale, lowering his voice and growling, "Mother!"
"Still wondering why I missed this village, but I didn’t have this store." Qian still pushed Su Cen clumsily
"What kind of mother can hand over what kind of daughter?"
Before being humiliated, the hsu looked at this moment and finally found the source, so he could not help but chuckle.
"That’s not true."
As soon as the Hsu family started to talk to the Hsu’s good lady, she replied, "I heard that she robbed her cousin’s things and was stripped of her clothes by Rui Wang in public. The Queen Mother personally ordered her to throw them out of the palace."
"If it were me, I would have been afraid to go out."
"But if we can’t do this shameless thing."
"Who said it wasn’t!"
Before Qian could return to absolute being, the people around him ridiculed him and suddenly turned to Su Yi with anger. "What do you mean?"
"Stop it, mother!" Su Cen felt that those sarcastic words in his eyes were like sharp knives gouging out his heart, which hurt his heart.
Turn your head and stare at Gu Jinxi. Why can she be noticed by the public? No matter when she can be loved by everyone, she can be like a clown. Gu Jinxi, you forced me.
Sue the old lady looked at Su Cen that ugly face and turned to look at Su Yi "Sue Sue this …"
"It’s getting late and this sacrifice should be coming soon. Please move to the ancestral temple."
Su Cen said with a chuckle and turned toward Du Ruo and Chin. "Du Ruo will take all the guests to the ancestral temple quickly; Qin Hao led the ladies and gentlemen, please go to the banquet room and wait for a good reception. Don’t neglect it. "
"Yes!" Du Ruo and Qin Hao are both rigorously trained and should be sonorous.
Ladies, no matter what you think in your heart, you can’t help but give Su Yi a face at the moment. Of course, there are also those who are waiting to see jokes. There are envy, jealousy and hatred for Su Yi everywhere.