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Yang Ye was surrounded by three layers of male maids inside and outside, and there was a maid who claimed to be rustling, hugging her neck and crying. Seeing that the scene was getting more and more chaotic, Yang Ye was first frightened by the scene, then got upset and struggled to hold her neck and shouted, "Get out of here!"

Everyone was shocked by this. All the servants around Yang night stayed there, and their arms were hurt by Yang night. It was even more surprising that they were stunned for a long time. When they cried, they turned around and pushed people around them to cover their mouths and ran out of the basketball room, thinking how my life was so bitter ~ ~ ~
When I saw that one of the servants had already run, I turned around and walked to the door of the basketball room with my head down carefully, except for the footsteps. The whole basketball room didn’t make any noise. The gentleman was angry! Who’s not afraid?
Just as these male and female servants were about to leave the basketball room, Yang Ye behind them suddenly shouted, "Wait for everyone!" "
All the servants stopped and looked back at the gentleman
Yang Ye cleared his throat and smiled kindly. "I’m sorry to get angry with you today. I just want to know what’s wrong with myself before so that I can repent and turn over a new leaf!" I hope you can forgive me for what I did last night. I live under the same roof with everyone, so naturally we should look after each other and work together to revitalize our Yang family! Hold your head high and be pillars! Spread a hundred points of heat and shine a thousand points! "
Yang Ye said that he was in a good mood and lamented that he finally found the feeling of being a leader! It’s a pity that these servants didn’t give him a palm, straightened his neck and looked at this completely insane gentleman like a Martian.
"Well, I really want to tell you this today. You go home and work hard." Yang Yezhi smiled and waved.
All the maids and men bowed and then stepped up their steps to squeeze outside the basketball room. Everyone thought, What happened today? The earth is dangerous, gentleman. Let’s go back to Mars …
At the same time, rustling has run back to her dormitory to lie prone and cry bitterly. First, she feels quite unfortunate and regrets that she has lost two opportunities to rise to the top in a row. Second, she regrets that she was so rude today! I don’t doubt that I must have become a joke to all the servants in the Yang family mansion. After all, I was the first to rush to the gentleman, which can make me how to be a Yang family …
At the same time, the maid gently dressed the senior servant and brought her own things to Xiaoxiao room on the third floor. After knocking at the door, she shouted happily "Xiaoxiao!"
Xiaoxiao’s room is thinking about today. I’m looking forward to this evening. When I look closely, the people who came in were surprised and cried, "Oh, my God … tenderness?"
"Yes, yes." Gentle took something and skipped into Xiaoxiao’s room.
"Why are you here?" Xiaoxiao’s surprise turned into a surprise.
"I will accompany you!" Gentle mysterious smile "hee hee didn’t you see what I’m wearing? The gentleman sent me to be his servant! "
"Really?" Xiaoxiao was completely happy. This simple girl didn’t realize that gentleness appeared at all, which was equal to splitting up the gentleman’s half-love and jumping to the gentleness and pulling her hand. "Great, great! I have company this time! Did you really transfer it? "
"Yeah, I’m surprised, too." Gentleness was held by Xiaoxiao with a sweet smile. "Gentleman asked me to say his shortcomings. I said he transferred me! Interesting, huh? What kind of person is the gentleman? "
Xiaoxiaoyin’s face is a little low and slightly red. "I don’t know him either, but I found that he is definitely not as bad as we heard before. He is more like a simple big boy, although a little lewd …"
At the same time, the chief housekeeper of the Yangjia Mansion, Manager Qiu, was sitting in his room in a daze, holding a list of Yangjia maids in his hand and talking to himself with tears. "My gentleman, haven’t you spent your adolescence yet?" Do you want to transfer all Yang’s maids to be your personal servants? ……”
Some friends think it’s not enough now. Don’t worry about it. Let’s look forward to the story behind it. Let’s look forward to this story. After being bullied for a long time and being trampled on, you can enjoy revenge!
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Chapter 20 "Let it get dark"
◎ Xiaoxiao and Gentle Serve Gentleman to Take a Bath.
◎ You have to go by car to see Qian Bo on the same roof.
◎ Qian Bo denied this gentleman.
Yang night leng xiaoxiao also leng scene instantaneous stiff up.
Yang Yee’s mind is in a state of turmoil. It’s worthy of being the one I grew up with. Qian Bo recognized me as soon as I grew up, but I can’t help it. I don’t know where the one before Qian Bo is. It’s me.
"Qian Bo, what are you talking about?" Xiaoxiao asked in surprise.
"He is not a gentleman!" Qian Bo was a little excited and turned to Xiaoxiao. "A real gentleman won’t talk to me like this and treat me so well!"
"yes! I am not the former gentleman! " Yang night suddenly came to the sentence that he knew that he was nothing like the former one, so he had to quibble, otherwise everyone would suspect that he would not be able to get along with Yang’s family. "I feel like a different person, too. I don’t know what I was like before."
This remark made Qian Bo stunned. Xiao Xiao also hurriedly chimed in. "Yes, Mr. Qian Bo has changed a lot. You don’t know anything here. The gentleman has really changed a lot since he left home!" Xiao Xiao cited Yang Ye to throw away all psychedelic pills; Make up with master Yang Zhenkui; Be polite to everyone; Even let the servant report his former shortcomings so that he can correct them … and so on.
Qian Bo listened to the whole person stupidly and then asked in disbelief, "Is this all true?"
"real money!" Yang Yema answered, "I don’t know what’s wrong with me, such as my impression of you. I know that you are the closest person to me except my family! And I transferred Xiaoxiao to be a personal servant and didn’t mean to let you go. "
Qian Bo has been more moved by the gentleman’s words and said with trembling lips, "But it’s the high manager who came to tell me about the gentleman. You changed the special servant …"
"That’s high manager dereliction of duty! I will definitely criticize him! Be sure to knock him down! Fight stink! Fight! " Yang night pretended to be angry, shook his fist and shouted slogans.
Qian Bo smiled with a wave and his eyes were wet.
"Qian Bo go home with me. I just came to pick you up." Yang Ye once again took Qian Bo’s hands and said sincerely.