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The corpse controller didn’t notice Mo Lin’s action. He was completely angered by Mo Ren’s puss-head behavior. He took care of manipulating Mo Qilin zombies and bumped into them in the smoke.

The eye view worked, and Mo Ren ignored him at all. The corpse controller was crazy. He manipulated the Mo Qilin zombie to step back two steps and shouted, "Mo Ren, if you don’t come out again, I will torture Mo Qilin’s body for you!"
"Oh, how to torture?" Ink endure indeed as expected mouth tone light is very calm.
Accused of resin in the mind a surprised thought if ink endure all the ptomaine to force out that would be bad, his heart a horizontal way "I’ll dig out his eyes first"
As he spoke, he manipulated Mo Qilin to raise his hands and nails to his eyelids
Bai Sensen’s eyes are not angry at all, and the tips of nails have reached the surface. If you gently dig your eyes, they will be dug out.
"if you can’t get out, I’ll dig!" The accused corpse sneered.
He was about to manipulate the smoke of Mo Qilin zombie self-mutilation. As soon as it dispersed, Mo Ren appeared in the smoke.
Mo Ren’s back looks a little rickety, and it seems that he hasn’t finished expelling toxins from the body.
Accused of resin people laugh wildly "wow ha ha you also said that you don’t care if I cut out his eyes and you came out? If you don’t want you to love Master and hurt yourself if you lose your eyes, I may let you both go. "
Mo Ren sneered, "You’re not too arrogant, are you? Do you really think you can threaten me?"
"What do you say?" The corpse controller has a zombie hand in Mo Qilin who recognizes that he has occupied the wind root and ignores the cold and murderous tone in Mo Ren’s voice.
Ink endure light hum a hand.
He didn’t deal with the corpse controller, but his hands exploded with a bright golden yellow and dazzling golden awn and went straight to the zombies in Mo Qilin.
The corpse controller hasn’t waited for the reaction to come over. The golden light has covered the zombies in Mo Qilin.
The corpse controller and the zombie are linked by blood drops, but they can control their thoughts by their minds. When they are finished, they lose the Mo Qilin Zombie House.
This change was the first time that the corpse controller was surprised. He leaned out of his hiding place and looked around. He saw a scene of consternation through the overlapping branches and leaves.
That golden light is solemn and solemn, like a raging fire. Mo Qilin’s clothes have been burned away. I don’t know when I am sitting cross-legged and shining with golden luster, which makes people feel a kind of respect.
"What is this?" The corpse controller was amazed. He never knew Mo Ren had this hand.
The shining golden light can almost shake the eyes of the flower man. The corpse controller was surprised to find that Mo Qilin’s body was gradually melting in the golden light.
"He burned Mo Qilin?" The corpse controller doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh. His heart is to destroy Mo Qilin’s body and make Mo Ren regret it.
Mo Ren will stop it. I didn’t expect him to stop it, but he did it himself and destroyed Mo Qilin’s body.
Mo Ren raised his voice. "Do you have any tricks this time, corpse controller?"
Accused of resin, gnashing his teeth, but he was not sure that he was ready to escape quietly while Mo could not bear to pay attention.
Only to find that he had just moved and a flower appeared in front of him.
The corpse controller was so surprised that he almost fell from the hiding tree
"Does the corpse controller want to escape?" It was Mo Lin who stopped the corpse controller.
As soon as the corpse controller saw Mo Lin, he thought of breaking his palm and said, "Do you dare to stop me from dying?"
Molin shook his head and said, "I won’t die, but I don’t know if you will die."
"Looking for death!" The corpse controller thundered. He knew that Mo Ren had been disturbed. If he couldn’t kill this ignorant blocker as soon as possible, he wouldn’t have a chance to escape.
Thought of here, he opened his mouth and a mass of green resin gas came out.
Ink Lin had long guessed that he was caught by a big hand and condensed into a small ball when the resin gas was still coming with a wave of his hand.
The corpse controller forgot to close his mouth, and then he couldn’t close the ink again. When he controlled the corpse, he felt that Ba was tightly held.
"Blare ….." The accused corpse wanted to talk but couldn’t move, watching the little corpse gas being stuffed into his mouth.