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Suddenly Elena found herself in a frozen state of mind, and she had an idea that she shouldn’t bring the boy back. Maybe the boy in that dark corner could die quietly and then enter her forever to get close to heaven and get his eternal happiness. Now she wants to forcibly change the fate of the boy and drag the innocent boy into a dark world that is the opposite of his original world.

Is this really the right thing to do?
Elena is not sure, but at this point today, she is also stuck in the front of the cliff. All the plans have been put in place. The difference is the last supporting role, a very important supporting role, and this teenager is suspected to be the most suitable actor. After all, no one will guess that such a teenager will arrange it himself.
"I once had a dependent sister who got cancer 16 years ago and paid a huge amount of treatment. I borrowed money everywhere and finally I could watch her die in pain." Elena said lightly, "After my sister died, I paid off my debts and went into the porn business. After years of mixing, the porn industry is a big part of the underworld. This business has made me know too many people and know something that I shouldn’t know, but compared with these, I got more information than others, including some very confidential and important transactions."
"Not long ago, I got a new drug, which can not only control the rate of cancer deterioration, but also make patients no longer suffer from that cruel pain. I investigated the source of this drug, which came from the secret laboratory of Waite Pharmaceutical Company, the largest pharmaceutical company in the United States, but in order to ensure that his cancer drugs can have a sufficient market share, It doesn’t harm the interests of other groups. After Waite Pharmaceutical Company got a compensation contract of $1.8 billion, the U.S. government acquiesced in killing all the 12 researchers who participated in the research of this drug. However, there was another person in the secret laboratory of Waite Pharmaceutical Company who kept a copy of the information. He was the only one who didn’t know the truth. He reached an agreement with me through a certain channel. He gave me the drug to complete the formula and I helped him get out of there. "
"But the man was killed not long ago because of the news leak." Elena took a deep look at the boy who was deeply absorbed in listening. "But Waite Pharmaceutical Company didn’t find the backup information either. According to the last information that the man left me, the information should be hidden in the headquarters building of Waite Pharmaceutical Company. I need someone to enter Waite Pharmaceutical Company to help me find the information, and you are my chosen person."
"But didn’t you just say that you wanted me to meet a special guest …" Although Wu Liang had to admit that this story had aroused his curiosity and sense of justice, it was a super good thing to save mankind. Although there was no way for him, the recipe was a hope for those who really suffered from illness. What’s more, the US government actually advertised freedom and democracy and acquiesced that the crime against humanity was almost a jerk plus three levels, although there was no way. I promised, but I already agreed with the plan in my heart-at this time, such a complicated and indignant situation, Wu Liang didn’t realize that this was a kind of "thief" line.
"You’ waite pharmaceutical company laboratory so good? I must arrange for you to meet Yan Hong first. He is the biggest partner of Waite Pharmaceutical Company, and it is only with him that you can get close to the laboratory of Waite Pharmaceutical Company. "
"Who is Yan Hong?"
"He is a Chinese-American, a very powerful gangster, and now he has legitimate profit-making companies all over the world. According to the gangster, this man started from drugs and smuggling, and Chinese people take great care of Chinese people. There is a lot of fame in the Chinese community and a famous Chinese philanthropist." Elena pondered over the information of this China man named Yan Hong. "Few people know about the underworld because he never touches anything, unless he deliberately investigates it, but at most he can find some clues. I have investigated ia Yu Yanhong and reported that their gains are few." Elena looked at Wu Liang and revealed a picture.
"You don’t worry that Yan Hong is not interested in men. He was recently haunted by women and wanted a beautiful boy. When he was a shield, he and I found you … and" Elena paused. She knew she shouldn’t talk face to face, but a heartfelt apology made her unwilling to deceive the boy in front of her. "I must tell you that Yan Hong doesn’t like trouble, that is to say, after helping him solve it, you … will inevitably disappear."
"Because I am destined to die, I am the best choice?" Wu Liang rarely picked his eyebrows. Is there such a condition? I worked hard to help her in the wind and rain, and then I ended up dying myself-although this body has long been finished, the new tenant of this body will naturally feel very uncomfortable after hearing such a condition.
"The only thing I can do is to inject you with the drugs I got and make sure you die peacefully." Elena put out the cigarette butt without any more nonsense and quietly went to the door and knocked. "I know this condition is cruel, but I don’t have a choice."
"What do you need a prescription?" Wu Liangyin Elena, come behind you.
"Because I promised someone that I would publish this prescription," Elena said quietly without looking back. This was once the most sincere promise of her generation, and she could not predict how much it would cost, but she would still do it, just like her sister, even if she gave everything, she would regret it. This is her persistence as a woman.
"Give me a confidential account and pay me 10,000 yuan for the funeral, right …" The sound behind me suddenly felt a little lazy, but Elena still nodded faintly without looking back.
"I’ll handle the Swiss bank in three days." Elena went out. She never looked back. She didn’t know that the last sentence was not from human mouth, but from a bold cat.
"What are you doing!" Wu Liang glared angrily at the alien who pretended to be a cat and practiced such a big-mouthed bastard as "impersonation"-but it was also the first time that he discovered that this alien cat could actually ventriloquism … It was really $ #%
"Tell you to do less stupid things. If I don’t fight for enough benefits, you idiot will simply agree." But the cat seems to know Wu Liang very well. "Don’t forget that you have to go halfway around the world to find your baby’s body. You’re not really going to swim across the Atlantic, are you?"
"…" Wu Liang has no nutritional struggle, and naturally it is necessary to meet people and cats. The argument seems to have a tendency to continue to develop. Fortunately, there is no monitoring system installed here, otherwise the heartless two are really terrible.
While listening to the heavy door in the corridor outside our door, it seems as if two completely different worlds have been separated quietly. Elena took a deep breath and closed her eyes slightly with excitement. She knew that the young man agreed to take part in this action like death pact, and instantly she fell into the deepest part of hell and could never be saved …
Elena gave Wu Liang a three-day break after signing the deed of sale for $10,000. Of course, this is not appropriate for Elena’s plan. After all, she is not the only one who knows the backup file. This strong energy drives Waite Pharmaceutical Company to turn over every nook and cranny several times. The slower she plans to start, the worse it will be for her.
But Elena insisted on these three days.
First, I would like to thank Wu Liang for his "generous help"; Second, Wu Liang also needs to get used to being familiar with the whole plan that he is going to approach adults; Third, the most important point is that Elena injected Wu Liang with the drug, which proved to Wu Liang that this drug has excellent curative effect. Although this Elena looks very important, Wu Liang’s eyes are the most talked about-he will not feel pain when he comes.
However, these three days have given Wu Liang plenty of time to make him have enough energy to deal with the mess that happened in his body.
First of all, naturally, it’s the same as Wu Liang’s body that changed the tenant cat.
Although this cat seriously violates the biological laws of the human world, it does not eat mice and specializes in steak; Don’t meow and talk to people; The most exasperating thing is that this talking cat not only mocks Wu Liang more than helps, scolds him more than encourages him, but also pretends to be Wu Liangyin from time to time and buys a lot of things through the American Advanced Words Shopping System. However, in order to save himself, Wu Liang has sacrificed its original excellent’ house’ situation. After all, it has always been a good virtue of China people to be treated with dripping water and being rewarded with flooding water. However, when this cat does not know that it has spent $1 a day to advance and retreat, Wu Liang has developed a black face and changed his password at any time.
But these are nothing that really interests Wu Liang, but it is the strange energy source of this cat in its original description.
The cat insisted on keeping its origin mysterious, saying that it could not reveal its amazing identity until it found its aircraft that was kidnapped by the fifty-first district of the United States. Of course, this obvious evasive statement made Wu Liang scoff, but Wu Liang did not delve into it. Wu Liang gave the cat a more formal title "Little Black"-according to Wu Liang’s explanation, it was to commemorate his early years of raising a dog named Xiaobai, but after three days of raising it, Xiaobai disappeared, which estimated that a restaurant table had become a delicious dog meat stove.
However, the cat is naive to Wu Liang, otherwise the title is so painful to him anyway, but Wu Liang’s physical energy makes Xiao Hei a little worried-according to Xiao Hei’s experience, no intelligent creature can complete sub-evolution in a few minutes. You know, for an organism, sub-evolution is a long time, even if it is a mature planet, it will take three years for a newborn organism to complete sub-evolution. Of course, this is not just about absorbing energy and gathering energy genes. The most important thing is to learn.
And Wu Liang just skipped this key step. Short-term’ sub-evolution’ powerful energy assisted energy gene aggregation almost reached a perfect level, but Wu Liang was a piece of white for the control ability of mental body. It happened that every creature was different for the control of mental body. Even if Xiao Hei wanted to help, there was no way to help as much as he knew, but the effect was … Alas alas … Just look at Wu Liang’s need to hang six blood bags every day.
The most terrible thing is that the more Wu Liangyue tries to control it, the more difficult it is to control it, and according to his reaction, Xiaohe is almost 100% sure that Wu Liang’s mental body has not stopped moving because of the completion of the’ sub-evolution’. Because Wu Liang has completed the mental body, those powerful energy departments in his * * have got into his mental body. Although there are three kinds of energy that are so huge, they have resisted each other for some reason and have not erupted, but there are constantly scattered energy leaks. Even the fragments of these energy can make people ignore the strong implications they contain.
It happened that Wu Liang’s mental body was * * more sensitive to energy than he was, and the scattered energy from the mercury beast devoured genes in the mental body was collected by Wu Liang’s mental body naturally, and Wu Lianggen didn’t know how to deal with the energy contained in Wu Liang’s mental body, which was beyond common sense and the terrible speed was increasing.
"You must find a way to consume the energy of your mental body as much as possible, otherwise you won’t be in a hurry to find your body. You will wait for the mental body to blow itself up for half a year at most, and you won’t worry about dying lonely with those abnormal things in your body. I guarantee that this planet will definitely die with you." This is the only very cautious tone warning of Xiao Hei in a few short days. Wu Liangcan see that the development state of things is close to the crisis red warning line.
Consume the energy of the mental body-it’s really easy to talk. If he can do it easily, he will be trapped in the city every day. This damn energy body vomits blood. He has tried not only all the methods that can be tried, but also those illusory so-called ways of repairing truth (of course, all kinds of novels) and magical meditation. He would rather kill a thousand by mistake than let go of an idea. The gap between fiction and reality is less than walking from the earth to distance to the moon
Speaking of it, Wu Liang is really depressed to the extreme. Which of the protagonists who get strange energy in those novels is not the hegemony of the earth? It happened that this happened to them. These adventure-like magical energy seems that the predecessors and themselves have formed a deep hatred and always go to the dead to fix themselves. The so-called’ adventure’ is one of the most lonely-every time I think about this Wu Liang, I can’t help but sigh. Although this is not everyone’s’ lucky’ to assume this huge’ responsibility’, Wu Liang would rather give this fortune away.
The way to be depressed is to think about it. After all, this is a major event of human life on the earth of 6.3 billion. Maybe it’s urgent. Wu Liang is going to have a broken pot. Doesn’t it mean that human potential is stimulated at the most dangerous time? Now, should he also find a cliff or a deep pool to try to’ stimulate’ himself? Wu Liang in the nest sofa is planning radical actions in his mind while holding a round teacup pad. This is the only thing in this room that is worthless and resistant to play, fall and wear. It is Xiao Hei who grinds his claws. Because Xiao Hei thinks this thing is not polished hard enough, he lost it to Wu Liang. Now it has become a toy in Wu Liang’s hand.
Wu Liang is not an imaginative person. After thinking about it for less than five minutes, Wu Liang’s attention was caught by the rough touch of the coaster in his hand. The thin and semi-transparent coaster was ravaged by the little black, which made it no longer smooth at first. If you are careful, you can make it last for twenty or thirty years. Wu Liang sighed with emotion. Of course, more components are accusing the little black of malicious destruction, but this idea has caused an unexpected miracle.
Wu Liang felt a faint fluctuation in his heart, as if someone who didn’t belong to the human voice asked him if he wanted to return the things in his hand to the original state. Wu Liang answered naturally, although he didn’t take this fluctuation seriously, he gradually felt that his left hand was slightly hot. At first, the slight heat made Wu Liang feel the palm temperature gradually spread to Wu Liang, and he felt as if he were sleeping. In the warm sunshine in spring, a burst of deep sleep gradually enveloped his thoughts until he fell asleep. He didn’t find that the coaster in his left hand had no original scratches and was no longer hazy and semi-transparent.