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"There aren’t many people who are hard to talk to when they meet us in the Yuedian, right?" Another little eunuch laughed

"You’re right."
Two people laughing while coaxed to read the imperial play picked a lot of peaches after reading the imperial will go to Sue cotton.
This thing is edible! Must be given to mother!
Su Mian is holding a green peach washed by eunuchs to see the toothache …
"Dear mother, if you eat these peaches today, you will be hungry these days." You can’t eat tofu with your teeth down.
"Mother eats!" Miss Yu but insist on her eating.
Su Mian frowned and bit one. Well, it’s ok. Although it’s green, it’s already pink and white. This peach will ripen soon and it’s not so sour.
I was so happy to see her eat Nianyu.
Su Mian chewed two Momo in a row, but it is rare to eat such original peaches.
Usually, it is pink peaches in front of her, which are hard and full of water.
Here are some dried peaches, not for eating.
There is a piece of Momo forest in the back, that is, flowers and peaches are beautiful in spring, and maids and eunuchs eat them, but the owners don’t.
"Mother’s hug" read the imperial saw Su Mian stopped eating and then reached out for a hug.
Su Mian put his arms around him and smiled, "You are better than your brother."
Looking back, it wasn’t like this in the past, was it? This kid is a ghost.
"Let’s go and have a look at the Queen Mother," Su Mian took the idea of going out in the Imperial Palace and ordered "to take Zhen Hao and hold the 686. 686 regret.
(This cotton is not Pisu cotton)
Su Mian was lying on the couch, listening to the banging outside, and she couldn’t count the number.
I cann’t believe she feels hungry
It’s rare to get sick. For the first time in these days? She didn’t call anyone, and the best result was to bring her a plate of cold and hard cakes
She sat up and looked out. It was dark outside and she felt so cold.
Can it not be cold in November?
Thinking that Jane Jade came to see her face yesterday, she felt colder and colder. She was blind and couldn’t see their tricks.
But it doesn’t matter. I’m going. It’ll be clean after this walk.
It’s the poor mother’s child’s uncle’s house. I don’t know what day it will be
She tried to lie back and feel groggy again, thinking of the Nine Halls.
How much she likes Jiudian, but Jiudian doesn’t like her.
After suffering for more than ten days, she finally closed her eyes and left this world a moment ago.
A concubine died in the Nine Emperors’ Mansion. It’s like a cat and dog died in someone’s house.
The fact that there are many busy things in the coming year is nothing.
Yan Gui listened to the newspaper and thought for a while before he knew who Su Shi was, who was the good-looking but cowardly Su Shi?
He couldn’t help thinking in his chair.
It’s a pity that Su Mian is weak because he still remembers that cotton is the name, right?
But that girl is so beautiful and young, it’s a pity to go like this.
"Have a good burial and send some silver to her mother," Yan said.
Su Mian is going to celebrate the Spring Festival after being buried.
I don’t know how many times I missed Su Mian’s soul. I don’t know how cold and warm she is. She can’t get close to Yan. He has a golden light all over.
It’s much sadder to watch him go to other places from a distance, so I don’t want to see it and finally live in Jane’s garden.
It’s also a coincidence that half of the garden is sunny and half is cool for a long time, so it’s really cloudy.
She clearly heard Jane Ruyu say that she died after she came home.
She said Su Mian finally died, so she was sycophantic without being good-looking.
Su Mian’s death means nothing to Yan’s return.
It was a year later that a concubine miscarried and moved out of Jane’s murder heir, and Jane’s murder of Su Mian.
Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Yan Gui somehow remembered the woman clearly.
Smiling shyly at him, beautiful face with a blush, very cute.