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"Well soon the child fell asleep …" Su Mian opened her eyes and looked at him in a daze.

"Usually, it’s all burn, pestering you and me. I’m sensible. Now that we’re here, let’s sleep together. I’m sleepy, too." Yan Gui said, and the slippers collapsed.
Su Mian, um, gave him a back hug and fell asleep.
When Zhenche woke up, he was pleasantly surprised to find his mother’s father!
I was so happy that I kissed my mother’s face.
Yan Gui opened his eyes and saw him cute. He stretched out his hand and touched his head to signal him not to talk and told his mother to go back to sleep.
Zhenche rushed to nod and lie down.
It hasn’t been a while yet. The little princess came and came in with a sullen face! Dad and mother unexpectedly left her to sleep with her fourth brother! How can this be?
"Dad …" See your dad woke up injustice called a.
Yan returned without saying anything. Su Mian murmured "Burn …"
"Meowed mother! You don’t want me! Do not want me! " This is because the little princess cried as soon as she was wronged.
"Shut up! You said you got up one day and pestered your mother. Your fourth brother is as old as you. Why don’t you know to let him go? Always ask the fourth brother to let you? " Su Mian got up angry …
Looking at children’s grievances, they have to hold on, and they are distressed. You can’t ignore this little thing just because you have a daughter.
Was the little princess taught this by her mother? I stopped crying for a while, silly.
Yan Gui looked distressed but also felt that Su Mian was right and wouldn’t talk.
"Mother … little sister" Zhenche hesitated.
"No matter her! If you get up every day, it will make trouble. If she doesn’t let your mother, she will ignore her! " Su Mian snorted
"Mother … meowed …" The little princess was frightened and wronged to cry, but she dared not bow her head and wipe her eyes.
"All right, burn your son." Yan Gui couldn’t bear to sit down and stretch out his hand after all.
The little princess horse ran to her father. "Dad …"
"You always bully your brother. Although he is older than you, he is a little older. Why don’t you know how to feel sorry for your brother when you are a child?" Yan guirou said
Burn son looked up at the little brother sitting next to his mother, although he was not very sensible, but he didn’t talk big and she was white.
"Boo-hoo, dad’s mother will let her brother burn … Boo-hoo …" The little princess cried.
"Hum, don’t cry, just follow your dad. It’s all my children. I can’t see you bullying me." Su Mian deliberately said.
Zhenche always felt that his mother’s father loved his sister the most, and he was much worse. Now he knows that his mother also loves him very much.
Dissatisfaction in my heart is gone. "Mother forgives my sister …"
"Meowed mother burn son dare not dare not! Meowed mother must let her brother mother after burning son … "The little princess cried and burped.
Yan Gui gently pushed a Su Mian to signal that she is almost ready. Don’t be scared when the child is still young.
"What if you bully your brother again?" Su Mian sat up and looked at her.
"Dare not meowed mother burn son really dare not …" The little princess climbed down and tried to hold Su Mian.