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She didn’t overdo it and decided not to talk to him, but at this time Leng Ruixi also attacked her. He tugged at her clothes and said, "I’m not upset to see you two like this."

Han Yiqing raised his eyebrows. "But you know that I was abducted here. How can you blame all the mistakes on me? !”
It’s like she can’t wait to get out of the wall! This is simply impossible!
"No, no, no, Yiqing, everything you say is correct!"
"That is to correct, ok? ! This is the truth! "
"Yes, yes! The truth is that you were worried about me and then cheated out. Xiao Cheling took out photos to stimulate me to get you up and not let you marry me. "
"Come on!"
Leng Ruixi felt something was wrong at the thought of this matter. "Didn’t she just say that there is something in your body that is induced by the iron gate?"
Han Yiqing felt very strange when he thought about it. "But how can I install his things when he can’t get in touch with me at all?"
"Have you looked for it?"
"My department has looked for it, but I still haven’t found anything about him."
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows and said evil, "It must be that you didn’t check it properly, so it’s so heavy and arduous, just leave it to me …" He said that his hand had reached into her clothes …
"Don’t …" She grabbed his hand directly from the inside of the clothes. "Did Leng Ruixi look in my department?" He must have done it on purpose It must be!
Han Yiqing gave him a white look, and finally he got serious. "If not, you can’t leave here with me."
"I want to go, too." She doesn’t want to stay here at all! If I have to see Xiao Cheling every day, she will be even more embarrassed.
"Then come with me now. Things over there in Xiao Cheling are estimated to make him toss and turn for a few days."
"Do you really do all these things?"
"Of course, otherwise, how can I come here?" Leng Ruixi thought. "Don’t talk so much yet. How do we know if this is true or not?"
"Okay, let’s try." She made a bet! If not, then he can do it!
Leng Ruixi pulled her to the door, then saw the maid and said to her, "I’m taking her away, you come with us, or you can’t take it off if he knows."
The maid really didn’t panic at all, saying, "Wang must not do this! What’s his princess wearing! But he didn’t tell me what it was! If he found out … "
"We’ve been looking for it for a long time, but we haven’t found what we’re ready to try. I’m ready."
Even if Xiao Cheling comes back halfway, then he will find a way!
"Well, then," she promised Leng Ruixi to take her hand and prepare to leave.
However, just after walking out of the road, Han Yiqing felt that something was wrong. "Leng Ruixi, what sound are you listening to?"
Chapter 456 Hide under the bed
Leng Ruixi was so sensitive, of course, he had already heard it!
That’s a helicopter sound!
The maid immediately reacted, "Wang is the young master back!"
She almost forgot one thing. When she went out, their young master told him that if she left the cave, he would get the news the first time! How could she forget such important news!
Han Yiqing immediately panicked and pushed Leng Ruixi to go "Leng Ruixi, you are quick to go! We can’t leave now! Anyway, you already know that I am here, so go! "
Leng Ruixi frowned. "Since I’m here, you should have a good fight with him."
"What to do! Let’s go! If it’s late, he’ll find you! " She’s really in a hurry. If Xiao Cheling finds out about him, there’s a man in Lengruixi who can’t resist Xiao Cheling!