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Don’t deny that she and Weiyuan are really the same person, otherwise they can’t go together.

An inn in a small town is packed, and the front and back doors are guarded, making it difficult to get close.
When riding a horse near the inn, Yan Liang saw at a glance that the people coming out of the inn were dressed in white or so handsome. The only change was that he lost a lot of weight.
Gently clip the horse’s belly and Yan Liang quickly ran away from Weiyuan.
Pulling back and rolling over, the two men blinked and hugged each other.
Riding a horse and coming leisurely, Xiao Li sighed and shook his head. "Should you restrain yourself in broad daylight?" It’s an eyesore, especially his eyes.
Holding Yan Liang Weiyuan and turning to look at him at the same time, they both walked into the inn as if they didn’t hear him and didn’t see anyone else.
It is also said that Xiao Li shook his head and wondered if he had become angry at the two men for not taking his turn.
After entering the inn, Weiyuan took her into the room and slammed the door backhand. He hugged her and kissed her eagerly.
All the way to the bedside, Yan Liang directly overturned Weiyuan’s bed and the attack power was amazing.
Hanging him cold, grabbing his hands and pressing his head, "Is it so troublesome to come here without saying anything?" When she ran a trip to the solid waves
The veins stood out on her forehead slowly faded Wei Yuan. She controlled her eyes to float. If there was a smile, "If the incident suddenly happened, I would personally negotiate this opportunity with Xiao Li. I don’t want to give it to him." He wanted Liang Zhen to negotiate and let him retract his claws from now on.
"I know you’re worried that this thing will be known by the emperor, but you’re in such a hurry that you startled me. What’s the big deal? Now that Xiaoli is looking for you, why did you go back to Guzhong first? Fool the emperor? "Yan Liang stared at him. This fellow was very careful. If you don’t guess, it’s hard to find his motives.
On the theory that "Congcong is bound to arouse the suspicion of your brother", if you decide not to let Wei Tiankuo know the secret of Yan Liang.
"Thanks to the king of Weijun, I’m getting thinner and thinner." Let him go and touch his face. He’s really lost some weight, but it doesn’t hinder his beauty.
Grab her hand Wei Yuan rolled over and pressed her down. "You can think that I am missing and haggard for nearly two months. It has been two years since I didn’t feel it." How much explicit is her face wandering in the dark?
Yan Liang’s lip angle is slightly curved. "It’s true that we have been synchronized for the past two years." I haven’t seen you like Sanqiu for a day.
Weiyuan chuckled and put the curtain on the bed to cover the scenery.
It was about noon when two people reappeared. Xiao Li sat in the big room with doors and windows at the end of the corridor and looked at the two people who came in. He Gherardini snorted, "You two are really earth-shattering!"
"It’s best to prepare some medicine in the temple. When you hear it, you should be careful not to get sore ears." Wei Yuan sat opposite him in a bad tone.
"Otherwise, it’s good for you to give me some cotton. I can’t hear anything if I plug my ears." Xiaoli pointed to his ears. He was suffering.
Actually, the two men didn’t make much noise, but he had great ear power and could hear through the wall.
"I’ll stab you once and for all." Yan Liang coldly said this method is excellent.
Weiyuan’s lip angle is slightly raised. He likes Yan Liangqing.
Xiaoli looked at Yan Liang and finally said nothing. This topic is over.
"King Weijun, I gave you a good man. Why did you suddenly find that he was short of one hand today? Can you explain it to me?" Xiao Li seems to be very quiet. He is going to damage Liang Gong and Liang Zhen to reach a better agreement.
Smell speech Yan Liang looked Weiyuan but I didn’t expect Weiyuan to be so angry.
"People are still intact and not dead." Weiyuan has no expression. If it weren’t for Liang Zhen’s shame, he wouldn’t chop off Liang Ye and send it to Liang Zhen.
Xiaoli is even more right. "You are not afraid to push Liang Zhen into a hurry."
"If he is a coward, he is welcome." Wei Yuan really hopes that Liang Zhen will be a coward
"You swallow away from him, Zhao Tian, Qian Shan, and thousands of waters drove him into a hurry, which can’t cause you any loss, but I, Qi Guo, lost first when he bordered." Xiaoli didn’t want to give him trouble, didn’t she?
"Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll kill him first." Yan Liangkou, they won’t sit idly by.
"Yan catching the head is really necessary." Xiaoli looked at her eyes and the color was dim.