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"That … that how can you do it? You see that guy just now puffed up as if he had hit someone and made sense! Don’t worry, I have something to stop him for a while and let him pay for it! " Small syren hearing cheng a stare white dry elder brother figure angrily said

"You have something? What’s the matter? Is it serious? " As soon as Brother Gan heard that the little witch said that she had something to do, she was injured and stumbled. She quickly looked back cautiously, but she didn’t find any scars on her body.
Seeing that Brother Gan was so nervous, he looked at a sweet little mouth in his little witch’s heart and teased, "I was so angry that my weak heart was seriously traumatized. Today, I still have a scary and thrilling scene in my mind. How to say this, I have to give a thousand mental losses!"
"I’ll give it to you, and make good compensation when we arrive!" Brother gan smiled and casually took out a platinum card from his pocket and threw it to the little witch, thinking that what was going on in this little bitch’s little head all day?
"Who wants your money? Your money comes from me. If I were behind that big truck, I would pay for it! Hey! " The little witch picked up the platinum letter card, looked at it and put it in a small bag, but she was not satisfied. It seemed that Steyr was doomed.
Brother Gan no longer paid attention to her little witch who was single-minded about the car. It was called anger, but she couldn’t vent her anger. She stamped her feet and pursed her mouth and stared at Brother Gan. Then she picked up a plastic bag and took a big bite to eat, giving full play to the function of turning angry appetite.
The little witch girl provoked the people in the car to "giggle" and laugh. Just now, the atmosphere was depressed and suddenly brightened up. Zhang Dabiao also smiled and shook his head. He kept feeling that it was good to be young, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly and flashed a subtle smile.
It took about half an hour to walk again. Instead of stopping or getting smaller, the snow became stronger and stronger, and the wind became stronger and stronger. A thin layer of ice-water mixture has formed on the expressway, and cars generally float on the road. If you are a novice, you can specify that no car dares to overtake in the past half an hour, and the Steyr cargo is much more stable than just following your ass.
"Why are you so slow? I just can’t get to the plain until dawn …" Looking at the slow Toyota car, acute Qin Xiaowan finally couldn’t hold it any longer. Looking at the dry brother, she complained that her heart was white and she couldn’t get up quickly, but it was annoying.
"Hehe, don’t say that it will be smooth and high-speed when it reaches the plain at dawn. Thank God for burning high-fragrant Amitabha!" Brother gan smiled and said, it’s strange that this bad weather doesn’t happen. I don’t know how many hurdles are waiting ahead
"Ah … if I had known, I would have taken the train …" The little witch chimed in with her mouth pursed and a decadent and down-and-out look while eating.
Brother Gan was noncommittal. She said yes, it might be better to take the train, but I’m afraid it’s not so comfortable in this broken weather. Besides, it’s not convenient to have a car. Who would have expected that the snow could be so heavy? The most important thing for me now is to be safe and avoid unnecessary trouble as much as possible. We don’t hit people and others don’t want to hit us.
Sure enough, it was calm for an hour as Brother Gan expected. Brother Gan saw that there was a long line of snow in front of him, and the captain couldn’t see his head. Most people huddled in the car from time to time, and several drivers smoked cigarettes to relieve boredom. Brother Gan leaned over to put out the fire and said, "Stay in your car and I’ll see what’s going on …"
"What’s up ahead, brother?" Brother Gan went to a few men who were gathering together to smoke and chat. He also took out a cigarette and lit it up.
"It seems that a truck crashed into the middle green belt, and the damage to the car is more serious. It is estimated that it can’t be done!" A middle-aged man looked back at Brother Gan and sighed, "Hey, who his mother would have thought that he would want to go home in such a heavy snow? It seems that he will hang up tonight …"
"Aoao … Alas, it’s hard to go home for the first time!" Dry elder brother nodded and spat at the smoke, saying that he was just saying that when Zhang Dabiao hit the co-pilot door, he also came out. It seems that he can’t stand holding back a car and smoking a small cigarette.
"What’s the noise dry? Do you really want to be stationed here tonight? " Zhang Dabiao reached for the cigarette in his mouth and answered, and looked at the front.
"As far as the current situation is concerned, I can’t walk here tonight, and it’s 70 kilometers away from the nearest area. Even if the rescue car comes, it’s hard to tow away a big truck." Brother Gan nodded and answered, and walked to the side of the car, and the Steyr cargo behind him stopped.
"If you guys are sleepy, go to sleep. If the car doesn’t turn off, there will be warm air and other roads. I’ll call you …" Brother Gan hit the door and chattered about what little syren they said that it was no big deal for them to stay up late with Zhang Dabiao men, but women were different.
"Is there another crash ahead?" The little witch blinked and was very interested in asking. After that, she stared at the dry brother and waited for the dry brother to answer. Qin Xiaowan also inquired, "What happened in front?"
"A car in front crashed into the green belt. It is estimated that the road will be impassable tonight. You can sleep peacefully. Save some food. If you are hungry, eat something. I’ll get ready for a long-term battle. I’ll find you something to eat …" Brother Gan simply chose, or women’s curiosity will kill cats and make them sleep. They can’t sleep either.
"ah? Hit this guy again and die! Death also takes us oh, hard luck, food is gone, and there is no pressure to be hungry … "The little witch muttered to herself with a sad face, thinking how so unlucky she was. It’s really his mother’s inch to go out for a long trip.
"Ha ha, come on, come on, it’s not just blocking you, it’s all blocking you, waiting for me to eat for you early!" Dry elder brother was dumbfounded by the exaggerated expression of the little witch girl. After he finished talking, he went to the car and hit the trunk. He seemed to remember that Dou Liansheng gave some local products when he returned from the special training base in the afternoon. I guess Chengneng had less padding than those who didn’t like nutrition.
Brother Gan really didn’t guess wrong. When I hit the trunk, I saw that the two black plastic bags were filled with real people, including pickled dried radish, pancakes and fried pills. They are always staple foods. With these dry brothers, I feel confident because the car has a water heater to soak some pills and add some dried radish pancakes. Maybe it is a good taste for these big girls who are used to KFC Pizza Hut.
"Come here, this is enough for you to eat. Fortunately, I am ready to see what good things I have brought you!" Dry elder brother said the two heavy food bags slipped out of the car and handed them to the little witch girl.
The little witch and others are puzzled. What delicious food did Brother Gan get by beating plastic bags? At first glance, even everyone knows him, especially the little witch looked up at Brother Gan and wondered, "What are these?"
"Eat, anyway, than your esophagus!" Dry elder brother white hair long knowledge short syren one eye didn’t good the spirit back to the spirit of the little syren pursed mouth Qin Xiaowan hurriedly comfort with a smile, "this is pancakes, this is pills, this is pickled radish is delicious …"
"Hum, the big bad guy knows that bullying me can’t just tell me!" The little witch girl looked at the pancake novelty and made a face at the figure outside the car. Then she was attracted by the tempting food. She picked up a pill and put it in her mouth and tasted the blink of an eye. "Hey, hey, it’s quite delicious …" She said, and squeezed a few more and put them in her mouth to eat.
A few women couldn’t resist you when they saw the little witch greedy the sample. I ate it with one hand and one hand. That’s a great thing. But regardless of the cold outside, Brother Gan just put out his cigarette outside and followed them closely. Steyr’s middle-aged man handed a cigarette with a smile. "Hey, hey, suck my bro …"
"Ha ha no I have a guy? Not scared, right? " Brother gan took out a giant panda and gestured for it. Then he lit it in his mouth and took a drag and asked with a smile.
When a middle-aged man looks at the cigarette in his hand, it’s not the same class as others’ cigarettes, so he doesn’t say anything more "pa". After a lighter is lit, he also takes a deep breath. "Ah, it’s okay, thanks to you, bro, or you just have to conclude that the disorderly child is still young and not sensible. Don’t argue with him. I’ll make an apology to you here … Chapter 64 Traffic jam ().
"Hey, it’s nothing who hasn’t been young. It’s all like this. Just pay attention after coming over …" Brother Gan shook his head and answered, thinking that he was young and frivolous in those days. Who the fuck hasn’t rebelled yet? This is youth, which is a stage of making mistakes, but it is important to accumulate experience and gradually mature.
The middle-aged man nodded and admitted, "Ah, yes, this child has been running long distances with me for so many years since he was seventeen. I feel very sorry that he and he are almost in college …" Maybe he met someone who can talk with him. The middle-aged man * * mouthed off from his junior high school graduation and dropped out until he crashed into the car. There is a sentence that seems to be listening to an intriguing story. Everyone in this society has difficulties and always needs an outlet.
"Where are you going, brother? Delivery is coming soon? " After waiting for the middle-aged man to ramble, the elder brother threw him a cigarette and looked at him and asked, anyway, it’s blocked and idle, and it’s okay. It’s better to have a chat.
The middle-aged man hurriedly reached out his hands to catch the cigarette handed by the elder brother. He looked at it carefully and sighed with emotion. He lit it in his mouth and took a sip. "Our home is the plain. It’s not busy going home for the Spring Festival. This car is also a place for people to take it by and earn more points …"
"Ha ha, I’m from the hometown. It seems that we are still quite predestined …" Brother Gan answered with a smile when he heard that a middle-aged man was also from the hometown, thinking that it was a good thing that he just held back and didn’t roll his son, or it would be really difficult to talk now. It was said that the villagers saw the villagers with tears in their eyes. This was really fate.