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Yang night hung his head and took a glance around with a sigh "don’t think we are in a foreign country! The domain owner and the old lady didn’t even notice! "

"Ah?" South glory illusion together "here again? So we’re done? "
Yang night nodded and sat that a piece of pure white sponge-like objects tearing neck cried "domain master! Old lady! Come out! Not always so mysterious, right? "
The sound went out far away, and a red figure flashed on the horse. There was one not far ahead of Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic.
The red figure approached, but it was a red robe. Mrs. Yang’s face took a glance at Nanrong Magic and stared at Yang Night with anger.
"Ah? How come the old lady has you? Where is the domain owner? "
"The domain owner went to the headquarters to call the domain owner’s congress. It’s been a while since the domain owner had a motion." Mrs. Yang looked at Yang Ye with a gloomy face.
"What bill? Improve our official welfare benefits? Hey, hey, "Yang Ye shook his head in a joke and looked up at the old lady with a smile. He was shocked." I owe you money, old lady? "
Mrs. Yang came a few steps to Yang Ye and said in a low voice, "Get up!"
Yang night leng together with both hands to hold the old lady Yang’s shoulder and asked with a smile, "What’s the matter with the old lady? In such a bad mood? "
Mrs. Yang looked at Yang Ye with a long sigh and said in a low voice, "Night after night, how did you do this again?"
"What is it?" Yang Yezhi looked at Mrs Yang Lao.
"Still playing dumb! Aren’t you going to take someone from history to yourself again? !” Mrs. Yang Lao spoke and raised the volume.
Yang night didn’t surprise or quibble. He guessed this kind of thing. The domain owner and Mrs. Yang Lao must know it. In other words, when they perform, they should be able to know every move of the domain owner.
"I have to do this!" Yang night nodded face BuXiao disappear no no solemn expression.
"oh! Night! I told you every time that this is not in compliance with the regulations! " Mrs. Yang Lao was anxious when she saw Yang Ye’s reaction.
"I know, but it’s not a big problem if we don’t change history. That’s what you told the domain owner!" Yang Yeyang is confident in front of the old lady Yang. "I just brought back a historical event. Why not?"
"I said! This is against the rules! " Mrs. Yang Lao gave a fierce expression, "You are a scholar at night! Not my grandson! Can’t be sexual! "
"Sex? It’s human nature, old lady! " Yang night high volume "the old lady you should know everything? Do you think it’s wrong for me to take her back? "
Nan Rong Magic came over with a smile and said, "Yang Ye Xiu Shiva, let’s talk calmly, ok? Don’t quarrel. "
Yang Ye and Mrs. Yang Lao watched Nan Rong’s fantasy and shouted "Shut up!"
"Come on Yang night, aren’t you going to take RuYan back? Why don’t you just make it clear to Xiupo if you want it? She will give it to you if you want it. Of course she won’t disagree if you want it! No way. You said you wanted her to agree with you, and you said you didn’t want her, but you insisted on agreeing to be reasonable! Now I’ll count to three. You have to be clear. Do you want to … "
Yang night and Mrs. Yang Lao hit Nan Rong with one punch at the same time. When she got up on her back, she took a few steps and squatted down with her fingers stroking the ground and bit her lip …
Mrs. Yang turned to Yang Ye and shook her head and said, "We all know it, but I’m not saying that you didn’t do it right or not!"
"That is to say I did the right thing? But it does not meet the requirements? " Yang night staring eyes asked
"Well … that’s … that’s what I mean." Mrs. Yang stuttered.
"That is to say, the regulation is wrong? "Yang night adamant4.
Mrs. Yang Lao leng looked embarrassed and spread her hands and opened her mouth and didn’t speak.
Yang sighed softly every night and relaxed his eyes to hold Mrs. Yang’s shoulder again and said softly, "Old lady, if you really know everything, you will know that I didn’t do anything wrong, right? I can’t leave a girl like that in such a war-torn age, can I? "
Mrs. Yang gave a long, wry smile. "I knew I couldn’t say you, alas …" She walked a few steps and turned her back on Yang Ye and continued, "So I called you and the night raid at this time … If you want to take the girl back, take the opportunity to go to the meeting while the domain owner is there, otherwise I may not be able to help you!"
"Really?" Yang night eyes a bright a few steps to the front of the old lady Yang an arm around her excited smile and said, "hey hey, I knew it! I knew the old lady was the best for me! "
"Alas … night after night, you weren’t like this. Why are you so greedy now?" Mrs. Yang Lao has a face of hate for iron not to produce.
"It’s all the moon’s trouble, isn’t it?" Yang Ye smiled. "I won’t give you any trouble this time, old lady! I promise! "
"I don’t trust you," Mrs. Yang pretended to be angry with her smile.
At this time of Nan Rong’s illusion, he ran up and said to Mrs. Yang Lao with a smile, "Xiupo Xiupo! Then I … can I take people back to our world? "
Mrs. Yang stared too hard. "No!"
"What?" Nan Rong looked surprised. "What can I do on a Yang night?"
"Because the night is the sun, are you the sun?" Mrs. Yang snorted.
Nan Rong was stunned and then shook his head naively. "Alas … it’s really good to be a grandson these days!" Said the injustice pie pie walk a few steps squatting fingers stroking the ground injustice sniffling.
Yang night came over with a smile and patted the south glory magic back "do you want to be my grandson? I’ll put in a good word for you! "
"I stabbed you to death with one knife ~ ~!" South glory magic mercilessly stared at Yang night.
"Okay, okay, that’s it." Mrs. Yang pushed two people on the back and stared at Yang Ye. "I really can’t help you. Go back quickly and don’t make any other things!"
Talking in a piece of pure white has flashed through the door, Yang night and Nan Rong illusion towards the micro-swinging door.
"Go! Bring the girl named Ruyan here, and let me see my … which one? Anyway, it is a granddaughter’s wife! " Mrs. Yang Lao lifted the red robe and kicked the shadow of the old woman to Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s phantom ass.
"Kick again?" South glory magic a pie mouth flew through the door at the moment muttered "will? Bitter … "