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Lin Yu god concentration with shura magic flame hand stroked inflammation if setting back to eliminate carrion.

This hand is also a magic flame burning carrion. At the same time, Lin Yu also injected the efficacy of "Shengji powder" into carrion through the function of automatically generating drugs by Yaoling hand.
Zi Qingyun said that Lin Yu can’t be referred to is to have both Shura magic flame and medicine spirit hand.
If you change to someone else’s root method to do these two things at the same time
Removing carrion and injecting myogenic powder at the same time, even if it is purple rhyme, she can’t synchronize it.
After more than half an hour of treatment, the rotten meat on the back was finally removed and turned into a pile of red and tender "barbecue"
Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead sweat "all right! You can get up. "
Yan Ruoning snorted discontentedly. "Do you want me to show you everything now?"
"Uh …"
Lin Yu almost forgot that this chi son was about to turn around and leave, but she heard Zi Qingyun giggling. "It doesn’t matter if you show him when he’s cured!"
Yan Ruoning’s eyes stared, "No way!"
If inflammation coagulates, the excited body moves almost completely, but fortunately, she immediately reacts to cover the sheets tightly.
See inflammation if it’s nothing, Lin Yu turned toward the purple rhyme and said, "well, we should go."
Cold inflammation if coagulation suddenly said "where are you going? I’m going to Chapter 74 to pretend to be.
I’m puzzled to go to Lin Yu when I hear that inflammation is coagulation.
When I come to Lin Yu, I feel that it’s okay to bring one more person, but it’s not in harmony with my own rhyme. If two powder kegs explode together, I’ll be blown to death and my soul will be disturbed.
Yan Ruoning looked at Lin Yu’s face and snorted, "Are you two going there to live in seclusion and I’ll bother you?"
Lin Yu didn’t come, but she said generously, "Don’t worry, take her."
Purple rhyme are willing to Lin Yu nature also embarrassed to say anything.
Otherwise, it is very difficult for Qingyun to say that he is hypocritical.
Inflammation if coagulation is very seriously toward the purple rhyme said "thank you".
Lin Yushi really don’t understand what purple rhyme is willing to take Yan Ruo Ning with him. He feels Yan Ruo Ning’s heart is full of sadness at this time. Maybe she wants to go for fun?
It was not until Yan Ruoning went out to explain something that Zi Qingyun said to Lin Yu, "If she doesn’t find a reason to leave Yan’s house, she may have to face the censure of those elders in the family and touch the scene. At the sight of those who are not dead, Yan Long Chi Jia Wei will think of her dead comrades. At this time, it is better to take her away."
Lin Yu secretly wry smile seems to be right, but in the end, women know women better.
The three of them soon arrived at the inaugural city of the demon border city when there was not much road together.
This time, without Master and feathermoon to lead the way, Lin Yu can stay in this city and wait for feathermoon to pick him up.
The inaugural city is under the management of the demon race, but it is rare for the Terran and the demon race in this city to live in peace with each other and trade, and they are very married.
There is nothing inconvenient for the three people in Lin Yu to come to the inaugural city and stay directly in the hotel.
"How many rooms do you want for three?" The shopkeeper asked with a big smile.
Anyway, Lin Yu didn’t intend to stay here for long.
When the bartender took Lin Yu three people to the guest room on the second floor, they clearly heard the owner hey hey smiled two times. "This young man is really fierce. One fight is two haha!"
"What do you mean?" Inflammation if coagulation is very puzzled asked.
Purple rhyme and Lin Yu are very nai to see inflammation if coagulation heart is thinking about the same question, isn’t this woman born with brain lack of one track-minded?
Although Yan Ruo Ning just didn’t understand it, her comprehension ability was immediately understood when she saw their expressions.
"bah!" Yan Ruoning raised his eyebrows angrily and said, "Go to the room again!"
"Come on, do you still plan to stay for a long time? We’ll leave late." Lin Yu persuaded Yan Ruoning and immediately jade handed a message to feathermoon.
Feathermoon also quickly replied to Lin Yu that it was necessary to arrive at night.
"Why are you sneaking around?" Inflammation if coagulation is very curiously asked, "you and the demon race that two little heads of families things the whole pale yu mainland people know"
"I want you to talk!" Lin Yu gave Yan Ruoning a bad look. "If you talk again, you will be driven away!"
Inflammation if coagulation is chatting to fingers around his long hair sat down to the side without saying a word.