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brief introduction

Meng Yuanchao, a Hangzhou chivalrous woman, really loves Meng Yuanchao. After saving her master from going to Xiaojinchuan and joining the rebel army, she mistakenly sacrificed her pregnancy. Yun Ziluonai married Yang Mu, a famous martial artist in Jizhou, and gave birth to a Yang Hua Yang Mu. Because she never got the true love of Yun Ziluo, she made a fake death case and blamed Meng Yuanchao. Finally, she was persecuted by the Qing court. Miao Changfeng, a rebel chivalrous man, admired Yun Ziluoyun and established a sincere friendship story, which described Meng Yuanchao, an anti-Qing righteous man. In the later period, I devoted myself to Yang Mu, a famous martial artist in the Qing Dynasty, and Miao Changfeng’s complex feelings. From each person’s beloved, I took different attitudes to protect Yun Ziluo and made a move, giving the world some thoughts, borrowing lessons, and at the same time, the descendants of campus guests set up Wu Linwei to compete for the position of head of the company, and enter the dragon was exposed. Finally, Qing Tingli helped to set things right.
The first time a master died.
Looking for the blue sky, the short hair will be frosty in the future, and the fate of heaven and earth will not be broken. If you want to save for a rainy day, you will be surprised and shaken. Chennai spectrum eaves rain ileum.
A tung coffin full of hangers; Clothes like snow, wax, red, crying, heavy paper, gray, wailing, crying, sobbing, crying, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying, crying
The deceased surnamed Yang Mingmu is a well-known martial artist in Jizhou County.
It is necessary for people to live, die and die, and it is also necessary to mourn for relatives and friends if they live a long life, but the deceased Yang Mu did not experience "old" and "sick". He died young and suddenly and inexplicably. He was thirty years old this year.
Although he is thirty years old, he is already a famous martial arts teacher and has six brothers.
My eldest brother Min Chenglong is twenty-two years old. Three years ago, he started his career as an escort in Beijing’s famous Zhenyuan Escort Agency. His second brother Yue Hao was twenty-one years old. He was also a full-time teacher last year because he was a rich family. He still often visited Master’s third brother Fang Liang and his fourth brother Fan Kui, both of whom were villagers. They came to Master’s home for school and stayed late at home. There were five brothers Song Pengju and six brothers Hu Liankui who lived in Yang Mu’s home to learn martial arts. One was fifteen years old and the other was fourteen years old. That night, Yang Mu suddenly died suddenly, that is
Yang Muhen’s relatives have a widowed sister who married three hundred miles away, and Fang Liang, the third brother of the Qijia family in Baoding, was ordered by his mistress to go to Baoding for funeral service and has not returned.
At present, Yang Mu Pima’s relatives in Dai Xiao are his beautiful young wife Yunziluo and Yang Hua, who just turned seven.
Yang Mu is a famous martial artist, but his wife is a well-bred and weak woman. It is said that Yang Mu didn’t know martial arts at all. Years ago, he returned from a trip to the south of the Yangtze River and brought back his new wife. It was known that his wife was a native of Suzhou, and it was unknown how they met Yang Mu. It was never said that the two couples were very fond of each other. For years, no one had ever seen them quarrel. Jizhou is located in Suzhou, north of Hebei Province, which belongs to the envy of the south of the Yangtze River. They all said that this was a "thousand miles of marriage."
Who wants to get a good marriage with a jealous beauty? Now it’s a couple with broken wings!
Yunziluo has always been a charming and timid beauty. She looks even more delicate and delicate in her elegant clothes, but when she caressed the coffin and wept, there was a sneer at her mouth.
The sneer at this corner of his mouth is Yang Mu’s second brother Yue Hao. He gave Jenny a contemptuous look and thought to himself, "You can’t hide this hypocrisy from others."
But no one in this hall noticed Yue Hao’s sneer.
Yunziluo’s knowledge and courtesy are kind to people and can show compassion to the old and the poor. All the villagers respect her very much, which is why Yang Mu died a little strangely. Everyone thinks that it is "unexpected things happen, and people will have fortunes". People have doubts about Yunziluo.
Yun Ziluo cried so sadly that everyone felt sorry for her. Who doesn’t sympathize with her? Yue Hao sneered that no one noticed, even if someone noticed, he would never have thought that this sneer was from Jenny.
Suddenly I heard someone calling, "Master, Master!" A young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes stumbled into the mourning hall. Yue Hao was surprised and happy and shouted, "Big Brother, you are back!" This man is Min Chenglong, the eldest brother of Yangmen, the escort head of Beijing Zhenyuan Escort Agency.
Min Chenglong croaked and cried, "Master, I’m late! Master, master, why didn’t you let me see it and die? " Kneeling before the coffin knocked three XiangTou.
After kowtowing, Min Chenglong got up and stared at a pair of big eyes and asked Yun Ziluo, "Teacher Niang, what did my master die of?"

Yunzi Luohua was pale and sobbed and said, "I, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Last night, he suddenly said that he was in a bad mood. Suddenly, his hands and feet were cold and he couldn’t speak."
Min Chenglong asked, "What will did Master leave?"
Yun Ziluo said, "No-no"
An old man said, "when did your master die of a sudden illness and write a will?" You have a rest and let your teacher niang have a rest. "It seems a little strange to blame Min Chenglong for asking his teacher niang questions at this time.
This old man is uncle Yang Muyuan. He has benefited from Yunziluo and has come to help her with the funeral.
Min Chenglong said as if he didn’t know, "I’m the eldest brother of Master. How can I arrange the aftermath?"
Although Uncle Yang is not a Wulin middleman, he also knows some Wulin rules. After hearing what he said, he immediately knew what was on his mind. He said, "Although your master didn’t make a will, since you are a big brother, it is natural that this head brother must belong to you, and no one will argue with you." According to Wulin rules, the head brother can be promoted or promoted, but if the big brother doesn’t lose his virtue, it is almost equal to an unwritten rule in Wulin, but because there is no will, Min Chenglong is himself. I’m sorry to say it. He repeatedly questioned Teacher Niang to say this sentence. Now, this sentence is said by his master uncle. Although it is not as good as what he wants, it can be regarded as a birthright.
Min Chenglong told Uncle Yang that when the central issue turned red, he quickly said, "That’s not what I meant. Where has Master not been buried?"
Yue Hao said, "No, it’s also an urgent matter. As the saying goes, the country can’t live in a day, and the family can’t live in a day. So can the Wulinmen Sect. How can the master be a master? Master elder brother, we are all willing to push you to be the head. This ceremony will be held after the filial piety. From now on, we will treat you like a colleague master. "
The only thing that can compete with Min Chenglong to be the head brother is Yue Hao Yue Haoken. It’s quite unexpected for Min Chenglong to bow his head. After listening to Yue Hao’s remarks, Min Chenglong really couldn’t say anything but waved his hand and said, "Let’s talk about this matter slowly. Let’s talk about Master’s death. I’m really upset and I don’t know what to do." When I stopped here, I suddenly thought of something and said with an air, "Oh, by the way, there is another urgent thing for Teacher Niang. I want to ask you where Master’s boxing, This must not be lost. Please find it out and give it to me. "He asked the teacher niang for the fist sutra and sword score, and obviously he is the head brother.
Yun Ziluo’s brow wrinkled as if she were impatient, and Min Chenglong’s nagging seemed to be out of her mind. She said, "I haven’t seen your master’s fist sutra and sword spectrum. If there is one, you must search it in your master’s room yourself."
Min Chenglong was a little embarrassed that Master’s coffin was still in the mourning hall, and it seemed a little unreasonable to search for Master’s relics himself. He said, "We should be sober when things are urgent, but we should find out a good master’s boxing and sword score early, and we also want to open the door for him. If we lose him, it will be difficult to close our eyes!"
After more than half an hour, Min and Yue both came out with suspicious faces. Min Chenglong said, "Teacher Niang didn’t find it in her room. Where is the fist sutra and sword score?"
Yun Ziluo frowned and said, "You say that as if I swallowed you up and knew I didn’t know martial arts?"
Yue Hao said, "Teacher Niang is suspicious. I believe that Master Ge didn’t mean it by any means. He wanted to trouble Teacher Niang to find it for him." Min Chenglong nodded and said, "Yes, that’s what I meant."
Yun Ziluo didn’t answer, but tears dripped from the corner of her eyes. Uncle Yang said, "Now it’s time for the funeral. Teacher Yin and Yang have chosen this time to let your teacher niang bury your master. I’ll find it for you tomorrow. We’ll stay here with you tonight, too. Someone stole it unexpectedly. You can stay here tonight if you don’t worry."
Min Chenglong blushed and said, "I’m sorry, I don’t know if the funeral will disturb my teacher’s mother now." Yue Hao was taken aback and said, "Why don’t you go to the funeral without waiting for Master’s sister and nephew to come back?"
Yang Dashu said, "Your master hated red tape before his death, so he should be buried as soon as possible after his death. If there is gossip, ask her to ask me." Yang Dashu is a relative of the deceased’s elders, and it is inconvenient to say that Yang Mendi, who has his head, has condescension.
In public, my brother helped the coffin to go to the funeral grave. The grave at the back of Yangjiawu Mountain has already been dug and erected. Yunziluo personally wrote Mrs. Wei’s body, and more than a dozen craftsmen stayed there until the coffin was put, so that the grave could be "closed"
Nine-foot tong coffin, a blank of loess, once traversed the rivers and lakes before his death, and famous military commanders in the north and south buried Yunziluo for a long time, crying with love and almost fainted next to her husband’s grave.
Yue Hao thought to himself, "It only takes two days to get everything ready and I’m in the mood to write a tombstone! Hum also kui she cried this pair of tears "unknowingly issued a sneer. Just now, his sneer in the mourning hall was this time, but he couldn’t help laughing. Although it wasn’t loud, Min Chenglong beside him could hear clearly. Fortunately, at this time, it was a cry. He laughed and cried, but others didn’t pay attention to him except Min Chenglong, a" willing heart "
Min Chenglong startled to review Yue Hao’s low voice and said, "Master Brother, please come to my younger brother’s home tonight. I have something to tell you." When I finished speaking, I began to cry. Min Chenglong secretly laughed and thought, "My younger brother is equal to Teacher Niang. Everyone will pretend to do it."
In the middle of the night, Min Chenglong came to Yue Hao’s house according to an appointment to see that everyone was seated except Fang Liang who went to Baoding to attend the funeral service. "So you have already made an appointment with all your classmates. What do you want to discuss?"
Yue Haodao said, "It is precisely because of Master’s sudden death that we want to ask Master Brother to advocate for us."
Min Chenglong said, "You seem a little dissatisfied with your teacher’s mother, don’t you?"
Yue Hao sneered, "I’m not satisfied. In my opinion, I’m afraid Master was killed by Teacher Niang."
When this statement came out, everyone was taken aback. Fan Kui, the fourth brother, was a honest and honest man. "Second brother, don’t talk nonsense without evidence!"
Yue Hao sneered again, "There is no trace of evidence, but it can be found everywhere. Let me ask you first, have you seen Master’s body?"
Fan Kui said, "No, I came to Master’s house early that morning, and the coffin had been nailed."
Yue Hao said, "Look! Excuse me, why are you so eager to nail the coffin so that we can’t pay our respects? "
Fan Kui said, "Uncle Yang was afraid that Teacher Niang was too sad, so he sealed the coffin immediately after Master died. He didn’t want her to see him again. At the same time, he was afraid that the hot weather would make her smell, but although I didn’t see Master’s body, the fifth and sixth brothers were there that night."
Min Chenglong said, "Did Master Peng Ju Lian Kui immediately ask you to go in when she suddenly died that night? How is Master’s complexion black and bruised? Did the seven orifices bleed? "
Song Pengju and Hu Liankui were just two 14-and 15-year-old children who gave a series of questions to the master elder brother, which frightened the fifth brother, Song Pengju, and said, "I was afraid and sad at that time, and I didn’t see it clearly. Later, Teacher Niang told us to call Uncle Yang." Sixth brother Hu Liankui said, "I knew I was crying and I didn’t expect to see it clearly."
Min Chenglong scolded, "What two idiots!" Yue Hao said, "But it can also prove that Master’s death is very suspicious. First, none of us have examined Master’s body, and even these two ignorant children, Teacher Niang, have to send them out quickly. Second, it’s only three days from death to funeral. Is it guilty? Please think about it. "
Fan Kui said, "Teacher Niang cried so sadly that you all saw it. It can’t be false, can it?"
Min Chenglong sneered, "I don’t know if this is not made by hiding people’s eyes and ears!"
Yue Hao is saying, "Exactly is false."
Fan Kui asked, "How do you know?" I thought, "You are not a worm in my teacher’s stomach."
Yue Hao said, "Of course I know that this is Cui Hua who told me that I would never ask her secretly. She said that Teacher Niang didn’t cry until she came back to her room in the mourning hall. Besides, Teacher Niang ate two bowls of rice every meal. After Master died, she still ate two bowls of rice every meal these days!"