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Then a powerful shock wave oscillated, followed by a huge noise.

Bang ~ ~ ~
Mixed Yuan Zan bombs flew out and the size of ten feet fell into the hands of Miao Yuan Emperor.
While the square ark suddenly flies backward like a shell.
At the moment of flying out, the ark couldn’t help sending out a roar, which made it instantly deformed.
Several cracks appeared in the ark.
It was David and John who sang chanting and borrowed the holy light to keep the ark from breaking into slag at that moment of collision.
Has not yet waited for two people to hold the ark steady, and the wonderful Yuan Emperor has been holding a mixed Yuan Zan to make track for him.
With a wave of his hand, he mixed Yuan Zan and once again became tens of thousands of feet, crashing to the ark of light.
Seeing this, David and John were suddenly surprised.
They have tried their best to keep the ark from falling apart, knowing that if they are hit this time, they will be lucky.
After instantly weighing the pros and cons, the two decided to take the initiative to shatter the ark.
The outbreak of powerful forces will hit the mixed yuan banner and push it back.
And they are ready to recover 50% energy into a small ark.
Rapidly crashing into the main material plane.
Although this did not get any benefits, it lost half of its strength.
But at least they have saved the general harvest. If they are greedy, they are afraid that they will not only lose a little harvest, but also lose themselves.
Miao yuan emperor saw this and smiled gently. "It is also decisive."
Shake the bucket and collect the scattered energy of the ark into the bucket.
Although most of these energies have been transformed into holy light by David and John, some of them have not yet been converted and contain plane information
Then he felt a breath coming towards him and slowly turned to look.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty Over XianWei
In the array of Zhu Xian Jian, Io escaped from the firm but gentle sword and rushed back into Zhu Xian Gate.
Don’t wait for shock wave to start, then jump to the hexagram platform with a jerk.
Wonderful China emperor looked at ha ha a smile "you are persistent also see that I owe some temperature in this whole fairy door.
While my firm but gentle motion is not smooth, the sword array shift gear goes straight to the array center.
However, since you have gone through the four doors, I have accumulated some experience.
Don’t stay and help me rehearse the changes of the sword array one by one? "
"You this sword array again severe, after all, it is important to make you catch this array is broken" Io sneer at a stick in his hand to Miaohua Dijun hit.
"Let’s let you see being original is not decoration" Miaohua Dijun smell speech shook his head.
Reach out and pick a sword in your hand.
Seeing that its blade is as simple as a Han sword on all sides.
On the left side, there are carved seven-star beasts, such as horn, sonority, mutuality, room, heart, tail and dustpan, which combine to form a pale-horned dragon.
On the right side are carved seven stars and beasts, including Kui, Lou, Stomach, Zan, Bi, Gou and Shen, to outline a white-fronted tiger.
On the other side, on the left, there are stars such as well, ghost, willow, star, Zhang, wing and bird, and so on.
On the right side, there is a tortoise and snake, such as a bucket, a cow, a female, a virtual, a dangerous, a room and a wall.
This is exactly what Lingqing thought before. At this time, he has been refined and refined into a four-robbery Lingbao.
Emperor Miao Hua killed Io with his sword. At that time, four elephants were galloping, with dragons spitting pearls, rosefinch probing claws, white tigers roaring and Xuanwu splashing.
Four Elephant Swordsmanship was put to use and killed in Io.
Although Io used many spells before, he also had good fighting ability.
A staff brings out all kinds of skills of warriors, paladins and monks in his hands.
It’s wonderful that Emperor Hua fought a bad fight.
Seeing this, Emperor Miao Hua did not have one’s fingers itch, and the four images were transformed into twenty stars, one by one, and twenty changes such as Jiao Mujiao and Kang Jinlong were made.
The circulation of the four elephants and the alternation of the twenty stars made Io temporarily lost his eyes and never saw such exquisite fencing.
At the same time, with the other hand, I don’t forget to send a thunder to shake the whole fairy sword array, which attracted a firm but gentle wave to Io.
Seeing that there was a wonderful emperor in front of him and killed him with exquisite swordsmanship, there were ten thousand firm but gentle ways to block the road.