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It’s not that Huang Dangdang doesn’t know how to figure things out slowly.

If there is enough time, she will do the same
But now it waits for no one.
Any later, her mother will die.
Especially her mother
In order to give birth to her, thousands of years of deeds have been destroyed. Now she is more spiritual than ordinary animals, but her strength is limited. She has been caught by people, and she may be humiliated.
Goethe thoughtfully.
It’s not that I want to refuse or sit on the ground and start …
He can also see that Huang Dangdang is taking out all his life and nothing.
He is thinking about how to do it once and for all.
If you are a thief for a thousand days, how can you prevent thieves for a thousand days?
It must be stewed in a pot.
Otherwise, he can’t sleep well
"Can you determine who it is?"
Goethe asked
When I heard this, I was relieved
Not refuse.
that’s good
When I was ready to talk again, I was stunned when I saw Goethe.
What kind of eyes are those?
Calm waves are like deep pools.
Quiet but cold
Kind of like when her dad got serious.
Bah, Bah!
I’m thinking about it, and I’ve spat out three things in my heart
How can she find herself a father?
Then Huang Dangdang immediately said
"I can be sure of the longevity road, the barbarians outside and the miscellaneous people."
"But Guanting that …"
Huang Dangdang’s words are not finished, but the meaning is white.
Goethe nodded and didn’t ask again.
The latter two discussed the issue of "asylum" seriously for half an hour.
Goethe was pleasantly surprised when he knew that he needed to protect Huang Dangdang instead of everyone.
Protecting two people and protecting dozens of people is not the same concept.
Even Goethe had time when he was too busy.
Two people, that’s easy
It’s easy to turn around when the boat is small.
But Huang Dang is the only one in charge?
Seemed to see Goethe doubt Huang Dangdang immediately explained
"Many predecessors are also very good."
"My father’s broken descendants are more, but not good."
That’s the end!
"The human heart is the most unpredictable."
Goethe sighed.
God, what’s the worst thing to look at?
Besides the sun, it is the human heart.
There are even sages who say that no matter what they say, they are perfect
"Just a moment"
Huang Dangdang said, got up and left the house.
In about five minutes, he came in with a pinch of white fur and yellow skin on his head.
Different from ordinary yellow skin
This yellow elf is cute and makes people like it at first sight.
And there’s a little baggage hanging around his neck
"This is my mother"
Huang Dangdang introduced
Goethe just raised his hand to touch his head and turned to one side without trace. He picked up a sweet shortcake and put it in his mouth. When he found the yellow skin looking at himself, Goethe couldn’t resist picking up a sweet shortcake and handed it to the other side.
Crunch, crunch
Eat the yellow skin when it is picked up.
That appearance reminds Goethe that he once had an orange cat.
Just as greedy
Yi Yan cong
It’s that orange cat that’s so fat, it’s like a cake jumping up and stepping on your stomach. It’s so sour, especially when you wake up early, it’s always life and death.
"Do you have friends with Huang Xianer?"