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It’s the earth explosion data. What about Ganymede?

The gravity here is less than one-sixth of the earth, and the atmosphere is thin, and there is almost no air resistance. The steel ball can fly faster and farther. It is the most common 12 shells, which just blew up the heavy artillery effect. One shell flattened half of the football field. It is simply insane to watch the explosion effect.
However, although the coverage area is large, it is dead and less injured. Most of the aristocratic troops who fell to the ground still maintain their combat effectiveness.
However, a large number of artillery shells hit the head of the noble army, each shell flattened less than half of the football field, and countless steel balls ravaged the battlefield. The steel balls covered the front line over and over again, and the power range of the shells could not be covered by steel balls. On the theory that the dead and wounded were repeatedly penetrated by steel balls in the shelling, and they were seriously injured immediately, and the killing effect was excellent.
In fact, the power range of each shell is larger than the area of a football field, but the charging aristocratic army is dense, crowded with people and covered with thick shells, which weakens the explosion power for various reasons and gives the illusion that it can blow up half a football field.
After the first two waves of artillery shells were cleared and the aristocratic army was established, the power of the remaining artillery shells was reflected, and the scope of attack was greatly expanded, which was beyond the expectation of both the enemy and the enemy. Many servants who rushed to the front were beaten to death by steel balls, and they were all fools.
The shelling effect was unexpectedly good, and the servant army immediately seized this rare fighter. Countless servant troops rushed out from behind the battleship and rushed to the aristocratic army at the fastest speed in their lives.
Yip hon also ordered the artillery fire to extend to the rear of the aristocratic army when he saw the opportunity, and ordered the troops to disperse the impact points as far as possible to maximize the lethality of the shells.
Although the noble army tried its best to maintain the front line and brought heavy casualties to the servant army, the defense line of the noble army still inevitably collapsed with the cooperation of artillery and servant army
The noble army also showed no weakness in manipulating light bugs to attack the servant army. Every thin light sweep can sweep down a sector servant army.
The stormtrooper changed tactics, with a forward pounce and a close-fitting crawl; Have vertical high jump and low terrain to cover yourself; There are also short sprints to avoid the light.
There is no way to avoid the light 100%, but there is always luck to avoid the light crosscutting.
This situation continued until the shells hit the worm’s head
The power of the steel ball is limited, but it can’t penetrate the shell of the light worm, but the shell is not so strong to control the light worm. Several shells exploded in succession about five meters, and the number of fine light of steel balls was reduced by more than half, and the pressure on the whole front was lightened.
A moment after the servant army took the opportunity to charge, a large group of servant troops rushed to a burst of disorderly guns and killed the remaining aristocratic troops. Naturally, they took over the light worms … These light worms should be the first harvest of Ganymede, a resistance organization!
Photoworm is a kind of insect, which has no ability to distinguish between the enemy and the enemy, or it is a living weapon. When the fire is aimed at what direction, it is up to the people to control the photoworm.
Taking over this batch of light bugs is equivalent to seizing a batch of heavy artillery and adding a batch of heavy firepower to the servant army. The servant army in front manipulated the light bugs to turn to the hundred light bugs, and aimed at the subsequent aristocratic army. The light suddenly swept away and wiped countless aristocratic troops to the ground.
Follow-up aristocratic army fell down a big mildew and was killed by a fine light. More than half of the light worms had a round belly and lost a whole circle. If it was obesity at the time, it was slightly fat at most now.
Luo Qi was dumbfounded when he saw this scene in the rear. "How did I lose weight so fast when I went to this bug?"
Yip hon tugged at the corners of his mouth. "Where did you get the light?"
Luo jiaqi zheng "you mean energy into fat into thin light energy? Impossible? " He studies little, but he knows what conservation of energy means.
Ye Han corrected, "It’s not the fat conversion, but the mixed conversion of chemicals. It’s not the fat in the belly of the insect, but the two chemicals can release energy when they are divided into two capsules and squeezed into a reaction cavity. The process of fine light emission is similar to that of a chemical laser."
"There is this thing?" Luo Qi stared in surprise. "It’s amazing to have a laser in your ass!"
Yip hon turned supercilious look "magic fart light worm is artificial creatures, ok? And that thing is called the light emitter, not in the belly! "
Luo Qi smiled awkwardly. "Hey, I’m still in that thing!"
Yip hon nai shook his head and didn’t say to the depths.
It’s not a secret to high-level human beings, but it’s an out-and-out military secret to ordinary people and middle-level officers.
Speaking of light bugs, we have to start with the Maple City incident in 226, when the military captured several broken alien battles and found a light generator from the wreckage of warships. The military named this equipment the light generator.
It is found that this thing is very similar to a chemical laser. It can produce a beam of fine light with strong cutting power by sending a specific chemical into the reaction chamber. From the human point of view, this thing is a special laser weapon.
These two chemicals are also found in the wreckage of warships, but they contain a small amount of energy.
In order to study the characteristics of fine light in depth, the military conducted a large number of experiments, and it didn’t take long to seize the chemicals.
Chapter 1 March straight into the world
In order to continue the experiment, the military tried to synthesize these two substances, but each substance was very complicated and contained a lot of organic components. The military tried its best but failed.
At that time, no one knew that the thin light generator had anything to do with insects, and no one realized that these two substances came from giant worms. When this thing was an alien technology, it had more contact with aliens after childbirth, and some people doubted whether it had anything to do with insects, but no evidence was found.
It wasn’t until Beidu resistance organization unfolded Ye Han and others boarded Europa that they slowly learned from the resistance organization that the light generator came from the light worm!
Light bugs are not just a kind of bugs, but they are called light bugs no matter how big or small they are, just like human guns are hot weapons.
Because of this magical property, large light bugs can be directly pulled to the battlefield as ground batteries to directly shoot foreign warships in fine light; Small as a finger, it can lie on the arm of a servant and serve as a soldier weapon.
In addition to directly pulling live worms to the battlefield, aliens can also pick up the generator in the belly of the light worm and load it into warships. Even the fine photochemical substances emitted by warships are extracted from the light worm.
In other words, half of the alien military industry is supported by photoworm breeding. Without photoworm breeding, it is equivalent to cutting off the source of weapons of the alien fleet, and no matter how many warships are slaughtered.
According to the resistance organization, only aristocrats can contact the higher professional servants and people, not to mention contacting or being close to the breeding area, which is a heinous crime.
Yip hon never understood why Io couldn’t get weapons without the aristocratic resistance, and didn’t think clearly about the cause and effect until he learned all this.
Don’t ask, you also know that the light worm is just like Io, which is also a precious legacy left by the ancestors of aliens.