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He and those pure blood dragons are not so good. It is also possible that they are accidentally filled into the evolutionary dragon pool to be "blessed descendants"

Moreover, he was born with magical powers to know good and evil, and it was only on a whim that he turned to Qingwei.
"Lao Longqing’s little friends hit it off at first sight and saw that your school had a beautiful scenery and a hidden opportunity. It was really wonderful to come here to recuperate."
Qingwei’s eyes are weird and he can’t help but keep the sincere voice. "Uncle Shi, the old Dragon Palace is not coming back. Let’s not leave here!"
"Maybe what people say is the truth!"
Shoucheng has a careless attitude and smiles, and the old dragon keeps on communicating in depth.
In just a few cups of tea, I got a lot of promises from Lao Long.
At last, I made a vow to finalize Hanguo and officially obtained the "green card" of Taishan.
"Unequal treaties are signed by this old dragon … tut tut tut"
It is the cold old dragon who is convinced that his magical power is extremely satisfied with the success and not staying in the school of returning to the truth.
Most of those promises are made after some knowledge and experience are restored.
As far as his current state is concerned, a great master can take it.
"It’s good and good to return to the true orthodoxy of Tianxuan branch!"
The dragon ball Guanghua of the cold old dragon seems to be bright for a few minutes, but it is easy to see that although the old dragon retains the consciousness of the Yuan God, its state is true and miserable.
Otherwise, even if it is seriously injured, it is not easy for several great masters to bully.
Shoucheng looked at Qingwei and said, "The refined spirit water and blood spirit in your hand have a miraculous effect on the cold-aged predecessors at this time."
"Blood spirit? Blood and soul! "
The cold dragon ball suddenly lit up and the old dragon sounds became full of vitality.
"Little friends to make old dragon a bloody soul I will … I will …"
At some point, the cold old dragon has no movement. This little fairy series magic weapon has its own, and it seems that it can’t come up with anything then.
Moreover, at that time, Qingwei would have succeeded in landing in Dharma.
Qingwei smell speech smiled and immediately saw that there was a yellow bottle with only a little green in it, Yang Liuzhi Lizhong.
There is only one green leaf with a crystal clear nectar, which condenses and exudes the rhyme of poverty.
"This is?"
Shoucheng one leng, this drop of dew looks more extraordinary than the refined water.
Only a drop of baby pimple is not enough for the old dragon.
Although the dragon ball’s longing is extremely obvious!
I saw a mass of holy water flying out of the bottle mouth and "watering" it directly to the Dragon Ball, which was absorbed in an instant.
Get the second, third and fourth regiments!
After the fourth group’s three lights and holy water, the jewelry of the old dragon dragon is too bright.
Qingwei can’t help but shake his head. A drop of three light holy water effect is a little worse than that of liuhe dan. It’s much better to regenerate Dan by Xuan fire. Even if the great master has one breath left, he can be alive and kicking again.
And this cold old dragon is still difficult to show a complete dragon shape at this time.
Just when the old dragon was sorry, he saw Qingwei and took out a red liquid with gold from the five-star bottle of the Sun and Moon and shot it directly at the Dragon Ball.
There are twelve copies of the blood, and take out one as a favor to sell this old dragon.
"Remember to return it"
"It must be!"
When the Dragon Ball Fairy of Cold Guo lit up, a joyful dragon song resounded through the Guizhen Hall.
The simple and old sword of returning to the truth flickers and the old dragon stops instantly.
And a moment later, before Qingwei and Shoucheng, an old man with a healthy and vigorous spirit appeared.
"Thank you very much for your precious medicine, and I will try my best to repay it in the future."