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Chen Qi broke through the realm of refining Qi and Dan, and then broke through the realm of Tao. Many spells were still refined at a level that couldn’t match the Tao. Although the Tao power was many times deeper after the foundation was laid, the spell repair could not be promoted with high strength. After all, it was limited. Therefore, Chen Qi wanted to practice all kinds of customary spells at the highest level of Tao-based realm first.

Less Tai Chi, four core spells, he will practice to the sixty-third floor in the shortest time.
For example, Chen Qizhuan, who is practicing the magic of the universe, is not worried that 72 magic pieces have been swallowed up by the Tai Chi diagram, and all the magic pieces have been scattered. These spells have to be coordinated with the consistent Taoist method before they can be activated. However, it is not difficult for Chen Qizhuan to modify the four core spells into the magic of the universe, and it will never be difficult to spend more effort.
Chen Qi’s side broke out in a carefree mood and summoned all close people to a celebration meeting.
In addition to listening to the ice, people in this vein of Chen Qi sometimes go abroad to practice swordsmanship, that is, occasionally someone goes to the thirty-third floor of the Heavenly Palace to learn spells and never makes friends with outsiders, so Chen Qi does not need to entertain anyone who calls a few people in his own door for a banquet.
There is nothing lacking in the Heavenly Palace, especially Chen Qi, who has refined all those monsters and people into thirteen large arrays. These people can’t walk around at will and can’t escape. Nowadays, there are hundreds more mouths and so many hands. Naturally, there will be a banquet in an instant.
Chen Qi naturally sat in the theme of listening to the ice. Wan Fang fox Xun Yuzao accompanied each other around. The first one was his five disciples, Tian Fa Xian Niang Xuan Xuan, who sent all the people. Although they were not great people, they were also happy. Everyone laughed, and they were not lonely. Chen Qi smiled and remained silent. Even if he was a banquet, he couldn’t help swallowing the vitality of heaven and earth and refining it into the Taiji diagram to increase his body mana.
Seeing that after three rounds of wine, the fox Xun Yuzao suddenly said, "We’re quite happy now, but I don’t know that my sister is living like a pity, and it’s hard to go to the seven-burn world, otherwise I’d like to go back and see it."
Chen Qi smiled and said, "It’s not difficult. Although I’ve been waiting for a wisp of air to be ingested by a secret means in the Great Sun Xihuang Palace since then, there’s a lot of breath in the Great Sun Xihuang Palace. It’s very difficult to repel the unusual when I enter the Seven Burn World, but now I’ve cultivated the Tao, which can suppress this repulsive force and it’s difficult to get in and out of the Seven Burn World."
Chen Qi told the truth that some untrue stories soared to the Great Sun, and for some reason, the body would have a ray of yellow breath in the Great Sun. It would be very difficult for this ray of breath to re-enter the Seven Burn World, and it would be impossible to wander in the highest atmosphere at most, but it would be impossible for Chen Qi to take root. However, because of the different cultivation methods, Yin and Yang, two things have not changed, and there is no obstacle to refining that ray of breath.
He said this just because he was afraid that someone would know that he could get in and out of the seven-burn world. What he didn’t know was that the rules led to the punishment of Chen Qi by the owner of the big day Xihuang Palace. Others were not afraid, but there was always some fear about the unpredictable swordsmanship of the owner of the big day Xihuang Palace.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-one Three questions
Xun Yuzao was pleasantly surprised, but then he shook his head and looked a little dim.
She thought that she was now a Chen Guren, and she had something to do with Xun’s family. Besides, when Xun’s family was killed by a beastmaster camp sent today, her sister Xun Jinling became an imperial concubine, but Xun Yuzao didn’t know how to treat her sister.
Chen Qi, that is, it’s easy to say how much he misses going back to the Seven Burning Boundaries. He’s just a small mountain thief whose parents are both dead. Although he joined the Qingcheng Sect, he doesn’t think how much kindness the Qingcheng Sect can give him to the extent that he can’t give up. It’s easy for the little thief to leave the Seven Burning Boundaries without worrying about it.
Nowadays, some people with him are brought by him, even though there are still a few good friends, but it is not always possible to have their own future together. Chen Qi naturally won’t worry about those things
Now, the little thief has been refined into a magic power, and the magical powers are gradually connected into one, so there are many thoughts in his heart.
"It was said in the Seven Burning Boundaries that Dan Chengjing was already the way of all factions in the Seven Burning Boundaries, and it was really poor. Now I have broken through the seventh floor of refining gas, and it is only a matter of time before I want to step into the first floor of refining gas to get rid of robbery. Maybe it is hopeful to prove that Yuan Shen will live forever. If I can do that, I will create a foundation and create a door."
Chen qi thought for a while, but also gave birth to many lofty sentiments. It is this kind of thing that he will not announce to his mouth, but after thinking about it, he hid the idea in his heart.
When Chen Qi invited people to get together, there was almost no him. Most of the time, he was either practicing by himself or wandering around. Therefore, when everyone saw Chen Qixing’s high spirits, they all gave birth to the desire for advice. Especially, Xia Yuniang and Xia Lvzhu, the mother and daughter of Xuanxuan School, switched to what method and entered the country at a great speed, but they both realized that there were many places that they didn’t understand, but they were afraid that they would take the wrong way of practicing when they had such a good opportunity.
Xia Yuniang saw Chen Qi’s reply to Xun Yuzao’s words, and then she was silent. She seemed to think about something, so she couldn’t help asking for advice. Chen Qi did not hesitate to answer a few questions about cultivation. She couldn’t help joining the ranks of asking for advice. Although she had been too religious, the practice of the seven-burn world should not have been delayed long ago. Chen Qi brought a big day to Xihe Burn Palace, and this woman also gave birth to many coveted problems, which were higher than the mother and daughter of Xia Family.
Seeing that all these people had many problems, Chen Qi made a banquet to preach the Dharma. No matter whether it was the door or those who lived in other seats, they all answered them in one. There was a young monk in the crowd who watched Chen Qi answer many questions, often many difficult problems. The boy did not know how much envy he had in his heart.
This young monk was originally recommended by the abbot to Chen Qi’s enlightenment. He made several conditions. He wanted Chen Qi to promise that the thief would send him back to a pile with the monks without saying a word, and never pay attention to these monks again. Chen Qimen’s temple has long been abandoned because they are honest and unwilling to convert to Buddhism. The only advantage is that Chen Qi has transformed many people before and after. These people are contaminated with Buddhist teachings, and it is easier to extradite. Now there are many more monks in this group, and there are 700.
"That although Chen Qi also has a temple to preside over the multiplier, it’s a pity that our group of monks have to practice. My master Shou Yuan has been in meditation for two or three years early, and now everything in the temple has been secretly handed over to me. Although I have brought these other disciples, I don’t know how to carry forward the temple. Devotional rituals and Buddhist certificates are the true meaning of Buddhism."
To say that this enlightened young monk is also known for his profound Buddhist fate, although he is not as good as the fifth disciple of Chen Qi, Fu Zhao, and that little bat spirit has achieved the fifth Buddhist knowledge, but he has also realized the fourth Buddhist knowledge and many wonderful Buddhist truths, which proves that seven kinds of magical powers have all cultivated to a high level.
Since they watched the old monk because he was old, Chen Qi ignored them, and Chen Qi regained his mana and detained hundreds of thousands of people and monsters to chant Buddhist scriptures. These monks have also benefited a lot. Now there are 70 people who have learned Buddhism for the first time, five or six people who have learned Buddhism for the second time, and three people who have learned Buddhism for the third time.
However, the enlightened young monk has a great heart. Although this group of monks are now several times stronger than before, it is not difficult for them to draw a place for meditation after they settled in Xihuang Palace on the seventh day of Chen. However, the enlightened young monk is still not satisfied. He wants to further develop into a higher Buddhist, Taoist and magical power, and continues to inherit his own vein, which has not far failed the original master’s wishes.
Chen Qi gave a lecture for a while, but the enlightened young monk didn’t get an identity, but Chen Qisu didn’t take care of anything, so he could come to attend the lecture. After seeing Chen Qi answer a few questions, he looked like he had stopped the lecture. The young monk bowed his head and went to the middle of the hall, devoting himself to worship and kowtowing continuously, shouting, "Master disciple has gone through a lot of tempering, and his mood has been extraordinary. Today, he dared to beg Master to put me in the door again?"
Chen Qi saw Wu Xin and got up, but he didn’t expect to stop. He saw the little monk suddenly kowtowing to his master and smiled and said, "Since you want to come to our door, I will give you three difficult problems. If you can answer them, I will accept you."
The enlightened young monk bowed down and replied, "Yes, Master?"
For Chen Qi, the young monk has taken good care of these monks because of great changes, but for those monks, he suddenly lost his sanctuary temple. Today, I don’t know that his host is dead, and he has to live with some foreigners and all kinds of monsters. I don’t know how many problems there are. This enlightened young monk is in charge of this monk group, and the problems he has to solve every day are no less than Chen Qi’s. Now Chen Qi has developed some tolerance.
Chen Qi said that he was also slightly surprised and secretly felt, "Don’t mention the recommendation of the old monk, just say that this young monk has now polished off the original childish department. Now he has been included in the Tao, but he is quite persistent in his heart. I have to see if he can release it. If he can rest assured that he is obsessed with teaching, it should be. If he can’t, I will leave him alone."
Chen Qi ha ha smiled and said, "My three questions are also quite simple. The first question is Buddhism? The second question is Buddhism … Is this the third question? " Chen Qi stopped slightly and took a look at the enlightened young monk. He cried that there was a majestic Buddha who understood the enlightened young monk’s knowledge of the sea. Chen Qiyun made the body Buddha’s magical power shake and enlightened the young monk’s knowledge of the sea. At the same time, he shouted, "My third question is enlightened things? Can you possibly answer it? "
Chen Qi is also a Buddhist figure with five senses, and his mana is vigorous. All the little magical powers are practicing many times higher than the enlightenment. This time, it is intended to transport the Buddhist mana shock and realize Hayden, which makes the young monk stunned and gives birth to many mistakes. Obviously, I don’t know what to answer at the moment.
When Chen Qi saw that Wu Xin was suddenly stopped by him, he didn’t try so hard to urge him. After half a column of incense, he sat not far from Chen Qi’s poems. Suddenly, his heart moved and secretly thought, "These three questions seem to be for me, and I don’t need to answer the first two, but the last one … What are the good things?"
After several years of chanting in the Jingang Pagoda, this little bat suddenly realized that it was much better than Bat Ji, the main bat family, and his five children. Now he is the number one bat family. In terms of his seniority, he has to be called Grandfather with Bat Ji’s children. He was not an important person in the bat family.
Later, after worshipping Chen Qimen, he struggled to practice Buddhism and didn’t want to do anything else. His mind was pure Buddhism, and it was also very fast to enter the country. However, after five senses of Buddhism, Fu Zhaoxiu almost stopped. For some reason, he said that his qualifications were not enough and he was still single-minded in penance. But today, after listening to Chen Qisan’s questions, it was also a slap in the face for Bat Ji, so he thought hard.
The enlightened young monk stood still for two or three hours. Then suddenly, layers of golden light poured out from his body, and his eyes suddenly recovered. Chen Qi was slightly surprised, but there was some joy. The enlightened young monk even took seven steps to give birth to a golden lotus. He bowed down to Chen Qi and said respectfully, "Thank you for your guidance, otherwise, the enlightened mind will be enlightened in this life."
Chen Qi was just about to push this disciple’s hand with the current when he suddenly heard several sounds like a music box, but he came from Fu Zhao’s seat to give directions to the five disciples, Chen Qi. The little monk was only one step later than Wu Xin and realized the fifth knowledge of Buddhism. When he actually realized a small magical power of Buddhism, he knew that the benefits of this disciple were not limited to this heart, but he could not help but nod his head and say, "Wu Xin, since you are a master, you can be the sixth disciple of our school."
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Tarshish British female
The enlightened young monk was overjoyed. At the same time, he also knew that his practice had gone out of the way through Chen Qi’s guidance. He was too persistent. The master left the inheritance and lost his Buddhist brother’s normal heart. At this time, Chen Qi was beaten by Chen Qi and broke through the fifth knowledge of Buddhism. He worshipped Chen Qi even and went to sit with Fu Zhao.
Although the little bat’s fine blessing omen came out with a small magical power, he failed to touch the threshold of Buddhism’s sixth consciousness after all. He vaguely sensed that the sixth consciousness was slightly unfavorable, but he was still very happy when he realized it
Auspicious omen is simple and single, and there are many calculations, so it is very affectionate to treat enlightenment.
After the epiphany, there was another atmosphere. He was enthusiastic about Fu Zhao, but he was generous. He was not flattered or stingy, but he made Fu Zhao feel better.
Chen Qi had another apprentice, and he felt good. At this time, a light shield came from the horizon, and the momentum was unusual. Chen Qi saw that there was something wrong with this light shield, so he raised his hand and raised his jade card. With a light blow, thirteen palaces flew half-way, which was transformed by his various demon soldiers’ drills.
The thirteen palaces flew up half-way, each of them gave birth to a wonderful situation, and the thunder suspended for a moment, and then they settled down. Seeing Chen Qi, they discharged such a big battle. Knowing that it was difficult to achieve a Mawei mind for Chen Qi, they slowed down the light. A furious voice cried, "Why don’t you roll out to meet the founder of Chen Qi’s little door?"
Chen qi smiled lang drink a way "Wu Zuxian don’t you remember to play? Incredibly still dare to provoke me. Don’t say that I don’t want to hang out with Qingcheng Mountain. It’s true that you don’t strive for no face. "
Chen Qi, a lang who drank the newly refined magic, cried the thunder and stirred the other side mercilessly.