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He is not surprised that the black wind tunnel is skilled in the physical body, bearing less poison and evil spirits, like the physical body, which is no less than the body of the same order.
However, the deterrent of the cave owner in front of the black wind tunnel relies on strange and unpredictable occult techniques and all kinds of mysterious methods.
Only by adding three magic weapons of power and terror can this be achieved.
mortal body
But I haven’t heard how strong it is.
So he will close the distance and just make moves to prevent Zi Zhen from casting spells and never thinking that the other person’s body was so strong.
And …
"Be careful, she is already in the middle of Doggi!"
"Daoji Mid-term?"
Lu evil one leng immediately face pan jealousy.
He was ten years older than Zizhen, advanced to Daoji early, and won the maiden’s Yuan Yin because of the method of collecting Yin and nourishing Yang.
But even so, it has not reached the middle stage of Daoji
"Jingle …"
At the same time, the soul-killing nail sprayed from the ghost Buddhist gourd was also hit by the cloak behind Zizhen, but it caused black ripples
"magic weapon!"
Ghost Buddhist monk’s eyes shine, greed soars and his teeth grind, and he takes out a Zhang Ling from his body.
A shake of the hand
Lingfufeng spontaneously ignites a huge ghost knife and appears on Zizhen’s head in a flash.
Magic weapon is rare
It is reasonable to say that it took Brother Ji more than a hundred years to develop a magic weapon with a polar thermometer, but it is very difficult in practice.
Warming up the magic weapon means that you can’t practice. Who wants to?
Moreover, it is said here that if you don’t eat or drink for more than a hundred years, it will take two or three generations to cultivate a unified utensil.
Must bear several generations of great power.
For example, Wanling Cave claims to be countless, but there are also two magic weapons, and one of them has fallen into the real estate.
If we can start, it will definitely increase the strength of the ghost monk.
Lu Xie has also made moves.
There are many illusions in the folding fan in his hand, and there are many handsome men and beautiful women laughing and playing. The illusion seems to be really shrouded in the land.
There is a pink smell.
"Shout …"
In the crazy earthquake field behind Zizhen’s cloak, the ghosting speed is so fast that it is difficult to accurately grasp the perception of Friar Doggi.
All subsequent spells have fallen.
"Look out!"
"Don’t leave!"
Three people face change quickly collect themselves.
They just teamed up temporarily and didn’t trust each other. Fortunately, once there was a slight problem, they immediately took care of themselves.
Purple and pretty face, cold and cheerless, five fingers clenched fists, and many remnants punched hard.
When the big black flames burst, she attacked three people at the same time and forced Li Xu to retreat.
"Shout …"
When the dark wind swings in the turbid gas field, it is already a rapid retreat until she reappears.
There was a sudden silence in the field
Ghost Buddhist monk three people looked at each other and looked dignified.