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With that, Kong Qian went to public security sentry box in Xing Street.

It’s only been built for two months. The tin house is rusty and has no people’s consciousness at all.
The sentry box combined with the law enforcement police and the administrator of the industrial and commercial office played poker in it. Kong Qian knocked on the iron box outside and said, "Where is your leader?"
The policeman looked up at the four-pointed star with the police rank and cried a man who stood at attention and said, "The director is in Jiangnan."
"Lend me the two of you" Kong Qian said and turned to go.
The two coordinators also took a look at the police and almost got a foot.
All three policemen followed Kong Qian.
Coming back to the foot of the mountain, there are more engineering vehicles with Jiangning No.1 Construction and No.2 Construction, and some with Jiangdong No.1 Construction.
Heavy trucks, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and cement filling trucks come over first.
There is no design drawing at the scene, and there are a lot of vehicles crowded there to do one thing: repair the courtyard wall.
A policeman looked silly and asked, "Is this forced demolition?"
Kong Qian cocked up and said, "You just stay here and don’t start work if you have something to say."
He borrowed two police officers to understand the situation. The demolition area has always been the most complicated. If there is a conflict, the consequences will not be good.
Many residents heard the sound of construction machinery and rushed out, while others shouted "defend their homeland to the death"
"Toyo dog go back!"
The atmosphere was very warm and the result was very cold, and no one paid attention to them. The drivers were self-employed and two police officers were on the other side of the intersection, and then they turned their heads.
Lin Yuan and Lin Yuanhe kept explaining to the people around them that the noise was that they kept going home until the courtyard wall gradually took shape and worried about the people.
"It’s a good idea to go to the martial arts school." Chen Yi praised the naked bear and said to his fellow villagers, "Some of you are willing to work in the martial arts school, and you will leave the others today."
"Both are willing!"
"We are all willing to enter the martial arts school!"
"How long can I learn Kung Fu?"
They answered quickly.
"Naked bears teach them the first style." Chen Yi clapped his hands and looked around at Han Jie. "Mitsubishi people don’t know where they are watching. I will live here today."
Chapter one hundred and ninety And then went to practice
Niu Xiang looked at the construction site with lights on at the foot of the mountain ahead.
Bulldozers are leveling 5 square meters of land to be distributed to remove residual vegetation and large stones on the surface. A red flag is held in front of each bulldozer to direct them to move forward and backward.
The scene in front of us is somewhat like that after the end of World War II, when American soldiers set up their houses after World War II, the body mechanics unified the whole construction steps and built the houses as soon as possible.
A little further away, four excavators continue to dig. They are preparing for the main structure of the martial arts school. Workers unload the steel crane and are ready to let them get in close contact with cement and form comrades who will never part.
The original dispersed crowd increased again.
An uncle caught the worker waving a small flag outside and asked, "Which unit are you from?"
"Jiangning Second Construction"
"What is this to build?"
"And then went to school?"
The architectural drawings of "Bruce Lee-style martial arts school" have long been confirmed, that is, the two-story martial arts school plus two small living buildings will be unified, and then a reinforced concrete fence around the earth will be left in the backyard to enclose the building, and all the way from the muddy intersection to the foot of the mountain will not only cover up the bungalow over there, but also distribute water independently.
The little flag worker smiled and explained two sentences: Go ahead and direct the bulldozer to ask questions. Uncle Hehehe smiled and knew that it was not Mitsubishi demolition team, so he was satisfied.
Everyone in the crowd is also talking about that the demolition has stopped, that the martial arts school is a treasure, and that the martial arts school is to be built by the Japanese …
It is said that except for the cottage at the foot of the mountain, people in the shed area can neither stop nor help living here. Most of them are rich and powerful, so they won’t stretch out their arms to resist unless the bulldozer presses against their door, so they hold their arms and watch the fun.
They still lack nails and realize that nails have lofty goals and ideals, clear prices and requirements, and many people in the brave shed have nowhere to go.