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Messiah easily put down a beast shaped like a black bear and took out a dagger from his body to bleed the beast.
"I’m not interested in being whoever I like."
"Did you ask me for advice when I was born? Since I have nothing to do, don’t give birth to me."
"Nothing to have children?"
I tasted the steaming animal blood, and the Messiah opened his mouth and vomited fiercely. After thinking about it, he still resisted nausea and smeared the animal blood on his body.
After all, he was educated in the temple, and because of his identity, he was exposed to others who didn’t understand the secret code
So he knows very well.
Painting animal blood on the body can hide the perception of angels in the divine domain.
Plus, with a few pieces of hidden breath, top baby, even if outsiders turn this mountain over, it is impossible to find him
"These things may be lucia they tampered with one thousand …"
"It’s better to throw it away!"
As he spoke, he pulled out a few things from his body and threw them into the valley, even though there was some pain in his heart.
Pat his hands, and he walked to the depths of the cave contentedly.
"Well, I can finally sleep well."
The sound of a milli-emotional fluctuation also makes him step by step, and the blood vessels have not been activated, which is a warning sign.
"He is the Messiah?"
"That’s right!"
Janice teeth to sound.
"He is the hope of the Messiah with the blood of God of Light."
"Ah …"
Zhou Jia shook his head lightly and approached.
"Don’t come over!"
The messiah stepped back, turned around with a dagger in his hand, and looked straight at them.
"if you come here again, I’ll be welcome!"
"You’re welcome?" Janice pan sneer at.
"I’d like to see how rude you are!"
"You …" Messiah breath a lag.
After all, he has the blood of the god of light, and even if the practice time is still short and he has no heart, his strength has reached the late stage of the black iron.
deal with
Compared with Janice, it is much weaker and lacks the experience of killing people.
"Don’t come here!"
The feeling be nasty messiah inverted dagger pointed at his heart face ferocious toward two people grind their teeth and roar.
"if you come here again, I will die for you!"
"Da …"
Janice footsteps a sluggish face can’t help but show hesitation.
"Let him die"
Zhou Jiayin is cold
"If he dares to commit suicide, he can look up."
Janice smell speech eyebrow wanted to think, step closer to her also don’t believe this cowardly scum dare to commit suicide.
While the Messiah was still hesitating, Janice had already taken the dagger out of his hand a step ago and pressed the man.
Mouth drink a way
"Come with me!"
Zhou Jiali stood at the mouth of the cave and carefully looked at the Messiah with the blood of God of Light before turning around and looking high.
"How many people can come?"
"pa! Hey! "