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Scaly can be a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

His uncle looked at the people behind him, then at the scale pale and looked around. The soldiers in the manor found that they were not only weak, but also had no ability to ask for help. "But …"
But there has to be a deadline for this matter.
But he "but" behind the words haven’t say it out to see the scale pale waved the hands of the era economy.
Does that mean you still want this thing?
Then say it? Of course I want it!
What can he do at this time? Of course, I’m going to sell myself!
Anyway, it’s good that the fallen dragons can always be flexible and flexible. Don’t think about it. If it’s a big deal, run away …
"I hope you don’t go back on your word and let me down." Scaly smiled. "Otherwise … I will let you know that I will kill you one by one even if you escape to the distant star field at the ends of the earth!"
"Yes, yes …" His uncle was seen through with cold sweat.
This is a complete law against a powerful enemy! That’s terrible!
But the era spar …
Scaly pale didn’t disappoint his uncle. As soon as he raised his hand, he floated to his uncle’s hand with Era SPAR floating in his hand.
Three uncle was overjoyed to hold the era spar.
With this thing, their fallen dragon people are no longer afraid of the end of an era!
The life span of the fallen dragon people is actually very long. Maybe this little guy is still alive at the end of the next era. Anyway, it left a glimmer of hope for this little guy …
Tons of tons of this kid is promising. He will definitely become a new manor owner and give us fallen dragons a new home …
I sacrificed. Our sacrifices were not in vain …
His uncle was pleased and sad to think that when he turned around, he saw two big guys skipping over.
While running, he waved "Uncle!"
"Uncle, I finally see you again …"
"Uncle, we miss you so much …"
Not three catties and four ounces. Who are these guys?
Just now, I wanted to come over, but they were too afraid of scaly to get close at all, for fear of being caught by scaly to breed. Now they dare to come over after scaly leaves.
Seeing his uncle, they really met their relatives. They were recently abused and couldn’t wait to cry with his uncle.
"You … who are you?" His uncle was startled. Where did the six-armed dragons come again?
"Uncle, I am three catties!"
"I’m SiLiang! Look at my face. Don’t you recognize me? "
Two people put two big faces together in front of his uncle with a sad face.
After the two of them became six-armed dragons, they haven’t seen three uncles and tons of them. After all, they didn’t meet them.
"Three catties … four liang?" Uncle, I can’t believe what happened to these idiots. He also said that these two stupid children have died of stupidity somewhere. "Are you really three catties and four ounces?"
"It’s me. Look at my nose. It’s so collapsed. Who else but me?"
"Look, there are scars in the corner of my eye!"
Two people quickly put the ugly face closer.
"Great, you are still alive, and I have an account for your parents." His uncle was actually very excited to meet an old friend. Today is a lucky day.
He patted three catties on the shoulder and suddenly felt something was wrong.
Because he suddenly saw a crystal hanging around his neck.
"You … what is this?"
"Era crystal" three catties way
"I know this is an epoch crystal, but how do you have an epoch crystal?"
"We are more afraid of death!" Sanjin avenue
we? His uncle looked around and found that there was one hanging from his neck.
Mom, if you knew you had the epoch crystal, I would have begged the scales so humbly!
Then his uncle found that three pounds was just a neck hanging.
He still has a wrist in his pocket, a belt hanging from his waist, an ass and one between his legs.
"You … why so many?"
"What if there is not enough?" Said the three catties and put a "well comfortable …"
These two people simply treat the priceless epoch crystal as a warm baby!